Which is better to choose a bath

The choice of a bath is a very important moment. After all, this is the place in the house where you can relax, "wash away" the vanity of the day away, and be cheerful for the day ahead. Today, manufacturers offer us a large selection of baths: cast iron, acrylic, stone, steel - of any shape, color, size, for every taste and purse. Follow the recommendations of professionals and you can decide for yourself which bath to choose. How not to get confused and choose the model that most organically fits into your bathroom?

Typical acrylic bath drawing

A drawing of a typical acrylic bath.

Any modern bath will last you about 15 years. But a long service life is far from being the main criterion of choice. Simplicity of cleaning and hygiene, visual perception and appearance, size, comfort, material of manufacture - these are the characteristics that should be paid special attention when choosing a bath.

Cast iron bath

Acrylic bath installation scheme

Scheme of installation of acrylic bath.

Familiar to almost everyone who grew up in standard apartments of Soviet Russia, a cast-iron bath today is in great demand. Its appearance and design changed, it began to look more elegant and lighter, while retaining the whole set of its positive qualities.

The indisputable advantages of a cast-iron bath were and remain:

  1. Long service life and durability - with proper care it will last you for a very long time: all modern models are covered with an acerrosorption compound, which greatly increases their service life.
  2. Stability. It does not move away from the wall, which will allow to glue the tile closely to it without fear that it will fall off; It does not sag, it stands firmly on legs and does not require additional fasteners for installation.
  3. Due to the properties of cast iron, water in such a bath will remain warm for a long time (about 1.5 hours).
  4. Increased sound insulation. Pouring water or taking a shower, you will practically not hear the noise of water striking on its bottom and walls.

Its main drawback, it's a big weight. For example, a rectangular cast-iron bath 150 cm long and 70 cm wide will weigh 95-100 kg, and if you take a little more size - a length of 170 cm width 85 cm, then the weight of such a beauty will be 160-180 kg. This must be taken into account when deciding to buy a cast-iron bath: not every floor can sustain such a weight (add to it also the mass of water, the weight of the person bathing in it). Yes, and raise it to an apartment at home will be quite problematic.

Cast Iron Species

Varieties of cast iron.

There is another small drawback of the cast-iron bath: a small variety of shapes. Basically these bathtubs are rectangular, differ only in their sizes. This is due to the properties of cast iron - from it is difficult to make intricate shapes. But, on the other hand, classic rectangular baths are ideal for small bathrooms, where it is difficult to fit, for example, a round acrylic model.

But even despite this fact, the store still faces the question: what kind of cast iron bath to choose from the proposed range? What should I look for?

Important! The main point that requires close attention is the enamel coating.

It is very shiny and smooth, requires careful care: it is unacceptable to drop heavy objects into the tub - you risk chipping off a piece of enamel, and its recovery will take a lot of time and effort. When choosing a bath in the store, carefully inspect it for the integrity of the enamel - it is unacceptable for any chips, scratches or cracks, it should look even, without streaks and yellowness. If you properly take care of the bath, wash it without using caustic washing solutions, the enamel will not turn yellow for a very long time and remain as smooth, without any roughness, as it was at the time of purchase.

The presence of hydromassage - if you like this function, you can choose a bath with hydromassage - many models of both foreign and domestic manufacturers are equipped with it. Naturally, such a cast-iron bath will cost more.

Acrylic construction

Steel bath

Steel bath weighs much less than cast iron, but it keeps heat worse.

Many buyers choose an acrylic bath. They are attracted by a large selection of colors and various shapes, as well as its light weight: if, for example, to raise a cast-iron bath in an apartment, you will have to hire a workers' brigade, then an acrylic can lift 1-2 people. Its weight is about 30 kg on average. Agree, an important factor when buying. Another significant advantage is that this bath, like cast iron, keeps the heat of the water long, it will not cool down much longer in acrylic water.

Due to its plasticity, acrylic can easily be molded during processing, so baths of the most varied and bizarre contours are made of it: round, square, patterned, even in the form of a heart. You can also order a bath for your sketches. Therefore, it is easy to choose exactly that model and the kind that is ideal for your interior.

Acrylic baths, thanks to their perfectly smooth coating, are very pleasant to the touch: to wash in them is incomparable pleasure. When recruiting water, this bath creates a minimum of noise, which is also a plus when you decide which item to choose.

And the last, very important moment - this bath is easy to restore. It is enough to purchase liquid acrylic and it is possible at home to give the bath its original appearance.

