Which is better - a bath or a shower cabin

Today, the options for arrangement of the bathroom amaze with its diversity: here and corner baths, and shower cabins with hydromassage function, and various in shape shells. Having started repairs in the bathroom, a person often encounters a question: what is better - a bath or a shower cabin? To answer this question more precisely, it is necessary to consider specific cases (a small bathroom, a combination with a restroom, the presence of a window, etc.). Regardless of these cases, it is possible to generalize the advantages and disadvantages of both baths and showers, and also to consider the main characteristics of both options.


Baths are classified according to the material of manufacture: cast iron, acrylic, steel.

Kinds of baths

More traditional way of carrying out water procedures. Baths are classified according to the material of manufacture. From its choice depends the bulk of the cost of the product.

What are the baths made of?

Scheme of bath device with hydromassage

The scheme of the device bath with hydromassage.

  1. Cast iron. Metal, which will last for decades (up to 50 years). In such baths, the water does not cool for a long time, they are stable due to their mass (on average 120 kg). Some believe that the cast-iron bath is old-fashioned. But today it can be made fashionable thanks to modern design. The shape of such products is standard - rectangular, but with color you can experiment.
  2. Acrylic. They have a wide range of sizes, a large selection of shapes. Today, the most popular are corner acrylic bathtubs, which allow you to save space. Acrylic is a plastic that is reinforced. Often paint is added to it at the manufacturing stage, so do not be afraid that the coating is peeling off. Such baths are light, well-kept warm, quickly heated, can have a hydromassage function. Of the disadvantages - the softness of the material, so the service life - 10-15 years.
  3. Steel. Products from it are the cheapest, it often determines the choice of buyers. Externally, this bath is similar to cast iron, but it is much lighter (about 30 kg), it is too noisy (the ringing of falling water), the water in it quickly cools, cheap models can deform under the weight. It does not have such a variety of forms as acrylic.

The shape of the bath and additional functions are already secondary signs.

Characteristics of the cabins

Shower enclosure - a construction that encloses space for water procedures.

Unlike baths, the main role is played by the design of the product.

Shower enclosure with pallet

Shower enclosure with tray.

Models of shower cabins:

  1. Open. In this construction there is no ceiling, the lateral space is fenced from 4 sides. If instead of the side panels the walls of the room are used, then such models are called shower corners.
  2. Closed. They are also called boxes. Such structures have a roof and walls from all sides. They can be installed in any place where there is a supply and drainage of water.
  3. Built-in. They are installed in a niche. They do not have external panels, they are the most expensive.

Features of choice

Having considered separately each of the designs, you can compare them, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages.

Pluses of bath:

Wiring diagram of the shower cubicle

The scheme of connection of a shower cabin.

  1. Relaxation. In the bath you can relax by adding to the water a fragrant salt, herbal decoction or essential oil. Some procedures prescribed by a doctor can only be carried out in a bath (starch baths for skin diseases).
  2. Deep cleansing of the skin. Taking a bath, it is easier to get rid of strong contaminants: the body is steamed, the pores are opened, so that the skin is intensively cleaned.
  3. If the house has children under 1 year, then the bath is necessary for bathing and tempering the baby.
  4. Hydromassage. More comfortable than in the shower. But this function is available only for some models (from acrylic).
  5. Aeromassage. This massage with air bubbles under the water. This function is only possible in the baths.
  6. A convenient place for washing. Some clearance items that need to be washed by hand are easy to soak in the tub.
  7. Easy care. Compared to the cabin, the bath has a smaller area for cleaning. Therefore, the bath can be put in order in 15-20 minutes.

Disadvantages of the bath:

  1. Big size. The bath requires more space than a shower cabin, since it is designed for horizontal placement of a person.
  2. Significant water consumption. To fill the bath, you need a lot of water. And also after taking a bath, you often need a shower.
  3. Possibility of getting injuries. When you leave the bath you can slip and get injured. Elderly, baths with low sides or showers are recommended.
  4. Some baths are contraindicated. For example, you can not take hot baths for women with inflammation of the appendages or people with heart disease.

Pros of the shower:

  1. It takes a long time to adopt water procedures. This quality is especially appreciated when there is a need to take a shower several times a day.
  2. Saving water. If you do not get involved in a long hydromassage shower, then the water flow is several times less than the bath.
  3. Compactness. The cabin is designed for the vertical position of the person, hence the place on the floor need a little - 90 * 90 cm (in contrast to the bath - 170 * 70 cm).
  4. Security. The low sides of the pallet will not allow you to lose balance when exiting the cockpit. Trauma is minimized here.
  5. Multifunctionality. In addition to hydromassage, some models have a steam generator. With the help of it you can create a real Turkish bath inside the shower room. There are models that have a whole set of spa procedures, with a built-in radio receiver.
  6. You can use people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The disadvantages of the shower:

  1. Clutter of space. Despite the fact that around the perimeter of the cabin occupies a minimum of space, its height reaches 2 m, which can squeeze the space of a small bathroom.
  2. High price. The average shower is more expensive than a regular bath. And if you choose a model with a maximum of functions, then such a purchase will be a luxury.
  3. Low hygiene. Bacteria affect the pallets faster than the baths. Fungus can cover and high walls of the cabin.

As we see, there is no single answer to the question: what is better - baths or showers? In this case, choice is a matter of taste and material prosperity. There are also combined options: cabins with a recessed pallet, baths with glass doors. The main thing is to choose a quality model that will last long and without interference.

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