What modern mixers are better

Unlike mixers, which were made in the past decades, modern models differ not only in appearance, but also in technical characteristics. Thanks to the original design, any mixer can be an excellent decoration for the kitchen or bathroom.

The device of the tap of tap

The device of the tap tap.

Which mixers are good and which are not? Every buyer has this question.

Main classification

In order to divide products into several groups, several parameters are taken into account. The main group is divided into two main types: horizontal and vertical fastening. Installation directly depends on how the pipes are built.

Scheme of mixer assembly

Scheme of mixer assembly.

Structurally mixers can be divided into several types:

  1. Thermostatic - relatively new developments that control the flow of water at the same temperature. In order to set a different temperature, it is necessary to set other parameters.
  2. Single-handed has the same mechanism as the previous version, but the crane-box is installed only for cold water.
  3. Two-valve - such devices are equipped with crane-boxes.
  4. Single-handles have a vertical handle as the main opening mechanism. It regulates the flow and temperature of the water.
  5. Non-contact - characterized by the inclusion of water without direct contact with the mechanism.

Materials and Tools

Despite the fact that today there are different materials that are characterized by high strength and quality, the best option for mixers is brass. This material is quite large in weight, so when there are doubts about which mixers to choose, it is worth giving preference to heavier materials. As for the mechanisms, they can be made of different materials. Ceramic cartridge is made of very high-quality aluminum oxide, which is fired at a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius.

Mixer installation scheme

Scheme of mounting mixers.

All fasteners and ball controllers in single-lever mixers are made of stainless steel, and the handles of mixers, shower heads are most often made of plastic.

Very often modern sets are made of zinc and copper alloy. The ratio of these materials is absolutely safe for human health. As for brass taps, they are not afraid of corrosion. Therefore, the inner part does not collapse under the influence of water. In order to make an attractive appearance, all the details are covered with a layer of nickel and chrome. But it should be noted that most manufacturers use chrome. This material is very durable and hygienic, so for a long time it will retain its original appearance.

In order to make watering cans, handles of mixers, most often use artificial materials, the most common of which is ABS plastic. For mixers of the "Premium" class, coatings that mimic an aged bronze, gilding can be used.

Mixers two-ventilated

Two-valve mixer construction

The construction of a two-ventilated mixer.

Despite the fact that there are different versions of cranes that impress with their appearance, there are people who prefer the classic options. In addition, if the bathroom is made in a classic style, then the cranes should match the general style.

With this task, two-ventilated mixers will best cope. It is worth noting such style trends as country and retro.

The basis of such a mechanism is the crane-axle. It is through this part of the water will run or overlap. He is also responsible for mixing hot and cold flow. Such a crane has its drawbacks, among which one can identify the vulnerability of the sealant.

The gasket should change periodically, otherwise the mechanism will leak.

Also, such cranes are more difficult to adjust the required temperature. This is due to the fact that the valves rotate 360 ​​degrees. Therefore, in order to open a sufficiently high head of water, it is necessary to make several revolutions.

Some dvuhventilnye mixers can have ceramic valves, which completely eliminate the aforementioned problems. In the process of feeding and shutting off the water, two round ceramic plates with apertures take part, due to which it is possible to adjust the necessary temperature quickly enough: sometimes half of the rotation is enough.

Despite the simple mechanism of work, they do not relate to cheap options. And if you choose the original coating of the material, the cost will increase significantly.

Single-lever elements

Single-lever mixer circuit

Single-lever mixer circuit.

Most people today prefer new designs with a single-lever mechanism, which replaced the two-valve. Such products are now presented in a colossal range. They have different shapes, shade, texture, size, but the mechanism of the main action combines all the products into one group.

In order to adjust the required water temperature and flow strength, it is enough to turn the crane handle down-up, left-right. Simple control is enough and distinguishes them from the previous group. In turn, such products can be divided into two subgroups according to the type of internal mechanism:

  • the spherical model;
  • A model based on a cartridge.
Mixer device with temperature sensor

Mixer device with a temperature sensor.

At the moment, there are almost no manufacturers who use the first method, most have switched to a new one, which implies the use of a cartridge. The crane mechanism makes it very easy to adjust the water supply mode and, if necessary, close it with one hand movement.

You can distinguish a type of such a headset - joystick mixers. They have the same mechanism as in conventional samples, but, unlike them, the handle is not positioned vertically. It resembles the gearbox in the car and is vertical to the crane. Today, manufacturers are releasing new models of such cranes, they are more aimed at saving water. Therefore, they are equipped with special equipment that operates in two modes: economy and full water supply. To switch from an economy mode to a normal lever, it opens all the way, while during the switching, a slight resistance of the mechanism will be felt.

Thermostatic options

Thermostatic Mixer

Thermostatic mixer.

The development is not so new, but many people face it for the first time. The basic principle of the operation of such equipment is to supply water of a specified temperature. With this mixer, you can safely take a shower or other water procedures, without worrying about the need to adjust the water supply.

Two knobs are used to adjust the water. The first is necessary to regulate the flow of water, the second is used to adjust the temperature. After the water is open, it is no longer possible to change the temperature. To do this again, you need to close the water, change the pressure of water, and only after that you can change the temperature. Such a mixer will prevent the burn from getting hot water. Since the set temperature does not rise above the preset values. This is ideal for those who have small children.

Non-contact parts

This product can be called the know-how for today. In order to operate such a mixer, there is no need to touch it. This is due to the fact that infrared sensors are built into the design, which, during the approach of the hands, give a signal to open the crane. After a person has washed his hands or left the shower, the flow of water stops after a while. Such cranes can have a wide variety of shapes. There are systems that operate from the mains, the latter operate on batteries that are periodically worth changing.

Scheme of installation of a non-contact mixer

Scheme of installation of a non-contact mixer.

In the old days, such systems were installed more in public places. But today they can be used at home in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Regardless of where the mixer is planned to be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, it is worth paying attention to some criteria that will allow choosing a quality product.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the method of attachment. Mounted faucet can on the wall or on the sink (bathroom). The second option can only be installed if there are special openings in the bathroom or washbasin. This product looks very nice. Choosing such a system for the kitchen, it is worth choosing the models high enough - otherwise you will not be able to get a large capacity of water in the sink, because the tap will interfere.

Since ancient times, we have come to products with a long mixer, "goose", which could be sent to the sink and to the washbasin. Such a device is attached to the wall. Today they are presented in a new variety of types that manufacturers are developing for the most demanding customers.

Also worth noting is the products of the hidden version for the shower. It is very important that such a system is installed by a highly qualified master, which will avoid unpleasant moments. Such mixers are better and very beautiful to look in any bathroom.

To a large extent, the choice of a bathroom or kitchen set will depend on the appearance of the product, on how well it will look in the interior. But, in spite of everything, the quality of the product should not be neglected.

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