What is more profitable

Approaching the finishing of the room, people think about what to choose for finishing the walls.

Painting the walls in the bathroom

First of all, it is necessary to paint the walls in hard-to-reach places (areas near the plumbing, shower), and then the remaining areas.

Painting walls or gluing wallpapers - the most common options for finishing works. In addition, in this way you can decorate the walls.

Perhaps, from the modern methods of facing internal walls, both are considered to be the cheapest ones, rather than tiling or tiling with decorative panels.

Wallpaper gluing

Wallpaper used for finishing both residential and office space. There are wallpapers in several types, each of which has a different structure, strength and adhesion technology. You can list the advantages and disadvantages of using such a finishing material as wallpaper.

Pasting walls with wallpaper

For a bathroom it is necessary to choose not paper wallpaper, but vinyl, non-woven or washable.

The pluses are:

  1. Due to the fact that the wallpaper sufficiently hides minor defects and surface irregularities, preliminary preparation of the walls can not be made. Paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpaper, especially dense, perfectly hold even on concrete. It is necessary to use an appropriate and high-quality adhesive.
  2. The wallpaper coating is pleasant, soft to the touch, it is able to keep warm and to make the room cozy.
  3. Basically wallpaper makes paper and non-woven, and these materials do not refer to allergenic. Dyes on the wallpaper are applied with a typographical method, which is absolutely harmless for all living things.
  4. Paper wallpaper is an excellent noise and heat insulator.
  5. You can wallpaper wallpaper by yourself, without the use of specialists. In this case, it is only necessary to choose the glue necessary for the chosen type of wallpaper and observe the gluing rules indicated on the glue pack. If you chose wallpaper with a pattern, then you'll have to work hard with matching patterns on the wall, cut the length correctly. Glue to the wall of the wallpaper is quite simple. Do not just forget the elementary rules of work.
  6. The surface of paper wallpaper has good throughput, so the walls "breathe" and do not form a fungus.
The scheme of wall wallpapering

The scheme of gluing wallpaper on the walls.

The disadvantages are the following:

  1. Although the strong adhesion of wallpaper to the wall and is good, at first glance, but it is worth thinking about changing the wallpaper, and then there are problems with the removal of old ones.
  2. If dirt or damage forms on the wallpaper surface, it is almost impossible to fight with them. A damp sponge can not wash off most of the dirt from the surface of the paper wallpaper.
  3. If you have pets (cats, hamsters, parrots and other animals), then the risk that your wallpaper will be damaged significantly increases. Although without risk to their health.
  4. Paper wallpaper is not suitable for pasting them with rooms with high humidity. Most often they just get unstuck, they can swell and necessarily dim their color.
  5. Despite all the advantages of this type of finishing material, it is short-lived. So, after covering the walls, after 5-6 years there will be a need to change them.

Paint Features

When the method of painting their surface is chosen to finish the interior walls, it is generally believed that this method is the simplest, fastest and most economical, moreover, that it is extremely reliable and convenient to operate. Whether this belief is right, let's consider.

Scheme for painting a wall with a roller

Scheme of painting the wall with a roller: 1 - a set of paint from a pallet; 2 - painting of the wall; 3 - trajectory of completion of traffic.

The advantages of painting walls can be attributed to the following:

  1. It is necessary to prepare the walls before painting, a kind of "wellness" procedures. After correctly performed preliminary work, there is no doubt that the walls will serve for a long time in an unaltered form without cracks.
  2. Painted walls can be easily tinted, if necessary, both the entire surface and partially. The process is quite simple and easy. Such improvements will not hit your pocket.
  3. Painted walls are well washed. Walls can be washed even after the marker.
  4. Such walls will not spoil the animals, as they do not cause interest.
  5. When using this method of finishing the room, you can create an individual interior design. With ease, the room can be divided into zones, add brightness and depict something unusual.

Do not do without cons:

  1. The preparation of the walls, although very refreshing and refreshing, will be difficult to accomplish without such skills. Before painting the walls, they need to be leveled, sanded and carry out a number of other useful procedures, without which you will not get the perfect final result.
  2. To apply the original coat of paint, you need to know how this is done so that the tone goes evenly and has one hue. It's easy to refresh the painting, but to apply, initially it is necessary to adhere to certain skills.
  3. If the paint is not glossy, then such walls must be washed when cleaning the premises.
  4. The paint is able to withstand mechanical shocks, but not strong.
  5. If you are painting the walls of the house, it's likely that you want to apply a different tone, pattern or use a stencil. For such work, you need a textured or designer paint, the cost of which is quite expensive.

The best choice

Yet painting walls or gluing wallpapers is an individual choice of each, which is influenced by some factors. It is necessary to take into account the quality of the prepared walls, personal taste and interior design.

If you plan to perform repairs yourself, it will be easier to paste wallpaper, even if you choose a complex pattern for combining. Here, and prepare a long plane is not necessary. To prepare the plane for painting, you need to have the skills of plastering the premises, and after that there is yet another laborious and unpleasant procedure - grinding the surface. Moreover, you can glue the wallpaper to one, without involving your family members. Tools need a minimum amount: it's a bucket for diluting the glue, scissors and a roller or a brush.

If you want to do with low costs, again, it is better to choose wallpaper. Whatever you choose wallpaper on the structure and novelty, most likely, they will still be cheaper than the paint of good quality. In addition to the preliminary work before painting, more material will be needed. If you just need to update the painted walls, which remain in good condition without cracks and chips, in this case it will be cheaper to repaint the surface.

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