What is the majewski crane and what are its technical

The Maevsky crane is used to release air from the radiator, which is an element of central water heating. To open the system you will need a special key or a screwdriver. The process of the system has some drawbacks, one of which is the penetration into it of air dissolved in water. Then when this air gets to the places of work of the system, where there is a small flow velocity and low pressure, it can be released in the form of bubbles, gradually filling the free space.

Installation of the Mayevsky crane

Installation of the Mayevsky crane.

Features of the crane

This process causes the appearance of air plugs, which can cause malfunctions in the circulation of heat carriers. Some metal alloys, when interacting with water, can produce vapors that create a similar problem in the operation of the engine. Typically, this problem is exacerbated when the engine is idle, after which you should free up air and fill the free space with water. In the operation of any unit, air is evacuated through the air vents, which are located in the upper points of the system.

Scheme crane device

Scheme devices crane Maevskogo.

In order to get rid of air and in its place to pull water, a water tap is used. However, later some unscrupulous users can use the existing situation for their own needs, therefore in closed systems their use is not allowed.

To prevent inappropriate use of water resources, the Maevsky crane is used, the design of which is designed to make it difficult to get water from, and the opening of such a device without a special tool was not possible. The Maevsky crane is a generally accepted name for this equipment, but it is not regulated by GOSTs, and in most cases it is indicated as a radiator needle valve.

Design and application

Scheme replacement gaskets in the tap

Scheme replacement gaskets in the tap.

At the heart of the construction of this crane is precisely the needle-type shut-off valve. In order to change the flow characteristics, it is necessary to move a special valve, which is made in the form of a tetrahedral head. This is done to ensure that the possibility of opening the crane was only for service workers. The crane has a special plug, which is inserted into a half-inch diameter hole located at the top of the radiator. To completely clog the system, a plastic casing is used that removes all gaps from which water can subsequently flow.

The automatic crane of Maevsky is called so because of its ability to perform its functions without any mechanical force and having workers. It is recommended for installation, where it is very difficult to maintain the cranes and call the working group. This unit operates on the principle of a float, which is located inside the device itself. It serves to derive the value of the amount of air in the heating system, with significant changes, it helps to open and close the valve located in the upper part of the crane by its movement. At the same time, an important element of such a tap is the thread, which will open the valve in the event of a breakdown, malfunction or incorrect operation.

This equipment can be used on all types of batteries, from old batteries to modern types of heating systems. It is often used to remove air and vapors from the central heating system. It should be remembered that when installing this equipment it requires high-quality and timely maintenance, which will require cleaning the crane at least once a month to ensure the purity of water inside the system. In addition, when installing this unit, it is very important to take into account such a factor as frequent disconnections of this equipment, which can make it stand idle and subsequently render it unusable. In addition, the instructions to it clearly state the frequency of maintenance, which is necessary for its effective operation.


Many crane parameters can vary according to the claimed requirements and the installation site. For example, when used in central heating systems, special Mayevsky cranes are used, which can withstand impact to several atmospheres. On the domestic market, cranes with a special coating are produced, which protect them from strong mechanical action, water and vapors, and they can operate at a temperature of + 150 ° C.

Its installation, as described above, is made in the hole of the central heating system, which does not always have the required dimensions. In order to install the valve, either replace the plug with the correct size, or use gaskets to create the optimal design.

Its installation does not take much time and is simple enough, which makes it quite popular in this field.

To open and install it, you can use the S-shaped key, which is standard and is available for each service. For ease of installation, this faucet is designed with a left-hand thread, which allows not to hold the faucet when it is mounted. It is very important to determine the angle of the hole. If you install this hole with the view down, it will make it easier to collect water from the tap when the air is exhausted.

It should be remembered that draining a large amount of water from the system with a tap is almost impossible and not recommended. This is due to the fact that its opening for the withdrawal of air is extremely small. In this case, it is made of brass or polymeric materials, and the cleaning of such an output is usually carried out using a pin or a needle when the tap is open. To date, the Maevsky crane is the most affordable, inexpensive and easy-to-use way to remove air from the water heating system.

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