What paint is best to paint walls

If you bought new furniture in the living room and, to your surprise, found that it does not look at the old background, or at one glance at the faded walls of the kitchen, you begin to feel depressed, then the conclusion suggests that in the interior of the house it's time for something change. If you do not have a large amount of money or do not plan to make large-scale repairs, you can resort to one small trick. Just paint the walls. you can not even imagine how much your life will change due to these simple actions.

Staining the walls in the bathroom

The paint for the bathroom should withstand moisture.

When you decide to paint the walls of your home, immediately there will be a lot of questions. For example, what kind of paint is better to paint the walls? How to choose the right shade, so that it perfectly harmonized with the decorative elements and furniture? How not to be mistaken with the choice of paint? What color will last a long time? And many others.

The answers to these questions will be given further.

Painting walls is a great way to not only revitalize the appearance of an apartment. This is a great opportunity to realize your wildest dreams. Feel yourself a designer. Bring to life all your fantasies.

If you decide to paint the walls on your own, remember that if the technology is properly observed and the paint is chosen, it is not so difficult.


This issue should be approached thoroughly, because this is a very important point. Today's construction market is ready to offer potential buyers a huge range of products of this kind. Not to mention the brands and manufacturers. There are hundreds of them.

Table of types of paints for different surfaces

Table of types of paints for different surfaces

There are several types of similar products:

  • water-emulsion;
  • acrylic;
  • oil;
  • mineral;
  • latex;
  • silicone.

Each type has a certain time, for which it must completely dry. If you do not have time to go to close relatives and friends or you have a small child, then this moment is very important. After all, what a wonderful and harmless there would be paint, to inhale its smell for a long time is a dubious pleasure. You can poison yourself.

Water emulsion

This species is a special compound, which causes a chemical reaction. The water contained in this mixture begins to evaporate and leaves a hard polymer base after drying. It does not have a sharp unpleasant odor, which is typical for this coating, it does not release harmful substances during evaporation.

It is not difficult to remove it from your hands and tools. But only if it is not withered. It is enough to use soap. Best economic. It perfectly lays on almost any surface. But the exception is metal. One big disadvantage of this material is its quick wear. She does not tolerate repeated washing.

Wall painting in the bathroom

Using acrylic paint, you can paint the walls in the bathroom.

Acrylic paint. Acrylic compositions are very popular today. They can be used not only for painting walls. They have a wide range of applications. They are not afraid of moisture, they are durable. But nevertheless it is not necessary to apply it in those rooms where the humidity is constantly off scale. For example, for painting bathroom walls, this option is not suitable.

Another advantage is the wide color palette. The only problem that the buyer may face is the choice of the manufacturer.

Be sure to read the characteristics of the paint before buying.

It should be resistant to abrasion, and it should be easy to shovel. When using acrylic paints when decorating walls you will get a beautiful matte color.

Oil paint. This type of paint, despite its fame, gradually recedes into the background. Previously, it covered almost any surface. Very few people in the house have not been covered. After all, in those days there was no alternative replacement. Everyone remembers her terrible scent, which was perceived as a reality.

But with all this coverage was enough for just a year. And the process of peeling began. Therefore, this kind of paints should not be used when painting walls. you will not save money, only spoil the whole look.

Mineral paint

This kind of paint can not offer the buyer a wide range. They have more than a modest palette. Despite their positive qualities, they are difficult to apply. The big plus is their antistatic effect, it helps that the walls do not settle with dust. They are very environmentally friendly.

When choosing a mineral paint, pay attention to the cement variant. They are more persistent. Plus, they allow you to penetrate a couple, thus, the room maintains optimum humidity.

Types of brushes for painting

Types of brushes for painting.

Latex paint. This is a good kind of paint. It is very wear-resistant. It has a beautiful glossy color and is easy to clean.

This paint is more suitable for applying to embossed wallpaper or wallpaper from fiberglass. With a tool, it is easily removed with water. It dries in 6 hours. Finally hardens three days after application. It is stored in a cool place.

Silicone paint. This kind of paint is very resistant to dirt. It has an important property - the ability to self-purification. It easily removes traces of grease, dirt and dust. It is perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom.


Having studied the types of paints, their positive characteristics and weaknesses, you can make a choice. At the same time, be sure to consider in which room the work will be done.

  1. Option with oil paints is eliminated. They not only dry for a long time, but also have a sharp unpleasant odor, which is difficult to erode.
  2. If you want to get a beautiful and moisture-proof wall, then get acrylic paints. They have a rich color scheme. You can create a stunning design.
  3. Before starting work, evaluate the walls. Their readiness for the forthcoming staining. If the walls have obvious defects, then choose a matte paint. With its help, you can cover up such shortcomings. But glossy paint, on the contrary, will expose them.
  4. If you want to change the look of your bedroom or a children's room, then you should choose from those manufacturers who claim the ecological properties of their products. Such paint must pass mandatory testing and have a corresponding certificate.
  5. If it is a bathroom, then choose a paint that has high water resistant characteristics.
  6. If you want to decorate the walls of the kitchen, then choose the paint that will be easy to remove the dirt by washing the walls when it's time.
  7. Be wary of substandard imitations. Buy paint should not be in questionable points of sale. Make a purchase in a specialized store that has the rights to sell such goods.
  8. At a price more democratic still remain water-based paints. They are more in demand today.
  9. If wallpaper is on your walls, use latex paint.
  10. Silicone paint is very resistant. With its help you can hide even large wall defects. Plus they are breathable.

To summarize, we can conclude that whatever paint you decide to purchase, remember that it's up to you to choose. And this question should be approached with the mind. Ask your friends, ask for advice to specialists. And you will not have any questions about how to paint the walls with paint.

And then your interior will please you with its beautiful and safe coating for a long time.

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