What you need to know about heated towel rails and what to

The towel heater is a heating element designed for drying clothes and heating the bathroom. Used by default in the bathrooms of all apartment buildings, as well as by the vast majority of private homeowners because of its extreme efficiency and convenience.

Heated towel rail in modern interior

Modern towel warmers are distinguished by a variety of shapes and technological features, which allows you to choose a functional option for any interior.

Device and view

The construction of the heated towel rail is a pipe curved in a zigzag pattern, with an even or an odd number of knees. Their number depends on the possibility, convenience and aesthetics of the connection to the heating system, if such is implied by its type. The shape, size, type and price of the design can be very different, it all depends on the manufacturer's firm.

Towel dryers designed for drying clothes and heating bathrooms, produced by the industry, are of three types:

  • for water heating;
  • for electrical heating;
  • Combined, combining both of the above types.
Design of the water heated towel rail

The construction of the water heated towel rail.

Towel heaters designed for water heating are used most often. The most common way of using such a device is to connect it to the riser of a common heating system for a residential facility. Less often the product can be connected to hot water supply. Electric towel warmers use an in-apartment or in-house electrical network, and combined heaters can be connected to a riser and to an electric grid.

Buying a heating appliance of this type requires from the future owner not only aesthetic skills, but also the ability to understand the structural features of the heating unit in order to choose a towel warmer without any flaws and technical flaws. Modern towel rails are made of the following materials:

  • of stainless steel;
  • non-ferrous metals;
  • black steel.

The most high-quality, practical and durable in both aesthetic and technical terms are heated towel rails made of stainless steel.

Heated stainless steel towel rail

Towel dryers made of stainless steel can be not only the usual silvery color.

This representation is supported by both the quality of steel and its ability to withstand corrosion, which increases the life of the device. The product made of stainless steel has an attractive appearance.

High quality and attractive appearance have designs from non-ferrous metals, however, their thinness, which generates a lack of strength, can serve as a disadvantage. The working life of products made of black steel is short, although they are covered inside with anti-corrosion protection - within 10 years. Although their price is relatively low. The choice will depend on what is the cornerstone of the purchase.

Electroheating, oil and cable

It should be said that the products go on sale from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Understand the quality of goods is not easy, but foreign counterparts can not be cheaper than domestic ones. This is worth paying attention to when buying. If the imported product is cheap, then it may have restrictions on the application, you need to carefully study the documentation. It is possible that the register has thinner walls or other deviations. In any case, which towel heater to choose will be decided by the owner, based on the priority characteristics.

Electric heated towel rail

The main advantages of an electric towel warmer are its independence from the heating season and the placement of water supply pipes.

Electric heaters have one significant drawback - they require additional financial investments. And, although modern energy-saving schemes do not allow a large over-expenditure of electricity, there are still additional costs. In the rest it is very convenient options for heat radiators, popular in European countries. They have thermostats that allow you to change the temperature regime as needed, but the maximum level of heating does not exceed 70 degrees.

The advantage of such heaters is that they do not depend on the heating season and hot water supply, can work at any time of the year, have any shape, are installed anywhere in the room. Electrical appliances filled with oil, the heat carrier which it is, are called oil. The heating of the oil is provided by a taen located at the bottom of the device. The work of the cable towel warmers is provided by the heating cable passing inside the device. The products are absolutely safe for users, have a high degree of protection and insulation level.

Combined heat radiators can use heating and hot water supply, coupled with electric heating. In such an item, the coolant can participate in the general water supply and be additionally heated by the fan. Convenience is that you can use the device in any season. The heating temperature can be adjusted in manual mode and with a thermostat. Burns are excluded when using all types of heated towel rails.


Decide on the purchase and choose a heated towel bar, although responsible, but not the most difficult step. Make it function properly - the main task of the project. Connection of towel warmers to the heating system or hot water supply is made by inserting into the risers of the corresponding pipelines. Cutting is done by welding. To do this, brackets are fixed to the wall of the bathroom chosen for installation, the register is suspended on them.

Scheme of connecting the heated towel rail

Scheme of connecting the heated towel rail.

Taps with a thread diameter of 3/4-1 inch are welded to the riser, depending on the input diameter of the register, to install a stop valve. With the help of the registers, the register is connected to the heating system or hot water supply. If the register is combined, the power supply is additionally supplied. Electric or oil heated towel rails need electrical wiring. The power supply is taken from the electrical board with grounding. Necessary tools and materials:

  • welding;
  • electrodes;
  • asbestos sheet;
  • pliers;
  • a hammer;
  • dwelling;
  • insulating tape;
  • electric wire;
  • soldering iron, accessories for soldering;
  • gloves;
  • punch.

When buying a heated towel heater, you should definitely check the availability of documents. This includes a guarantee for the goods, the details of the manufacturer, technical passport. Also important is the instruction indicating the method of installation and safe operation of the device. Documents must be stated in a language understandable to the buyer. It is most convenient to make a purchase in a specialized store, where, if necessary, you can get advice from a competent seller.

In such stores, there is a much greater chance of buying a quality product. When buying, you need to pay attention to the fact that the cost of the product was not too understated against the background of analogs. Such a product can have hidden or obvious flaws, or its technical characteristics do not meet the necessary standards, for example, the walls can be thinner than required. Painted items are cheaper than polished or chrome plated, but it should be remembered that their appearance will not be so elegant for a long time. They will wear out and require painting much more quickly.

It is necessary to make sure that the diameter of the riser corresponds to the diameter of the entrance holes of the heated towel rail, which will eliminate misunderstandings during the insertion. The shape and size do not affect the quality of the product, so you can not limit your flight of fantasy. The color of the radiator can be either the color of the bathroom or the original contrast.

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