What are the options for layout of tiles in the bathroom

The main elements of the decor, which are a design in general, as well as the original layout options for tiles in the bathroom create a unique interior. The latter fully expresses the aesthetic tastes of the owners of the house.

Tiled bathroom

To finish the bathroom, the ideal material is ceramic tile, as it is durable, reliable and durable.

Rationally arranged sanitary ware and competently applied finishing materials can advantageously emphasize the advantages and disguise some defects in the room. Thanks to all these factors, the bathroom can turn from a typical into a unique and comfortable room for hygienic procedures.


Tile is a category of practical facing materials. Its decorative surface can be an imitation of absolutely diverse natural textures (stone, wood, metal, etc.).

Due to its durability and water resistance, it is possible to use tiles in the bathroom.

Before you deal with the issue of laying out tiles in the bathroom, sketch the layout. Maintaining approximate proportions, make up a sketch of the bathroom on a piece of paper.

The design of tiling in the bathroom

The project of laying tiles in the bathroom.

Using a building measuring tape measure the dimensions (width with height) of the bathroom walls, ledges, niches, doorway. Transfer the measurements to the sketch.

On the paper plan, they mark the plumbing planned for placement in the finished room with the designation of its dimensions. Then necessarily consider the drawing to see if everything is provided and thought out? The scheme notes all that is provided for the already finished bathroom: ventilation, sockets, water heater, etc.

Then the room is compared once again with what was obtained in the graphic version.

The layout of the room is needed in order to correctly and without errors "calculate" the layout of the layout of the tiles in the bathroom. Since even the slightest miscalculation (even a couple of cm) can affect the integrity of the perception of the tiled pattern. For example, the brightest element of the selected tile pattern can be hidden behind the corner of the sink.

Selection of tiles and patterns

Now, construction shops offer a huge range of materials for facing. Even a very demanding person can find a tile in accordance with their preferences. And examples of the layout of tiles will only help in this.

But keep in mind that the options for laying out tiles in the store are presented in the most advantageous light, which does not guarantee the same in a separate bathroom.

Types of tiles

The pattern and color of the tiles should be chosen based on the dimensions of the bathroom.

In the situation of a small room it makes sense to reflect on how the proposed versions of tile patterns in the bathroom will contribute to a visual increase in space and ceiling height.

It is worth to clarify whether there is a favorite version of the material in stock or it needs to be ordered. Also find out the amount of material in the warehouse, since some decorative elements may be less than required for the pattern. If necessary, find out the days of delivering the finishing material to the store.


Finishing the bathroom - it's very troublesome, as well as expensive. You will be able to make the process much easier if you spend the necessary time to think through the options for laying tile elements in a certain pattern.

There are a lot of ways of facing. Knowing the classic ways and focusing on them, you will be able to perform a unique bathroom interior. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

Ways of tiling the bathroom with ceramic tiles

Ways of tiling the bathroom with ceramic tiles.

  1. Horizontal alignment is considered the most common way of finishing surfaces with tiles. At the same time, the bottom is laid out of a dark material, the top is made lighter. The transition between dark and light is the curb, which is more often made monophonic. A border is often placed under the ceiling. So it turns out to give the room a more complete image. The obvious advantage of this method of laying the tile is its simplicity. Note: the horizontal layout provides for the use of an exceptionally monophonic material.
  2. Vertical layout. Here, a striking focus on the toilet, sink or washing machine, which is very decorate the room.
  3. Layout по диагонали.
  4. Combination of bands horizontally and vertically.
  5. Two-color highlighting of zones to give a sense of randomness in the pattern (inverted way).

The ways of laying tiles on the floor are also different. It can be squares, rhombuses, a pattern like a carpet.

The variant of the layout of the pattern in the store can be used as a certain base for putting a bathroom in its own apartment.

So it will automatically solve the issue of combining ceramics in the bathroom, because it is very difficult to choose the right color scheme without using the help of designers.

At once several color solutions can be combined within the same collection. The design executed on the basis of contrast looks good. A suitable combination of colors here is red on a neutral light (white) background. A tranquil combination - blue combined with green on a more neutral white.

Forming a picture

The option of laying tiles with sizes

The option of laying tiles with sizes.

Visually reproduce the renovated bathroom will help the image with the transferred version of the tiling of the example.

Then take a pencil, paper and ruler. Determine the scale. The optimum is 1 to 10 (1 m of surface is 10 cm on a paper sheet). If it is necessary to fit all the surfaces of a room on one sheet, then choose the scaling 1 to 50.

When deciding to make several vertical strips and a dividing border on each wall surface on the sheet, the location of each element is indicated. If something goes wrong, you can always correct it with an eraser.

With the ability to use graphic editors, the layout method can be combined with a computer. Professionals do this with the help of special 3D-programs.

Counting tiles

Calculation scheme for bathroom tiles

Calculation scheme for bathroom tiles.

After selecting a variety of tile material and the required layout, a reasonable question arises as to the amount of tiles for cladding the surfaces in the bathroom.

Calculate the number of tiles required to help a variety of programs for a certain layout. And also in this business can directly contribute to the seller in the store, in which the finishing material is purchased.

If you do not trust anyone, then calculations can be made by yourself. You will need the already measured values ​​of the width and height of those surfaces that are present on the previously planned bathroom layout. In addition, you need to know the dimensions of each tile and decorative element.

To calculate the perimeter of the room, the total length of all surfaces is summed. The result is rounded to the nearest whole number. Divide the height of the surface by the length of the tile. The result is also converted into a round figure. The obtained results are multiplied, obtaining the value of the total area of ​​the bathroom room. Then calculate the area of ​​all the elements that remain unreinforced (door and window openings, space behind the bathroom, etc.), separately. The found numbers are converted into square meters and subtracted from the total area. Then, taking into account the dimension of the tiles, the required amount of liner is calculated.

Let us give an example.

The height of the ceiling turned out to be 2.5 m, the width of the walls - 1.5 and 1.7 m. Tile: 0.2 m in width and 0.15 m in height.

We get: the total area is 16 m², the territory that does not require facing is 2.8 m². Area with tiles - 13, 2 m². Number of tiles: 440 pieces.

When the method of diagonal layout is chosen, another 10-15% of the material is added to the calculated figure. If the picture assumes a standard layout, the margin will be approximately 5% of the material.

Take into account that in every interior the aesthetic component is the main factor. After all, a competently chosen tile sets a special atmosphere and the individual character of the bathroom.

Here the important point is the correct arrangement of the figure, which is preceded by an accurate calculation of the required amount of material.

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