What is the design of a water ball valve

The modern valve market is replete with various locking devices. Currently the most common are spherical mechanisms. They are reliable and durable in operation. These locking devices can be used both in domestic conditions (plumbing mixers based on ball mechanisms), and in the construction of main pipelines and in production. They can be used for various environments: water, air, steam, gas, oil. The device of the ball valve for water is quite simple and has a number of advantages:

Scheme of installation and repair of the ball valve

Scheme of installation and repair of the ball valve.

  • simple closure design;
  • small size;
  • increased tightness;
  • long service life;
  • aesthetics;
  • simplicity of installation.

Types of ball valves

According to the material of the body, the cranes on the basis of the ball mechanism are divided into brass, steel and plastic.

Scheme of single-lever mixer with ball mechanism

Scheme single lever mixer with ball mechanism.

Currently, brass closures are the most common. They are made by two methods - casting and forging. The latter method ensures the manufacture of more reliable cranes. Brass locking devices are resistant to temperature changes and are not susceptible to rust formation. Therefore, such fittings are most often used in the heating and hot water supply system.

Steel ball valves are used in the transportation of high-temperature liquids and liquids under pressure. They are made from different grades of steels, such as stainless, carbon and others. Steel shut-off valves are most often used in production plants and for installation on main pipelines.

A modern type of stop valves is plastic cranes. Polyethylene and polypropylene are used for their production. Plastic ball valves are resistant to corrosion, so it can be used to transport corrosive liquids. However, these locking devices do not withstand high temperatures. Therefore, the scope of these cranes is cold water supply.

In domestic conditions, spherical mechanisms are used in sanitary mixers. They replaced the stuffing box. Such cranes have one adjusting lever.


The design of the ball valve

The design of the ball valve.

The armature based on the ball mechanism consists of a body and a bolt. Depending on the purpose of the housing can be of various shapes - a shut-off or mixing valve. And also the cranes differ in the material of manufacture.

The moving element or shutter of all devices is the same. It is a hollow inside the ball, with a through hole on both sides. Such locking devices have two shutter positions - "open" and "closed". The mobile element is fixed in sealing rings made of PTFE, artificial rubber and other synthetic material.

Для водопроводных запорных устройств внутренний диаметр трубопровода совпадает с диаметром отверстия подвижного элемента. Device шарового крана таково, что при повороте затвора на 90° поток воды перекрывается или открывается. Такие запорные устройства называются полнопроходными. Полностью открытый затвор практически не создает гидравлического сопротивления для потока воды.

Plumbing mixers based on the ball mechanism have a ceramic one-piece cartridge. All the details of such cranes are perfectly matched to each other in size, which makes it possible not to use any sealing elements.

Repair procedure

Assembly diagram of ball valve

Scheme of assembly of a ball valve.

Despite the fact that mixers based on ball mechanisms are longevity, they sometimes fail. Defective faucet can be replaced, and it is possible to repair, most importantly, to know its device.

To perform repair of the valve, it is necessary to prepare such tools: pliers, hex wrench, "minus" screwdriver and a hammer. The first thing to do is to cut off the water supply. Use a hexagonal wrench to loosen the screw that holds the lever. Then it needs to be removed. Then use a screwdriver to turn the threaded ring counter-clockwise. Then the pliers need to remove the chrome-dome.

Next, you need to remove the ball mechanism and inspect for rust, signs of metal wear. If all these defects are present, the ball should be replaced. Sealing springs are subject to replacement.

Before assembling the mixer back, lubricate all sealing elements with a special non-toxic silicone grease suitable for sanitary ware.

Assembly is the same in the reverse order.

If the mixer could not be repaired or the ball mechanism worn out, you should purchase a new one.

Selection rules

The scheme of the device of the ball valve

The scheme of the device of the ball valve.

Ball valves are the most popular nowadays. It is distinguished by its durability. However, for the ball mechanism to last a long time, it is necessary to select it correctly.

A modern construction market can offer a huge selection of ball valves and mixers. The range of prices is also very diverse. A low price can often indicate a substandard counterfeiting of products by well-known manufacturers.

To purchase quality products, you need to follow certain rules:

  1. Before you buy a ball valve, you need to decide for what purposes it will be used: heating, hot or cold water supply, choose the material of the crane.
  2. To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with the assortment, choose the brand you like and the size of the crane, if possible, you need to familiarize yourself with the feedback of the customers of this model on the Internet.
  3. In the store, the product must be inspected carefully, checked by marking, and checked by the equipment. The information on the valve must contain a complete description of the characteristics of the product.
  4. The locking device must not have any defects. The casing should not have cracks, chips, rust.
  5. One of the main factors in choosing a ball valve is its price. Do not buy too cheap products, quality goods can not have a low price.

The armature based on the ball mechanism was invented a long time ago. However, it gained the greatest popularity these days due to its positive characteristics. Ball valves have a simple design, high tightness. They are easy to install and durable in operation.

A variety of designs and materials for the manufacture of ball valves allow you to choose devices for any application. You can pick up cranes for domestic purposes when repairing an apartment or house, as well as for production needs and for the construction of main pipelines.

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