Which mixer is best for a bathroom

It seems, more recently, it was a huge problem to buy a conventional bathroom faucet. The choice was meager, and the quality of the goods left much to be desired. And in our time, almost everything is being used as a mixer, starting from a private entrepreneur and finishing with specialized trade points. From this and the choice in favor of a certain mixer has become much more difficult. How to be in this situation?

Bathroom faucet installation scheme

The scheme of installation of a faucet for a bathroom.

The answer is only one: to arm yourself with certain knowledge about the types of mixers, the ways of their installation and the features of the work. And only after this go for a purchase, when you already have a little idea what kind of goods you want to buy for the bathroom.


To talk about which mixer is better or worse, it makes no sense, since the buyer has to make the choice, and he will be guided not only by the quality of the product or design, but also by the price category. But first things first. So, mixers are classified into several areas:

  • by the method of installation;
  • on design features;
  • on the material from which the goods are manufactured.


Single-lever mixer circuit

Single-lever mixer circuit.

First of all, let's consider, of course, what material the mixer is made of. Preference should be given to products made of brass. They are strong and durable. It is easy to distinguish this material from counterfeits in the form of any alloys. To make the brass mixer more noble, it is chrome plated.

This is also a significant plus mixer: excellent protection against corrosion and microbes. There are also on sale mixers, covered with a thin layer of gold. But this is already too much: practical use is minimum, but the price rushes to the maximum.

Alloy products should be treated with caution. At a minimum, you need to inquire about the brand of the alloy and obtain a guarantee from the seller. In most cases, alloys are used very cheap, which has a worse effect on the longevity of the product. It is enough to apply a little more effort to seal, as you tear off the thread. FSM tape can also be a consequence of the fact that the connecting element will burst. Even increased water pressure in the system can cause the mixer to simply rupture, and the bathroom will turn into an accident site.

We make a simple and logical conclusion: a good product is made of high-quality brass material. It will cost a little more than its counterparts from other materials, but such a mixer will never fail its owner.


The constructive solution of the mixer also has a very big impact on the price of the product and its durability. There are four main types of mixer designs:

  • two-valve;
  • ball (single lever);
  • thermostatic;
  • mixers on light-emitting diodes (contactless).

Two-valued analogues

The device of the crane

The device of the crane.

A faucet with two valves came to us from the recent past: during the Soviet era, he simply had no alternative. Simple design and the same simple maintenance and repair.

It is possible to replace replacement gaskets with everyone, and replace completely the lock hardware too (it is almost always available in the availability of these goods).

The only drawback with this unit is that it is long to regulate the temperature of the water. While you get the right temperature, a lot of water will run away (in the literal sense), and this is an additional cost for the family budget.

We must pay tribute to the modern design of faucets with two valves. That's where the designers tried: you want - choose a retro style, you want - the most modern design. But it is unclear whether this mixer is actually better.

Ball devices

Repair the mixer with your own hands

Repair the mixer with your own hands.

Ball mixers are currently more popular. Adjust the water temperature and the speed of its supply is very simple, it looks like such an assembly is just perfect. Together with other elements, the faucet can give the bathroom a special mood.

The choice of such products on the market is very wide. We only note that a ball mixer can cost several times more than a valve mixer. At the same time, it costs a lot more in maintenance: in case of a breakdown or even a small leakage, you will have to completely replace the ball locking mechanism. Repair of this part is almost completely excluded. It is not recommended to replace the parts yourself - too thin is the work. As you can see, the lack of the device is very significant. But to say that the ball mixer is better or worse, it's also impossible: if everything were so bad, the mixers would not be so popular among the population.

Non-contact and thermostatic

The non-contact faucet in the bathroom can not be considered optimal. Near the shell it is functional and very convenient: you just hold your hands, and immediately the water flows at a certain temperature (depends on the settings). It is convenient to wash, shave and brush your teeth.

Diagram of a two-ventilated mixer

Diagram of a two-valve mixer.

The water consumption by using such a device is reduced to an optimum minimum: exactly as much as necessary. It would seem that the mixer is not more economical. As for water costs, this is indeed the case. But the mixer itself to cheap well does not apply at all.

Since it is equipped with a photocell and a complex electronic system locking and opening water, there is a very high probability of failure of the structure. These same "bells and whistles" affect the price of the goods. Structurally, the mixers have no shortcomings. The only problem is that not every bathroom has reliable ventilation. Hence, it turns out that on the metal parts there is condensation, respectively, any electronic system is exposed to the risk of closure. Directly for the bath non-contact option is not suitable. To get water in the bath, you will have to keep your hand in the vicinity of the photo relay. It is impractical at all.

Thermostatic mixers are also not cheap and popular. Of course, they are very convenient to use, since they also refer to non-contact and always maintain the same temperature. The problems here are still the same: a complex system, expensive maintenance, high price. To dismiss such a mixer is impossible, since there is always a demand for it, albeit limited. In the bathroom, this mixer looks very nice and modern.

Connoisseurs of hi-tech style will appreciate the thermostatic mixer.

Types of installation

Scheme of non-contact mixer

Scheme of non-contact mixer.

Mixers can have a different mounting system. Three main types are divided:

  • fastening to the wall;
  • installation directly on the bath or sink;
  • devices that are mounted on a water supply system (on pipes).

Choose a bathroom faucet without these features is not possible. It makes no sense to say that the mixer is better if it is mounted on a bath or sink. Yes, it is more convenient, but there are no special advantages here either.

It all depends on how the water is put in your bathroom. Here you need to carefully measure and think carefully to choose a bathroom faucet with the minimum number of accessories.

The leader in this indicator are devices that are mounted in the system itself, which is inside the wall. This system looks very good, and there are no pipes to see either. Everything turns out beautifully and simply. We hasten to make a remark: this way of installing the entire system seems reliable only at first glance.

Thermostatic mixer circuit

Scheme of thermostatic mixer.

In reality, everything is more complicated: only an experienced plumber can install a mixer in the bathroom with immersion in the wall. Initially, the leak may not be noticeable, but over time it will manifest itself, and the wall will require repair. It is much more convenient to make repairs when all the parts are in the direct access zone.

Let's summarize our research:

  • The mixer is better if it is made of quality material (brass);
  • not always the most modern mixer is better than its simpler counterparts;
  • a good unit can not be cheap;
  • The bathroom before installing the mixer must be equipped with reliable ventilation and good organization of the entire system.

From the past time, they moved to real devices equipped with a "gander" (an elongated branch pipe). Representatives of trade organizations rush you to assure that the mixer is better than the others in all respects: you can turn both towards the bathtub and towards the sink. So, they say, you can not do with two mixers, but only one, and in the end you will get significant savings. It is hushed up only by the fact that, with a large turn, the O-rings wear out quickly, and they will have to be changed frequently.

So it turns out that all the saved money will go to purchase repair kits.

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