What is the floor tiling system

The system of laying floor tiles provides a smooth surface of the coating with finishing materials. Today in a rare room you can find the ideal floor: without distortions and swings, and without any kind of defects. Therefore, we have to additionally ensure that the laying of tiles is made on the most leveled surface.

Floor tiles in the bathroom

Floor tiles in the bathroom can be combined, thereby obtaining an interesting design.

Purpose and benefits

The tile alignment system, abbreviated as SVP, was designed to provide, if possible, the ideal surface on which the laying of the finishing material, in particular ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware, is planned. It is allowed to use the SVP during the work on wall and floor finishing. Acceptable parameters of the tile: thickness from 6 to 12 mm, the overall dimensions of the material usually exceed the value of 400x400 mm.

The alignment system has several advantages:

Layout of tiling on the floor

Layout of tiling on the floor.

  • first of all, through SVP, the probability of the formation of distortions and differences during work with the finishing material is excluded;
  • As the adhesive composition dries, the risk of tile sagging is eliminated;
  • the alignment result will be almost perfect;
  • joints are made smooth at a thickness of 1.5 mm, but if a wider step is required during the laying of the tile, then it is recommended to additionally use special elements - crosses;
  • the working time is shortened, because it is known that the process of finishing the floor surface is very long because of the painstakingness;
  • Despite the reduction in working time during floor leveling, the quality of the installation is not lost;
  • it is quite possible to finish the floors without attracting a professional, since the simplicity and completeness of the SVP greatly facilitates the task of leveling the floor.

Taking into account all the above, it can be noted that this leveling system is not just a device of a certain completeness, but also the technology of laying the finishing material on the rough surface of the floor. The principle of working with the system is quite simple, because the user only works with a clamp and a wedge. True the number of elements can be quite large, it all depends on the version of the device for leveling the floor. For example, you can purchase a kit consisting of 250 clips and the same number of wedges for 1 150 rubles. and in addition to buy a box, which includes 900 clamps, can be for 1,400 rubles.

Variety of tiles

There is a wide variety of tiles.

The principle of styling

For work you will need:

  1. Adhesive compound, diluted according to the instructions attached to a particular brand.
  2. The device for laying the tiles in sufficient quantity.
  3. Directly the finishing material itself.
  4. Building level for work control.
  5. Crosses to increase the width of the joints.
Tools for laying tiles

Tools for laying tiles.

Align the surface and perform the installation perfectly smoothly, following a certain sequence of actions, without violating the rules and taking into account the features:

  1. The adhesive is applied to the floor.
  2. Clamps are installed in the amount of 2 pcs. on all sides of the tiles, this must be done with an indentation of 50 mm from the edge.
  3. After these actions, the next tile is laid.
  4. It is necessary to place the wedge in such a way that it lies between the tiles and the upper part of the previously installed clamp, while fixing this element in such a position that the lower part of it is as close as possible to the finishing material, at the same time the position of the tiles should be monitored so that they lay flat.
  5. When the glue is completely dry, it is necessary to remove the wedge, for which it is sufficient to strike with a small force along the direction of the joint.
  6. After the wedge has been removed, the lower part of the clamp is not removed, but remains there, under the finishing material.

The wedges remain suitable for reuse if necessary, if the repair continues in other premises.

As a result, without superfluous efforts, a perfectly flat surface of the finishing floor is obtained. But it is known that only such a variant of flooring can last as long as possible without the risk of cracking and other deformations, such as in the case when laying the tiles was performed without due care and uneven preliminary surface. Therefore, the SVP is very popular today, because for a relatively small cost, you can get a high-quality result.

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