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The installation of the shower enclosure allows owners to save space in the bathroom, gives the room a more modern look, makes it possible to use additional space. So, the cabin is installed, everything is fine, but after a while on the floor you found puddles.

Cabin depressurization

If the cabin is depressurized and the sealant has peeled off, you should buy a quality sealant and apply it observing the instructions.

Why is the shower running? What causes the appearance of water near the pan? How to eliminate the cause of leakage? We will try to understand.

Running the shower - the process is not the most innocuous. Moisture, which for a long time leaks and gathers at the far corner, can lead to the formation of mold in the bathroom, and then it will be necessary to repair not only the cabin, but all the walls to which mold will spread. If the cabin is leaking, look for trouble without delay!

Leak in the cab

What can you do if you see that the water is accumulating under the tray? First, you need to determine the cause of the leak. It can be:

A crack in the pallet

A deep crack in the pan can not always be repaired. Sometimes you have to change the pallet.

  1. Depressurization of the cabin. A very common breakdown, which leads to the formation of puddles. If in the process of using a poor-quality sealant or waterproofing works were carried out with violations (on a dusty and damp surface), the slits at the joints start to flow through the water. Look closely if there are visible defects or detachment of the sealant. If this is the problem that led to the leakage of the shower, buy a quality waterproof sealant and isolate the flaw. Observe the application instructions on the package.
  2. Low shower tray. This problem rarely occurs in hydraulic boxes, but the shower can flow if the sill at the pallet is too low. It is almost impossible to solve such a problem. Try only to turn on the water not at full strength.
  3. The drain system flows. If the fasteners are tightened slightly, the water from the cabin will not fall into the sewer, but under the pallet. To make sure that the drainage system is flowing, it is necessary to close its hole and collect a little water (if it makes it possible to make the height of the pan). Allow her to stand for about an hour. If there is no water below the cabin, then open the drain hole and observe. If water starts to leak, the problem is in the wrong installation of the pipes, their weak fixing.
  4. The crack of the pallet. For a long time it can be imperceptible and leak only when a person with a large weight enters the cab. You can not always fix this problem. If the crack is too deep or in a fold, a pallet replacement may be required.
  5. The problem with the door. Sometimes the shower door closes loosely, they have gaps and irregularities in the glass. In such cases, moisture falls on the floor. This problem is solved by a specialist in studying the cause of the leak. The cabin always flows in one place. The flow is exacerbated by the use of vertical massage jets in the cockpit.
  6. The hydromassage panel is flowing. On the back wall of such a panel very often under the nozzles there is no pallet. They also give a leak. This problem is better discussed with the purchase of boxing, since there will be nobody to make a complaint after the purchase, and you will have to constantly wipe puddles accumulated under the pallet.
Low pallet threshold

A low pallet threshold may cause flooding of the floor, this cause can not be eliminated.

If the shower stalls, the first thing to do is look for the cause. If the cabin is flowing, but you can not identify the cause of the failure yourself, contact the plumber. Hydraulic boxes sometimes need to remove the side panel of the pallet in order to check the condition under it.

The situation when moisture remains invisible to the hosts is more dangerous, since it will not be possible to identify the problem in time and to eliminate it. As a result, the mold will cover quite extensive sections of the wall.

Quality goods

Flowing plums

If the drain is flowing, you may have incorrectly installed the pipes or slightly twisted.

In order not to have problems with the fact that the cabin is flowing, it is necessary to approach the choice of the equipment responsibly, consult not only with the store employees, but also with an independent expert about the purchase. Often in the shower themselves are the details hidden from the eyes of the owners. In this case, you need to choose those products for which there are quality certificates.

It is also erroneous to believe that any Chinese cabin is flowing.

If the company with a known name, rather than an "underground", was engaged in manufacturing and assembly, then the goods will be equipped with high-quality components, but the price for it will be much higher than the average.

Approach the choice of the installation wizard with all responsibility, conclude an agreement with him and demand the warranty of a quality installation and maintenance. Only then you do not have to be disappointed in the poorly executed work.

Look after the goods as required by the rules of operation - and your shower will delight you for many years!

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