Various design options for bathrooms and toilets

Bathrooms and toilets in modern houses look no worse than all the other rooms. There are many options for their design, and the collection of ready-made projects is constantly being replenished. There are some recommendations on how to make the design of bathrooms and bathrooms really attractive. In addition, these rooms are convenient to use.

Bathroom interior

Thanks to successful design solutions, the bathroom turns into a place where you can relax after a hard day, enjoying a warm bath and pleasant decoration.

Particular attention is paid to the design of bathrooms in small apartments. Thanks to the redevelopment and successful design finds, they turn into real mansions where you can relax after a hard day, enjoying a warm bath and eye-pleasing decoration. Picture 1.

Some useful tips, listed below, can help with the arrangement of both a combined bathroom and a separate bathroom and toilet.


Most people continue to live in old houses, which are popularly called Khrushchevs.

This is a small apartment with a very small bathroom and toilet.

Very often the toilet and bathroom are combined with each other.

A good design of a combined bathroom is impossible without changing the plumbing or at least replacing it.

Design ванной

Picture 1. Правильно подобранное освещение и оформление стен, пола и потолка делают помещение стильным и комфортным.

Usually it is enough just to replace a large bath with a shower cabin, move a washbasin and a toilet in the corner, as soon as the place becomes much larger.

Correctly selected lighting and competent design of walls, floor and ceiling complete the design and make the room very cozy.

Shower cabin

A photo. 2. As a shower cubicle suitable for compact models, which are installed in the corner of the room. A washbasin with a toilet bowl must also be small in size. Well fit suspension structures or special, angled. Do not buy a shell too small, because it would be inconvenient to wash over it.

When choosing a shower enclosure, it is also recommended not to buy models with a pallet less than 80 cm wide. Taking a shower in a smaller space will be difficult.

Instead of the finished shower, you can also make a shower. You can do it yourself. The shower corner differs from the cabin in that the walls of the bathroom serve as two walls. Of course, they must be properly prepared: covered with waterproofing material and lined with tiles.

Design маленькой ванной комнаты

Photo 2. Visually expand the small bathroom with light ceramic tiles.

If the combined bathroom has a rectangular shape, then the far side of the room can be used as a shower. This is also a very common design. In order to equip the bathroom in this way, it is necessary to fence the far part of it with a partition. The bottom of the partition can be made of bricks, but the top must be necessarily glass. Glass is always preferable to plastic, because it looks more aesthetically pleasing. For safety reasons, use only impact-resistant glass for partitions.

Very often, when moving the plumbing equipment, you have to extend the necessary water and sewer pipes. The plumbing can be installed manually, using quality plastic pipes and connecting elements to them. To extend sewage, you need to use the services of professionals. If the plumbing is rearranged for a short distance, quality plumbing plastic hoses and rubber cuffs should be used as a drain to ensure that the connection is tight.

Without shower

If you want, you can do without a washbasin, installing a mixer in the shower at a comfortable height for washing. But some people find it difficult to give up a bath. Therefore, there are very successful projects, where even in a very small room they leave a bath, simply changing it to a corner structure. In it, you can soak up hot water and take a shower. Installing a bath near the wall, you need to make sure that the wall was covered with waterproofing. Take care of this need at the repair stage. The space between the bathroom and the wall must be filled with a sealant to ensure that there is no water leaking. A photo 3.

The plan of a small bathroom

Photo 3. Corner bath will significantly increase the space of the room, which is very convenient for small bathrooms.

Sometimes the toilet is separated by a partition. If the partition is made up to the ceiling, then it should be made of transparent glass. The walls of the shower cubicle must also be transparent. This design will not clutter the premises, but make it spacious. Glass shelves are also used.

If we talk about the color design of a small combined bathroom, then it is not recommended to use dark shades, since they will make the room even smaller. Ideally, for facing the walls in a small bathroom use white tiles. If you lay it diagonally, it will visually increase the space. A good option will be the combination of straight masonry on the walls and diagonal on the floor. This option also visually increases the area of ​​the room. If a rectangular shaped tile is used, it should be laid horizontally.

But these are only general recommendations on the selection of colors for the design of small rooms. There are design developments of very successful and original design of small bathrooms and in black.

Wall-papers in a bathroom

Photo 4. Visually increase the area of ​​a small bathroom is possible and due to properly selected waterproof photo wallpapers.

The ceiling is usually made of a rack or from a moisture resistant gypsum board, into which it is possible to mount spotlights. This also saves space, although the ceiling is 15-20 cm lower. The space is saved due to the fact that there is no need for additional space for lighting fixtures. It is recommended to select the mirror zone in the bathrooms. That's exactly what you can do with spotlights, sending them properly. Wall bracket in the small bathroom is not recommended. The presence of mirrors makes the room larger. You need to choose products that are designed for installation in rooms with high humidity.

Visually expand the premise of a small combined bathroom possible and due to properly selected photo wallpapers or wall paintings. There are special wallpaper for stickers in bathrooms that are not afraid of moisture. A photo 4.

As you can see, there are enough design options, and you can very easily choose a ready project. You can also use the services of a professional designer who will create the design of the bathroom, completely based on your desires and preferences. Or show your own imagination and try to create a design yourself. The modern market provides customers with a huge variety of finishes and bathroom accessories. Create in this room comfort and coziness is not difficult. It would be just a wish.

Interior of toilets

A separate toilet in a small apartment can also be designed well, based on the design of the bathrooms described above. Here, too, install compact toilet models, use light colors to decorate walls, mount a rack ceiling with spotlights. For many years now, the finishing material No. 1 for such premises remains tile. It and mount so that the correctly chosen way of packing and drawing visually increased space of a premise. For small toilets, diagonal tiling and a horizontal pattern that visually enlarges the space are good.

And one more important advice.

To carry out repairs, you should always try to select building materials and accessories of only good quality from well-known manufacturers.

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