Which bathroom fixtures are best suited

Today, it is not difficult to decide which lamps are suitable for a bathroom. There are many products on the market that meet all the necessary parameters and requirements that are required for this room.

Fixtures in the bathroom

It is desirable that the lamps in the bathroom are moisture resistant.

In any case, the choice will be due to the technical characteristics, safety and appearance of the bulbs.

Fixtures for bathroom

Before deciding which lamps to buy, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities and specificity of the premises. There is high humidity, hot steam and temperature changes. All this can have a negative effect on the metal parts of the light devices. Subsequently, a short circuit may occur. To prevent this, bathroom fixtures should be:

The scheme of the device of a fixture

The scheme of the device of a fixture for a bathroom.

  • resistant to temperature changes so that they can withstand between 20 and 50 ° C;
  • moisture resistant, so that the water is not terrible to them;
  • protected from corrosion of metal.

Before buying fixtures, it is better to read the instructions immediately, so that in the future there are no questions.

If it is not indicated there that the product is waterproof, then it should not be purchased. The degree of protection of light bulbs is no less important. It is defined by a special IP code. Near it must be a number, which means the suitability of a light bulb for a particular room. So, for the bathroom, this code should be marked IP 44, which means splash protection, and IP 55, which means protection from a water jet.

Despite this, it is necessary to take security measures and with the arrangement of light devices. They should be at a distance of 50-60 cm from the water.


Scheme of lighting fixtures

The scheme of the arrangement of the lamps.

  1. Ceiling fixtures are used most often. One such element is enough for a small room. You can place it in the center of the ceiling. As such a lamp, a chandelier of any shape and size may well act. The best option for this room will be a lamp in a transparent casing.
  2. Wall lights can be a good supplementary lighting. Usually they are placed on a wall opposite to which is a mirror. In this case, the reflection will be clearly visible. The shape of such light devices can be different. The main thing is to choose such products that are well protected. They usually have different colors. In one room, you can apply several options for such lighting on different walls.
  3. Gradually come into fashion and spotlights. They are well suited for tension and suspended ceilings. Lighting with their help will be uniform and at the same time interesting. Lamps that are embedded in the dot elements can be of any color, which will help create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. They can be combined with other types of lighting.
  4. LED lamps can be attributed to one of the most advanced devices. They do not consume much energy and at the same time they will be long. They are easy to assemble. In addition, these products have quite interesting shapes and different sizes. They are not afraid of moisture and temperature extremes.

Thus, choosing a lamp that will approach the interior of the room and meet all the necessary characteristics is not difficult. It is enough to decide what effect is required to be achieved in the room and decide what kinds of lighting devices will cope with this task. All of them have their own peculiarities and attractiveness for a specific situation.

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