What you need to know when laying tiles

One of the most popular materials that are used in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the hallway, is the tile. This is because it has a whole range of qualities that are simply necessary for these premises. Tile well tolerates the difference in temperature. It adequately responds to high humidity in the room. Among other things, it is very easy to follow. All this makes the choice in favor of the tile completely justified.

The process of laying tiles is quite difficult. To solve this problem, you may need some knowledge and skills. Such material has four degrees of strength. The tile, which is as resistant to damage as possible, is usually placed near the entrance. Tiles with the lowest level of durability are used for the bathroom. To begin the work on laying, it is necessary to prepare tools. For this, you may need a tile cutter, as well as a drill. At hand, there must be a cloth with which you can get rid of excess glue. The choice of the adhesive mixture also has a huge role in the whole process. This will determine the quality of the work.

First, you must correctly perform all measurements and prepare the tile. In most cases, start work from the floor. But sometimes, first put the tile on the wall. Due consideration should be given to the surface preparation process. They should not have any greasy spots and dust. Also, try to get rid of gypsum stains and putty, if any. Without meeting these simple requirements, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired result.

Putting the tile is best from the far corner in relation to the door. If the work started from the wall, then it is recommended to perform it from the top down. In any case, the tiles on the floor and wall must be symmetrical. The seams should be even. Before you begin to perform the work, you need to install decorative elements on the walls. If it is a bathroom, then there is a mirror. And only after this, based on its location, you can proceed to the direct installation of tiles. Cut unnecessary parts with a tile cutter. Extra pieces should not be thrown away, as they can be useful in the future. Also they can be used to get a mosaic. A large amount of glue is not recommended to be applied, as it may appear on the front. In this case, it will be very difficult to get rid of him.

Trims are often used for finishing internal and external joints. So called special plastic strips. By the way, it is possible to seal these very seams not earlier than in a day. For this purpose, a sealant or cement mixture is used. If the distance is too high, then a little sand is added to the mixture. It is very important in all work to ensure that the formed joints are even. The allowable discrepancy may not be more than one millimeter.

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