Walls in the bathroom

When the repair phase approaches the finish of the bathroom, each one faces the problem of choosing how to make walls in the bathroom? What kind of design prefer? After all, there are more than a dozen possible ways of finishing and types of materials. The choice, of course, is determined by the taste preferences of the apartment owners and the size of the repair and finishing budget.


Let's take a closer look at the example of a photo of beautiful walls in the bathroom, some of the most common trim options.

Ceramic and tile

Tiles - the most practical, and therefore the most common finishing material for walls in the bathroom. It can be easily cleaned, including abrasive substances, and does not lose quality and visual characteristics under long-term exposure to aggressive media such as water, steam and temperature differences.


In addition to practicality, the tile is good and its variability - even with not the largest budget, you can afford to beat the finish of the bathroom in literally hundreds of combinations. The size, pattern, texture of the surface, the color of the tile, the possibility of composing different patterns and even the difference in the color of the interlace grouting - different combinations of these characteristics will allow the walls of the bathroom to be designed according to any, most refined or whimsical taste.


Stages of tiling of walls

  • Aligning the walls. If you are lucky and the walls in the bathroom are smooth initially, it is enough to clean them and primed them. Otherwise, it is necessary to align them with plaster or with a dry lining - using plasterboard.
  • Markup with a plumb line and level.
  • Laying tiles on the wall using tile glue.
  • Application of grout grout. Excess glue must be removed from the inter-joint joints before it dries. After that, using a rubber spatula, a grout is applied, the excess of which is removed with a cloth.


Use of moisture resistant drywall

There are two options for finishing the walls in the bathroom with gypsum boards - planting sheets of gypsum board on the glue or their installation using metal profiles. The standard method using profiles is simple and does not require any construction mixtures, however it will reduce the size of the bathroom, taking away from each wall a few centimeters.


It should be used in case of large curvatures of the walls of the bathroom.

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Mounting on the mounting glue is carried out in the following order:

  • Removing the old coating and cleaning the surface;
  • priming of walls;
  • cutting gypsum board sheets;
  • applying mounting glue. The glue is applied by knots with a spatula after 30-40 cm or on sheets of plasterboard, on the walls in the bathroom, as in the photo;
  • gluing sheets on the wall. It is necessary to track the location of the glued sheets in the same plane with the help of a level and, if necessary, add the mounting glue or even the sheets with a rubber hammer;
  • Grouting of inter-sheet seams.

wall panels

Application of wall panels

One of the best options for the ratio of price / quality - wall panels. This finishing material is located in the budget category, but it has good performance and good visual indicators. By the number of options for coloring, wall panels are almost as good as ceramic tiles.


The installation of wall panels is quick and easy:

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  • there is no need to level the surface;
  • preparation of a skeleton for sheathing. It can be made from plastic or metal crates, as well as from wooden blocks covered with moisture-proof impregnation;
  • installation of panels on a frame with the help of built-in panel locks and screws, or with the help of kleimers.
  • In places where the panels are joined to the bathroom and the sink, a sealant is applied.


An important nuance is the need to cover the walls under the panels with an antifungal solution to avoid problems of the appearance of fungi and bacteria in the future.

wall panels

Finish with water-resistant paints

Another finishing material from the budget category is waterproof paint. For painting on walls in the bathroom, only paints having high resistance to wet conditions will do. A good choice for such conditions is the use of latex paints.


Photo review of the best options for wall finishing in the bathroom


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