What is the design of a large bathroom?

Any design of the bathroom in the first place should be different convenience and functionality, and only then it can be considered in the context of fashion and style. And no reasoning about fashion should prevail over common sense. Agree that no one needs a too luxurious bathtub, which is very uncomfortable, or expensive multi-functional shower booths, the functions of which no one will ever use.

Bathroom Design

The bathroom should be comfortable enough and ergonomic.

General moments

Surely, many who decided to create an individual design of the bathroom have already learned a lot of information from various sources about what should be the image of the bathroom. And, most likely, have already decided on the choice of style for the bathroom. That is, they decided that this would be for the image: modern or stylized for a certain historical period, maybe it will be a room similar to that in which emperors bathed.

Despite the choice of stylistic direction, every detail that will fit here (from plumbing fixtures to decoration and lighting) should be carefully thought through. Yes, there are high requirements to the arrangement of the bathroom, because this is the second most important utility room after the kitchen.

Dark colors in the bathroom

In a large bathroom, you can use dark colors, since they can not visually reduce it.

It is necessary to take great care in calculating the budget for repairs, because if it is incorrectly drafted, there is a risk of delaying the entire repair process for a very long time. Even if you believe that all costs are planned as accurately as possible, still make a reserve amount of 5-10%, because the unplanned costs have not yet been avoided by anyone.

And do not hesitate to find out all the time: a layman can not easily understand the issues of repair and design. In particular, those owners who enthusiastically took up this case for the first time. Professional help has not hurt anyone yet. And some tips can save the whole repair from erroneous actions.

An important point is the correct placement of plumbing. In the future, change the design will be easy, but to reinstall the bathroom, washbasin and toilet they will have to dismantle a lot of things.

Having defined the place for plumbing installation, consider the design of the doors. Perhaps, instead of the usual swinging, there is an intention to establish some other option. For example, sliding or "accordion". Maybe it will be now popular glass products with a sandblasting pattern? Think about it, and the necessary option is sure to be found.

Combined design

Most of the standard layouts do not have such large dimensions of bathrooms that they could be boldly bragged. Therefore, most owners for the sake of a comfortable visit to the bathroom perform the union of two adjacent rooms, dismantling a partition between them.

This approach is justified only when the number of households allows it. When there are more children in the family than two, it is worth considering the feasibility of this option.

Large rooms

Jacuzzi in the bathroom

A large bathroom makes it possible to install a jacuzzi.

What kind of bathroom can be considered large? Taking into account the opinions of the majority of the inhabitants of our country, the bathroom can be called a big one if its number of square meters is more than seven.

Although, of course, anyone can dispute this claim, because everything is known in comparison. For someone and 7 square. m already a lot, and for others and 50 square meters. m - not the limit of dreams.

In a spacious area it is possible to create absolutely any design of a bathroom, only means for realization of conceived would suffice.

A large bathroom requires carefulness in thinking over the interior, since it is in it that the composition remains unfinished.

The design of a large bathroom is recommended in elegant and luxurious styles: antique, oriental, baroque, rococo, romance, etc.

Unlike a small bathroom, where small baths or shower cabins are installed for spatial savings, you can put a spacious bath with a whirlpool. And if funds permit, it is possible to combine a shower cabin with a bathroom.

Looks good bath, installed in the center of the room.

Finishing surfaces in spacious bathrooms allows you to use for decoration small tiles or mosaic that visually reduce the volume of the room. When choosing a color scheme for decoration materials there are no special restrictions - they can have a dark shade. With sufficient light, the room decorated in dark colors will not look gloomy.

When choosing plumbing fixtures, the same principles apply as for any bathroom - convenience and practicality. That is, it makes sense to select cranes with simple and reliable devices designed for several hundred thousand opening and closing procedures.

It is important to ensure a large degree of ventilation for a large area. In the absence of window openings install exhaust fans, which in color can also be selected for any design.

Free space can be filled with furniture. For example, here you can install different shelves or a chest of drawers under towels and linen. Bathroom large size allows you to install in it a bidet, toilet, storage case, floor mirror.

Color registration should not exceed 3-4 colors, otherwise the situation will look overloaded.

It is quite interesting to decorate a large bathroom.

The main thing is to show good taste and a sense of moderation. And the application of the above advice will only help.

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