What is the cost of tiling in the bathroom

With the need to calculate the cost of laying ceramic tiles, the owners of houses and apartments face quite often. In the modern market it is possible to purchase various finishing materials: from economy to elite class. It is necessary to remember: not all contractors behave in good faith towards customers, it is not unusual for the situation when the cost of laying is groundlessly overestimated. How much will real finishing work cost? In order to answer the question, you need to know what the cost of laying tiles is.

Tile laying options

Options for laying tiles.


It is generally accepted that if you do the finishing work yourself, the tiling of ceramic tiles will be cheaper. Is it so? To perform the operation, you will need a whole set of tools, among them:

  • drill-mixer;
  • tile cutting machine;
  • smooth spatula;
  • rubber spatulas;
  • plane cutter;
  • notched trowel.
Tools for laying tiles

Tools for laying tiles: kiyanka, level, Bulgarian, rope, brush, scoop and trowel.

For laying tiles in the bathroom it is important not only to buy quality tile, dry mixes for adhesive composition, but also tools for conducting facing operations. Toothed spatula is not known to all masters of all trades, but when it comes to the quality fixation of tiles in the bathroom, one can not do without it. This tool is needed to create grooves on the surface covered with glue composition, which, thanks to the notched trowel, is distributed evenly. To perform the operation, a tool of different thickness is used.

After the application of the adhesive layer, tiling is carried out. The surface of it should be the same. To check this, you will need a level. To ensure that the gaps between the tiles were the same, special plastic crosses are needed. If it is planned to perform an ornament using tile, the laboriousness of operations increases significantly, regardless of whether they will be performed independently or for laying the tiles the craftsmen will be hired. Drawing can be laid out in ways that also affect the cost of work: with or without tile cutting.

Facing with the use of pruning is a more expensive method, and, accordingly, such laying of ceramic tiles will cost more. The price of the issue will also reflect whether the work will be carried out by a basic method or by roll-overs. The correct selection of the method for fixing the tiles in the bathroom will be done only by an experienced master. It is necessary to know: there are various techniques used in both ways of laying, whose labor is also reflected in the cost of work.

Preparatory work

Without a preparatory stage, almost any finishing work is indispensable. Therefore, the price of the question includes the costs necessary for preparation. Before proceeding with the installation of ceramic tiles, it is necessary not only to acquire a high-quality facing material, but also to prepare superficiality for the upcoming actions. The cost of materials and tools for them should be clarified and added to the total cost of work.

Layout of tiles

Layout of tiling.

Should I save on finishing materials? Quite a significant number of owners of houses and apartments believe that yes. But this is far from the case: without the use of quality tiles, all repair costs can be in vain. It is necessary to know that not every material is suitable for floor and wall coverings.

For a separate kind of surfaces there is a tile:

  • floor;
  • wall.

The price of the first is higher, because he must have greater strength. Some property owners purchase a wall tile for flooring and floor it. As a result, the flooring quickly deteriorates, and the funds for repairs are wasted. Another common impractical move is the purchase of floor tiles for bathroom wall cladding. It will last for a long time, but does it make sense to spend money on it when its increased durability is not a mandatory quality for long-term operation?

Effect on cost

Technology of tile laying

Technology of laying tiles.

The floor area or the wall for styling plays an important role in determining the cost of work. There are ways to reduce the cost of laying tiles in the bathroom.

The work will cost less if you abandon the drawing, do not use complicated methods of fixing the facing material, buy a tile of economy class. But another question is: should one resort to such methods to reduce the cost of laying tiles? The floor and customized cover directly affect the comfort of staying in the room for water and hygiene procedures.

An important point here is the term of the alleged use of tiles in the bathroom. The higher it is, the higher the quality of facing, consumables, the use of more labor-intensive technologies and, consequently, the higher costs for laying ceramic tiles.

The cost of work affects the quality of the surface, where the tile is to be laid, and the amount of preparatory operations. These parameters can be calculated only by a specialist on site.

What other parameter is taken into account when calculating the cost? Presence of a doorway. In calculations, the dimensions of the door, its width and height are entered.

Turning to the company or expecting to cope with the task of facing the walls and the floor yourself, it is necessary to take into account such a question as dismantling the old ceramic tiles.

Scheme of stage-by-stage laying of tiles on the wall

Scheme of stage-by-stage laying of tiles on the wall.

When specifying the scope of work with the contractor, it is important to anticipate this point in advance. If a surface cladding service is offered for a fixed price, it usually does not include the dismantling of ceramic tiles. The "basic package" of cladding works includes:

  • preparation of the surface, including its priming before installing ceramic tiles;
  • facing with ceramic tiles;
  • grouting of seams.

The cost of work is calculated per one square meter. If the bathroom requires cleaning, for example, walls from previous facing materials, the final price of the issue is significantly increased, as dismantling of ceramic tiles is a very laborious process.

Reasonable economy

The lowest cost of facing works today is 350 rubles per square meter, without taking into account the cost of ceramic tiles. It is generally accepted that installation services usually cost about half the amount spent on materials. In practice, this calculation is usually confirmed when the least laborious laying is implied. Elite materials increase the cost of laying due to the fact that they require more sophisticated technologies, tools and methods.

If the firm or the company performing the finishing, known, the price of laying will be higher, due to the fact that the company's specialists provide a guarantee for their work. When you buy a tile yourself, the optimal purchase option is the simultaneous purchase of consumables, without which it is impossible to stow, from one seller. In large shopping centers and shops such customers are usually given a discount of up to 10%.

An advantageous option is considered to be when laying and purchasing materials are carried out by a firm or a contractor company. Many companies and companies work directly with manufacturers of building materials, because the contractors go out and cheaper styling. For fans of original solutions in the interior it is necessary to clarify: the author's design laying is ten times higher than the standard one. And this is quite natural, because facing materials for such orders, as a rule, are developed and produced in a single copy.

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