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With each passing day, shower cabins are becoming increasingly popular. Until recently, their use was limited to typical apartments, in which the weight of gold was every centimeter, and the installation in the bathroom of this compact device helped to cope with tasks that previously seemed impossible to achieve. At present, the situation in the plumbing market has changed radically. Manufacturers compete in the beauty and versatility of these devices. Now the shower has become not only a way to save space, but also a stylish accent in the bathroom interior.

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.

But in most cases you have to choose what to prefer: a classic wash bowl or a shower enclosure. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a shower cabin.

  • "+" - a shower enclosed in the interior of the bathroom, allows you to free up more space;
  • "-" - having a compact size, it still has a sufficiently large width;
  • "+" - the use of the shower helps to significantly save water;
  • "-" - in the absence of the necessary water pressure in the pipes of the bathroom, the shower cabin can only be used with the help of additional means that increase its pressure;
  • "+" - modern models are diverse and functional;
  • "-" - for all the multifunctionality the shower cabin can not fulfill the function of the traditional bowl;
  • "+" - modern materials and technologies are used in production, which allow to minimize the risk of slipping and getting injured;
  • "-" - "anti-slip" coatings require more thorough care.
Bath with shower cabin

In a combined bathroom with a bathroom it is recommended to replace the bath with a shower.

So, the choice is made! Now you need to decide on the shower.

At the moment, stores offer a huge range of hydraulic boxes. All of them are of different size and shape. Even the most picky buyer will be able to find something necessary for him and to realize his bathroom interior with a shower room.

In addition to the diversity of form, manufacturers emphasize the differences in the equipment. With a similar appearance, the shower cabins may differ in the set of functions and options available to the buyer. The control panel can be built-in everything: from the radio and phone, to lighting and air conditioning. There are models that combine the functions of a shower and a mini steam room.

If you really want something different from others, there is an idea to create an absolutely individual bathroom interior, you can arrange a shower cabin. From the shower, it will differ in its individual design and with its own set of options.


To install a shower in this case is a very practical solution. The selection of the model should be taken with all seriousness. There are small "tricks" with which you can slightly simplify this choice.

The renovation project of a small bathroom with a shower cabin

A renovation project for a small bathroom with a shower.

  1. As a rule, the least involved part of the bathroom is the corners. The installation of a shower enclosure in this "unnecessary" space will help to win the square in the "right" places. Pay special attention to devices with a ¼ circle tray, because this is the most space saving option.
  2. If there is a niche in the bathroom room, it is possible to perfectly fit a square or rectangular cab.
  3. Do not use a swinging door in a small space. It is better to give preference to those that move apart or fold.
  4. If the hydrobox is equipped with absolutely transparent glasses, it imperceptibly enters the interior of the bathroom with a shower and becomes invisible.

Much more lucky for those who do not need to think about how to carve out more space - the owners of a large bathroom. To design such a space is a pleasure, which can be limited only by the budget. In this case, when creating the interior of a bathroom with a shower cabin, it is necessary to observe only one rule: if a shower is used in conjunction with a classic bath, you must choose angular models.

To finish the rooms with a shower cabin, you can use any material: wood, marble, porcelain stoneware. In addition to the plumbing elements, the interior can be supplemented with other pieces of furniture (shelves, cabinets, armchairs).

But it also happens that having a small room, I want to make it functional to the maximum. It is for these purposes that there are models that combine the functions of the soul and the classical bowl. It takes such a design of most of the room with a shower. It is better to place it in a corner, and the remaining space should be equipped with a curbstone with a sink. The walls in such a room should be light. As far as lighting is concerned, it should be as bright as possible.

Using contrasting colors of details and drawings will allow even more visual expansion of the room. In this case, you will avoid the sensation of cluttering up space.

Increase the space will help certain ways of laying tiles on both the floor and the walls.

For example, floor tiles laid out at an angle, visually expands the room. Here are some more tips on how to make the bathroom roomier:

  1. Using mirrored surfaces helps to "push" the boundaries of the room.
  2. Transparent doors of cabinets and pedestals "dissolve" them in the interior.
  3. Suspended toilet, bidet and sink facilitate the perception of the room.
  4. Panoramic photopan creates a sense of the infinite space.
  5. Vases and figurines used to decorate a room with a shower cubicle must have an elongated shape, in this case there will be no "cluttering" effect, on the contrary, the room will appear more spacious.

Finishing materials

The main condition for the use of any material in the finish of bathrooms is its high waterproofing qualities. In the event of an accident, they should not allow water leakage into the neighboring premises. Most often used for these purposes are porcelain tiles, tiles, laminate, plastic panels. A somewhat less frequent use of resistant to moisture moisture tree.

And finally a short summary about how to make a room with a shower the most comfortable.

  1. Regardless of what type of shower and door opening mechanism is used, the free space in front of it should not be less than 80 cm. Otherwise, there will be a lot of inconvenience in performing the simplest daily activities.
  2. Wherever the doorway is located, the distance from it to the shower should not be less than 15 cm.
  3. Significantly complicate the use of other appliances in the bathroom, their location is closer than 30 cm from the cabin.
  4. The device, which is smaller than 90x90 cm, will be very inconvenient to use.

If in the process of creating an image of the interior of the future bathroom with shower there are difficulties, at any stage of the work you can turn to professionals for help. An experienced architect will help make the building as full as possible, without making it too congested. A talented designer decorator, correctly placing emphasis, will help to hide the small defects that may occur at different stages of work on the arrangement of the bathroom with a shower cabin of dreams.

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