Wall decoration options

The choice of a wall covering of a bathroom that the premise crude enough makes it difficult. In addition, the bathroom should be still stylish.

Bathroom tiling

Tile is great for finishing the bathroom, because easy to clean and moisture resistant.

The choice of material for wall finishing in the bathroom should be based on the fact that it must be moisture-resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to care for. There are a lot of options from which you can choose the most suitable.

Most often in the bathroom there is a ceramic tile. It enjoys great success due to its variety of color palette and textures, as well as excellent decorative quality. It well protects the walls from water and is not whimsical in care.

You can use plastic panels as a cheap material for finishing the bath. Of course, they are not very beautiful, they often look like an office. But you can choose panels that look like a pattern of stone or wood and your room can become very original and stylish.

Bathroom decoration with plastic panels

Plastic panels are among the cheapest options for finishing the bathroom.

Gypsum boards can be used as walls in a bathroom, but they must be water resistant. Waterproof gypsum cardboard from non-water resistant differs in color. The green color of the leaf indicates that it does not absorb moisture. Drywall has not a lot of weight, it has soundproofing properties, but it is not convenient because after installation, it needs to be painted.

To finish the walls in the bathroom you can use natural marble, it is considered universal and luxurious. Bath with marble finish will look chic. Also it is possible to make of marble as separate details in an interior of a bathroom, and all room completely. Of course, minus is the fact that marble is an expensive material and needs constant care to preserve its original appearance.

Very often there are wallpapers in the bathrooms. But do not forget that if you decide to paste in the bathroom wallpaper, they must necessarily be moisture resistant. Such wallpaper can be repainted with time, but this material is not quite strong, as any damage reduces their level of durability.

Self-adhesive film - it's still not a bad option. It is a decorative coating on one side and an adhesive backing on the other. There is a huge amount of variety of colors and textures that will also make your bathroom unique. Easily and quickly glued, but creates a kind of low-budget repair. Over time, peeled off, has a low strength.

If your walls have a perfectly flat surface, then you can safely use the paint. For the bathroom you need a moisture-resistant and dirt-resistant paint. After staining, your walls will need regular grooming, if you do not have time and desire for it, then this option is most likely not for you.

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