What means and how to clean the tub

Rust stains, at one time not removed plaque and sediment are cause for doubt in the cleanliness of the house. How to clean the tub with white, while retaining the result? What means are most effective and least safe, and which ones are the other way around?

Cleaning the tub

The surface of the bath can be cleaned with a sponge and detergent (dish soap or laundry soap).

Choice of cleaning products

Shelves of economic departments in supermarkets abound with cleaning agents for a bath. Their names are more than a dozen. But not knowing the rules of their application, you can choose a tool that will not have an effect or, on the contrary, will affect very much, eroding the enamel.

Care of an acrylic bathroom

To remove stubborn spots from the surface of the acrylic bath, you need to use cleaning agents for acrylic baths: Triton, Mr. Chister and San Klin.

While the bath so long did not meet with a brush, that the enamel has darkened from the time, the situation can not be fixed by the usual means. The optimal solution is to choose a highly effective, acid-containing cleaning agent in the form of any liquid formulation or gel. But for sanitary equipment kept in proper cleanliness it is better to acquire a soft remedy and with less "killer" effect.

Before you clean the tub, remember that when putting great effort into washing, it is important not to overdo it.

When cleaning of rust on an enameled product is required, do not stock yourself with an excessively strong product and do not hold it for long on the coating. For example, "Sanox" has a momentary effect, removing the entire rust. But at the same time, the enamel is gradually washed off on the surface, exposing the unsightly shine of the metal.

It makes sense to stock up on patience and thoroughly wipe the surface, then pay more for recovering the enamel or reinstalling a new product.

Do not forget about safety. Especially those housewives who have children, allergic people and just households with sensitive skin type.

Wash the cleaning compound from the surface with care, using a soft sponge or rags, without saving water on secondary rinsing.

List of chemicals

The most effective and sparing coatings are:

Bath cleaners

To clean the bath using detergents such as: "Cif", "Acrylan", "Sarma" and "Cillit Bang".

  1. Cif - the gel composition of the Ultra White series is preferred.
  2. Cilit Bang - applicable for regular use, for complex stains (rust, calcareous deposits) may not have an effect.
  3. Comet gel - universal, applicable for different sanitary appliances and kitchen surfaces. Will help to overcome severe pollution. For baths, the "7 days of cleanliness" series is effective.
  4. "Pemolux" is better than the option to clean the bath enamel, and do not.
  5. Domestos in a liquid or gel form is suitable for frequent care, can overpower the spots of medium complexity (not particularly neglected). Minus - sharply gives up chlorine, which is part of its composition.
  6. "Triton", "Mr. Chister", "San Klin" - for cleaning hydro-massage acrylic bathtubs. They do not include strong substances, including acids, so they are ideal for the treatment of brittle acrylic.

All these products are certified, have passed laboratory tests and tests for dermatology. And despite this, the manifestation of caution in handling them will not hurt.

Folk methods

It happens that it is a pity to spend money or use it to buy a good cleaning compound because of poor health of someone close. How to clean the bath in this case? People's methods will be won.

Baking soda

Clean the tub to an ideal condition will help baking soda, along with calcined. This option is budgetary, but absolutely effective.

Mix the calcined with baking soda (ratio 1: 1). The mixture is distributed uniformly over the surface of the device. Wait 7-10 minutes and proceed to the next step: a solution of vinegar and bleach is applied to the soda in the same ratio. For a normal bath, a small bag of bleach in the form of a powder is enough.

After 40 minutes, wash all layers thoroughly. Sanitaryware, which becomes purified by this method with soda, shines with a new shine.

Table vinegar

Vinegar is considered more suitable for new products, not so long ceased to radiate shine, but not for the old (like soda).

Cleaning the bathroom by means of table vinegar can not drag on for one hour, it is simply impossible to overdo the vinegar. There is one method with vinegar, which allows you not to suffer from the preparation of solutions. It consists in the following. Volumetric paper napkins are abundantly impregnated with vinegar and cover them with the entire surface of the plumbing equipment, from sides to the bottom. Leave to soak for a couple of hours. Then just remove the napkins and rinse the remaining vinegar with water. Vinegar perfectly cleaned iron products.

Citric acid

To eliminate from the old walls of the bath of undesirable yellowness, a solution of ordinary citric acid is used. The solution is induced by taking one sachet of acid and a glass of water.

Prepared the composition of a soak soft sponge and wipe the whole product. In this case, the procedure is performed in gloves, since for delicate skin of hands citric acid is not as useful as for bath material. Then wait a quarter of an hour and rinse the acid with water. As necessary, perform post-cleaning of problem areas with soda.

Lime plaque

Often there are situations where one removal of yellowness is not enough, but you need to remove even the lime scale left on the walls of plumbing equipment with water.

  1. Alcohol ammonia is dissolved in water at the rate of 3 tbsp. spoons of alcohol and a glass of water. Prepared the composition promakivayut plaque and left for a quarter of an hour, then it is already easily erased even with a tap from the tap.
  2. Lemon juice or strongly induced solution of lemon acid is treated with plaque. Withstand 10 minutes and then wash off.
  3. Remove the old and strong coating of a good solution of salt with vinegar. Mix the components one to one, then clean the walls of the bathroom.

It is more expedient to begin to bring the plumbing to an ideal whiteness with the purification of small contaminated sites.

Then the result will be noticeable more, and for the workflow there will be such a necessary motivation. And the cleanliness in the bathroom will show that the forces were not in vain.

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