Which ceiling is best done in the bathroom

The bathroom can rightly be considered as an integral part of any room, which allows not only to get a charge of cheerfulness at the beginning of the day, but also to relax and relax after its completion. That is why the aesthetic design of this part should be approached with particular attention, taking into account not only the functional, but also the design characteristics of the room.

Ceiling in the bathroom

The ceiling in the bathroom should be: durable, moisture resistant and attractive externally.

Very often many people face the problem of choosing a ceiling. At first glance, the question of how to make a ceiling in the bathroom should not cause difficulties. However, in fact, everything is much more complicated, because today there are many options for the design of ceilings, because of what the owners can not decide what they need. All elements in any room should look harmonious, creating a feeling of comfort and warmth, and the ceiling in the room plays an important role.

Features of choice

Stretch ceiling installation scheme

Scheme of tension ceiling installation.

To determine the ceiling option, you need to take into account its specific technical characteristics:

  1. Since there is a rather high humidity in such a room, it should be borne in mind that condensation will regularly form. It is also necessary to understand that no hood can solve this problem, no matter how high quality it may be. Therefore, it is recommended to use moisture-resistant materials for the ceiling.
  2. The ceiling is not an element of decor, which will be pleasantly changed every year to another one you like. It is important to make the ceiling in the bathroom durable.
  3. In the bathroom most of the other rooms pay attention to the aesthetics of the ceiling. Often during relaxation in hot water, raise the head. Therefore, it is better to take care beforehand that the ceiling does not spoil the overall picture.
  4. Cost - this is also a weighty factor, which plays an important role, but for someone and decisive.

Several variants

There are enough options for finishing the ceilings in the bathroom today, each of them has both drawbacks and advantages. Since the choice of ceiling must be approached with the mind, you should consider the main types of design solutions:

Scheme of installation of a rack ceiling

Scheme of installation of the rack ceiling.

  1. Stretch ceilings are homogeneous and even surfaces, consisting of thin PVC film, which is stretched on a special profile, installed along the perimeter. To the pluses of this type of ceiling design in the bathroom can be attributed to the fact that they are very moisture resistant, due to which even a leakage of water from above will not threaten the room. The only weighty drawback is the high cost of materials.
  2. False ceilings - a surface of a metal frame, which is fixed to the ceiling. The positive side is that there will be a slight decrease in the horizontal level.
  3. Suspended ceilings - a system consisting of a metal frame and a ceiling, to which it is directly suspended. The disadvantages of this solution include that this option is more suitable for low rooms, and to the pluses - the absence of trouble regarding the alignment of the base, while you can hide communications.
  4. Pasting ceilings with fiberglass wallpaper, expanded polystyrene tiles or other moisture-resistant materials. Advantages include low cost and long service life.
  5. Painting ceilings is considered the most simple and affordable option for the decoration of ceilings. All the dyeing processes are carried out even before the walls are finished and the floor is laid.

In addition to the above options, there are many more varieties of ceiling design solutions in the bathroom.

However, it is important not only on which option the choice will be stopped, but also how well all repairs will be performed by professionals or with their own hands.

The transformation of a room is the choice of the right decision and its implementation.

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