Which ceiling to choose in the bathroom

The bathroom is the place where every person starts and ends. Therefore, to repair work in this room should be treated responsibly. And the best way is to first mount the ceiling in the bathroom. For this, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the room - a high level of humidity and constant sharp changes in temperature.

Mirror ceiling in the bathroom

When choosing a mirror ceiling in the bathroom, you can not install a ceiling made of solid glass, because of the fragility of the material, this is extremely dangerous.

Quality of materials

Considering modern technologies, whitewashing and painting ceilings is already irrelevant. There are a number of requirements that must be presented to the working material, as the bathroom is a very specific place in terms of operation. The higher the requirements, the better, more durable and reliable the ceiling. The main ones are:

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Stretch ceiling has many advantages: it visually increases the space, has an aesthetic appearance and installation of such a ceiling takes a little time.

  1. Tolerance to moisture. When taking a bath or shower, steam is always formed, which settles on the surfaces. And when the bathroom is visited by children, water is everywhere. Therefore, you need to choose the material that has a high level of moisture resistance. Otherwise, it may happen that everything will begin to separate or corrode. Also, this microclimate promotes the emergence and development of fungi, bacteria or mold. Therefore, the surface should be minimally exposed to such troubles.
  2. Easy to clean. After every visit to the bathroom it would not hurt to bring the ceiling in order, for example, such care requires a mirror. But it is not always convenient to do this, especially 2 times a day. Therefore, the ceilings in the bathroom are selected with this indicator.
  3. Functionality. If there are pipes, ventilation or wiring on the surface, it is desirable to hide it. This can be done with the help of special finishing materials, for example, racks or drywall. In this case, the ceiling will be decorated with a hinged structure. If the ceilings are low enough, the materials that take up more space (for example, aluminum suspended structures) will not work.
  4. Do not use steel elements. Since the bathroom has a high level of humidity, the steel will begin to rust and corrode, which will significantly weaken the strength of the entire structure.

Production of ceilings

Depending on the requirements, the following materials are distinguished:

Aluminum ceiling for bathroom

Aluminum (rack) ceilings are practical and easy to install, as well as stable and safe.

  1. Plates from a mineral fiber. You should know that this material includes recycled paper, clay and organic additives. Therefore, choosing such plates, it is necessary to take into account their proportions, since they have to withstand a large amount of moisture. Otherwise, this material is suitable only for dry rooms.
  2. Aluminum modules. Often they are used for the installation of suspended tile structures. Such materials are considered to be one of the most reliable and are not afraid of water, as during the manufacture they undergo special drying and lacquer opening. But it should be noted that when installing such a ceiling, its level will drop by an average of 12 cm, so it may not be suitable for all rooms.
  3. Specialists recommend the use of rack systems. Such products are made of aluminum, which, in turn, very well tolerates moisture, withstands high loads, without losing its shape. And due to the rigid fastening in the grooves will not create rattling. In addition, only 3 cm of space is lost from above. Plus such ceilings - easy leaving. A simple rag and washable product is enough. You can choose to combine a variety of textures, length and width of racks, which will significantly save your finances due to the lack of scraps.

In turn, the rack modules can be of two types: solid or perforated. It is better for the bathroom to use the second option, since in this case it will be possible to avoid the effect of stuffiness and booming.

Scheme of fixing the rack ceiling

Scheme fixing the rake ceiling.

Working with the ceiling in the bathroom, it is desirable to stop your choice on rack structures. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • they have a high level of moisture resistance;
  • have high strength and long service life before the first repair intervention;
  • easy installation, which helps to save money and time;
  • slightly visually lower the ceilings.

Siding. In modern repair, this material has found its application not only for external works, but also for internal, including for the ceiling. It does not absorb water, has a long service life and is easily put in order.

Each version of the material has its own peculiarities of operation and maintenance. Therefore, before you decide your choice, you need to take into account the number of people in the family, because the more they are, the more often the bathroom is used.

Ceiling Models

A careful choice is required not only for bathroom materials, but also for the ceiling model itself.

After all, the integrity of the appearance of the room will depend on this.

To date, we can distinguish the following options for ceilings:

Layout of the profile

Layout of the profile.

  1. Suspension. Such a ceiling can be made with a tiled or rack-mounted version. In this case, aluminum, PVC or organic glass can be used.
  2. Stretch. It is made using PVC film. It has a wide color palette and is quite simple in operation.
  3. Mirror. This is quite an original bathroom solution. Mirrors can be ordinary, matte, color and even with drawings. Installation of such a ceiling occurs on special constructions, on which mirrors are fastened directly. But remember that the ceiling as long as possible retains its mirror luster, after each bath it is required to rub it with an ordinary newspaper, otherwise it will begin to fade. You can also use individual mirror elements on the surface. The indisputable advantage of this choice is that with the help of mirrors the room visually increases.
  4. Wood. But there is a nuance - the moisture resistance of the tree. It is best to use wood of teak, larch, oak or ash for this purpose, because otherwise the ceiling from moisture will begin to swell and separate. In addition, they are not only more tolerant to water, unlike their analogues, but also impregnated and covered with special solutions that prevent absorption, accumulation of moisture, as well as the appearance of various fungi and mold.
  5. Drywall. The most economical option for decorating ceilings. When installing this material, it must be opened with a special primer, and then with paint.

But all of the above options have no limitations. And in case of difficulty with the choice of a particular, all the materials can easily be combined. In this case, it is possible to create a unique ceiling in your design solution, combining wood, plastic, and mirrors.

To make the ceilings look even better, you need to pay attention and coverage. If the bathroom is equipped with a large number of mirrors, then one light bulb will be able to illuminate the entire room, and if there is a lot of wood in it, then more light will be needed, but it will be muffled. Of course, the matching colors and the texture of the ceiling play an important role. Given the recommendations, you can easily choose the most suitable option. Good luck!

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