Ways to decorate the bathroom

If the appearance of the bathroom is rather boring, it can be radically changed and diversified. For this, it is not at all necessary to carry out global repairs and call out masters. You should try to make the bathroom decor yourself. To do this, you just include your imagination and add new and interesting elements to the interior of the room. You can give the room a novelty in several ways.


To refresh the design of the bathroom, it is enough to add a few bright accents.


Decoration отделки лучше всего начать со стен. If they are light and solid, it will not be difficult at all. The easiest way is to apply special stickers for the bathroom. They are made of waterproof material, so using them at high humidity will be quite appropriate. Vinyl stickers today are presented in a wide range. They come in different sizes and different directions.

Decoupage in the bathroom

Figure 1. Protect decoupage from moisture will help waterproof varnish.

You can place a small pattern on the wall in the form of fish, tropical plants, shells, etc. It will be possible to make a whole panel if there is a desire. Such products will last a long time and will not get unstuck. In addition, they are easy to paste.

Another way to decorate walls is to mosaic. It can be applied instead of a piece of tile or paste a large mosaic cloth over the tile. The main thing in this case is that the mosaic combined with the general style of the room and fit into its concept. Most often, a special vitreous material is used here, which can have a different color. It is produced with imitation of gold or silver. Such a mosaic can represent a true plot picture. The decor of the bathroom in this case will turn out very beautiful.

Despite the high humidity, there are some techniques that help to make in the bathroom a completely unique style. Such techniques include decoupage, craquelure, handmade, etc.

People who do this will be able to give the room an interesting view and come up with a story or picture that can be located on the walls. Such a transformation of the bathrooms will be very spectacular. The use of decoupage techniques in the bathroom decor can be seen in Fig. 1.

The use of light

Stages of making frames for mirrors made of shells

Stages of making frames for mirrors made of shells.

In order to give the room a new look, organizing an interior for a room with their own hands, it is worth paying attention to the light. Most often in such rooms, basic lights are installed and standard lighting is done. Usually these are hanging lamps or light bulbs built into the ceiling. Adding several elements, you can completely change them. So, the bulbs that are inserted into the ceiling can be replaced with tinted windows. In addition, today there are different versions of textured glasses. With their help in the bathroom there will be a pleasant atmosphere, the room will acquire an inimitable charm.

As for pendant lighting, for them you can make interesting lampshades or plafonds. It is necessary to try, that their kind well harmonized with style of the room. In the role of plafonds can act and marine lights. The lamps made under the antiquity will also look beautiful. The decor of the bathroom with their help is significantly transformed.

You can do more - additional lighting. In his role can act small lamps near the mirror or lanterns built into the shelves of cabinets. If their design will fit the overall decor, then it looks all very beautiful. In addition, you can come up with something of your own, original and unusual that will act as a lighting.

The use of textiles

With the help of textiles it is possible to decorate the bathtub. Only here it should be borne in mind that the humidity of the room is high and not all things can be stored in a conspicuous place. However, the curtain, the towel and the rug can always be used for decorative purposes. Today there are many such products for every taste.

Soft bath mat

Figure 2. The mat in the bathroom should be on a rubberized base.

The bathroom mat can be made from a variety of materials. Today, rubber products, as well as plaits under the antiquity, are popular. Many like soft mats, as shown in Fig. 2. Such a product can be supplemented with some elements and accessories to give them an exclusive look. It should be remembered that first of all the rug serves for safety, so that wet feet do not slip, and then for decoration.

The curtain for baths can significantly transform the room. It can be any color and kind. You can buy it in ready-made form or sew yourself. This allows you to create a unique product. The main thing is to choose the right fabric for the curtain. It is worth remembering that she must protect the room from splashing water. As for towels, you can choose interesting products of bright colors and with drawings to hang them in a prominent place. If the room itself is made in pale colors, then such towels will give it a more cheerful look. You can change them according to the time of the year to create yourself a pleasant mood. In the summer it will be appropriate to place towels and curtains with floral motifs everywhere, and in winter - with snow patterns.


You can also make interesting bathroom decor with accessories.

One of the necessary elements of this room is a mirror. It can be made beautiful and original. All sorts of tricks are used for this. Perfectly fit the original frame.

Mirror painting in the bathroom

Figure 3. To paint the mirror will need special stained-glass paints.

In addition, you can decorate the very plane mirrors with sequins, pictures and images. At the top of the mirror, it is appropriate to hang flowers or other elements. Suitable for decoration and stained glass paints. They are translucent and will make such an accessory attractive and unique. An example of such a mirror can be seen in Fig. 3.

To complement the interior of the bathroom will help all kinds of hooks, hangers, towel holders, etc. It is not necessary to buy them in the store. Such accessories can be made on their own. In this case, various decorative elements are used which have an interesting color and shape. So, you can use ceramic figures, decorate the area around the hooks with the help of decoupage techniques, etc.

An excellent decoration of the bathroom will be additional accessories, which can be interesting jars, sea souvenirs, pebbles or seashells. They can be put on shelves, placed in a corner in a vase, etc. Sea accessories will always look in the bathroom is appropriate. However, often all this will depend on the size of the room.

If there are a lot of places, then it is not difficult to do the decor of the bathroom with your own hands. You just need to include imagination.

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