Acrylic bath

Acrylic bath can not be cleaned with abrasive agents and hard jaws.

Do not think that these baths consist of solid advantages. There are few drawbacks, of course, but they do exist:

  1. Acrylic has a low melting point (it melts already at 160 ° C), so too hot water can deform the body of the bath.
  2. Due to the fact that acrylic is very thin, the bottom of the bath will bend under your weight. This is especially unusual from the very beginning and causes unpleasant sensations.
  3. Fragility of the material: if you drop a heavy object into the bath, especially metal, a hole is provided for you.
  4. Acrylic bath is very whimsical in care - it does not tolerate powders and cleaning abrasives that scratch its surface.

Another important point: trying to save money when buying an acrylic bath, you run the risk of buying a bath not of acrylic, but of ordinary, albeit high-quality plastic, as it is difficult to distinguish them in appearance. Such a product very quickly turns yellow and will be covered with scratches, no matter how carefully you look after it. Therefore, you only need to choose a bath in large specialized stores and ask the consultants for a certificate of the quality of the product.

Steel product

When you decide which bath to buy for your house, its value is of no small importance.

Important! Steel bath is the most economical option, its price is about $ 100.

Scheme of attachment of legs to the bath

Scheme of attachment of legs to the bath.

Therefore, for people with a small income such a bath is ideal. Steel baths are very strong, weigh about 25-30 kg, which is also a positive thing. Enamel coating is strong, not afraid of scratches and for a long time will not turn yellow. Guaranteed service life of a steel bath is about 15 years.


  1. Very poorly holds heat: the thickness of the walls is about 3 mm and the heat will escape through them. After 5-7 minutes you will feel that the water has cooled down and will add hot.
  2. Picking up water in such a bath or taking a shower in it, you will hear a strong noise from water entering its housing, which is very unpleasant and will interfere with rest of the rest of the household.
  3. If you still decide to choose a bath of steel, focus on the thickness of the walls and try to choose models with thicker walls: the bath should not bend under your weight, otherwise the enamel will quickly crack. To reduce noise, look for models with rubber gaskets: they absorb unpleasant sounds.

Baths made of cast iron, acrylic or steel - these types are most readily chosen by buyers. If you were able to determine which kind of bath from these species to buy for your home, it was the turn to determine its size.

Here you need to take into account that, in addition to the bath, you need to place in your bathroom another plumbing, a washing machine, and there should be more space left. Therefore, look at the area of ​​the room itself. Dimensions of standard baths allow you to choose them for large rooms and for small ones. For reference: the width of a classic rectangular bath is from 70 to 85 cm, up to 180 cm length and height of 60-65 cm.

Criterias of choice

You need to choose a bath so that you can comfortably and comfortably recline in it. And that the legs were stretched, and the knees did not stick out over the water - otherwise it creates unpleasant sensations during bathing.

General scheme of bath installation

The general scheme of installation of a bath.

With regard to the width of the bath, count it on the composition of the largest member of the family: should remain at least 5 cm between the body and the walls of the bath. The depth is standard, 60-65 cm, this will allow the head in the position of reclining to be above the surface of the water, and after washing, it is easy to get out of such a bath.

Of no less importance is the volume of the bath. Too much volume will take a lot of time to collect and then drain the water. It will also affect the norms of water consumption, which is important for apartments where water meters are installed. Consider this when buying.

And finally a few words to lovers of massage procedures. If you decide to buy a bath with hydromassage system, remember that the pump's power is important here: a good massage will be created by pumps with a power of 1 kW. If you need a back massage, and this is an additional function, you need to choose a pump more powerful or, better still, choose a model that will have its own pump for the spinal nozzles. This will disable them at will. Of no small importance is the number of nozzles from which a jet of water enriched with air will be fed. They should be from 12 to 30, and they should be distributed evenly along the perimeter of the bath to provide massage of all parts of the body.

The control panel of the whirlpool system can be pneumatic or electronic. It is necessary to regulate the strength and intensity of the water pressure. The electronic control panel has a number of additional features, for example, with its help it is possible to disconnect one or another injector or set it to a different intensity.

So, choosing a bath is a responsible procedure, requiring at least minimal knowledge of the characteristics of different types of baths. To the future purchase does not upset you with unpleasant surprises, follow the recommendations and advice of the masters. This will greatly facilitate your selection procedure and will allow you to make the right decision.

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