What is the best tile for the bathroom?

When deciding which tile to choose for a bathroom, several important points should be considered. Not all products are suitable for this room, because it is subject to high humidity. Operational and consumer qualities will play a special role here. In addition, attention should be paid to choosing the color and size of the tiles. It is worthwhile to consider separately each of the parameters to make the right choice.

Tile in the bathroom

The main task of tiles in the bathroom is to protect the floor and walls from moisture.


All information about the characteristics of the tile is printed on the package. It is indicated in the form of pictograms. Here it will be indicated, for walls or for the floor it is intended. It will not be difficult to understand. If the purpose for the floor, then in the form of a pictogram on the package will be indicated the footprint and the shaded background. In addition, this will mean that the tile has a high wear resistance.

Bathroom tiles should meet the following parameters:

Table of symbols on the tile

Table of symbols on the tile.

  1. Low degree of absorbency. If the tile absorbs moisture very much, it will become heavier and may become unstuck from the wall. In addition, under the influence of hot water and steam, which when bathing will hit the surface of walls, such a tile will lose its aesthetic qualities and become ugly. That is why such an indicator as a low degree of absorbency is very important. It is better to buy products that have few pores.
  2. Resistance to chemicals. Since the bathroom needs to maintain a high level of hygiene, you have to wash the walls and floor with strong and concentrated detergents. They should not hurt. It is better to choose a tile, which such are not terrible.
  3. Quality drawing. It must have uniform color and color. Divorces are not appropriate here. When a drawing is applied using the latest technology, this should not be.
  4. Compliance with the dimensions indicated on the package. It happens that the tile is smaller or larger than necessary.
  5. Non-compliance with mechanical damage. Here it is necessary to take into account that the product should not be quickly scratched and abraded. Especially this indicator is important for floor tiles, because in case of falling of any object it can split.
  6. Possessing an anti-slip effect. For floor coverings, this is one of the most important characteristics that should be considered when choosing.

Color selection

Exemplary layout of the tile

An approximate scheme of the layout of tiles.

The color of the tile affects how the bathroom looks. It can be almost anything, however it should be borne in mind that the color should not irritate and press on the eyes. The room should be comfortable and cozy. For a small room, the usual white color will do. It may seem boring, but with its help you can visually expand the space. In addition, it can be combined with any other shade or pattern. Adding several accessories, you can create interesting compositions in the room, and you can not call it boring. In this case, it is not necessary to use a purely white color, which will remind the hospital walls. You can buy ivory tiles, light beige or melted milk.

Often a blue or green tile is purchased for the bathroom. And this is not surprising, because with its help you can create a feeling of coolness and freshness. Combining several close-by-color shades, you can make a room such that you want to come back here again and again, charging yourself with cheerfulness for the whole day. With the help of such colors, you can create an entire composition or pattern in the form of the sea, dolphins, waves, etc.

Popular today and coffee shades. The bathroom is often decorated for a tree. This also includes beige tones. They well soothe and give warmth to the room. In a tone to such colors, tiles are often installed and suitable furniture. Everything should be in harmony, then the room will look very nice.

As for the bright colors, they can also be applied relative to the bathroom. However, you should carefully think over the whole interior. If you make a room in one bright color, it will crush and oppress. However, you can combine rich shades with lighter and neutral. It is appropriate to make a vertical or horizontal division of the room with different tiles or to single out one wall with a bright accent.

Tile size

Today, many manufacturers are represented by a lot of tiles.

One of the important indicators to consider when choosing is the size.

It can be small and large products, each of which has its own characteristics. If the bathroom is large and spacious, you can use both small and large tiles. It can be a mosaic wall lining or a large ceramic panel on the whole wall.

As for the small bathroom, the tiles here should be chosen medium-sized. A small mosaic that will be picked up incorrectly will only reduce the space. It is also the case with a small and colorful pattern. It will merge and not bring the desired effect. Do not choose too large and large tiles. Large squares will make the room completely miserable. You can increase the room if you lay the rectangular tile vertically. For sex in this case it is better to use a diagonal layout to expand the space. Thus, it becomes clear how to choose a tile so that it looks beautiful and organic in the bathroom. To achieve a positive effect is not difficult at all.

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