Which one to choose a sink with a counter top under the

Despite the size of the bathroom, it must have a bath, a sink, a shelf for supplies and a washing machine. Modern plumbing manufacturers among the proposed models have washbasins, designed specifically for small bathrooms. Among them, you can choose the option of washing, suitable for price, size and quality, and equip it with a countertop to place under it a washing machine. Under specially created sinks, it is easy to install a machine with front loading of laundry.

Washing machine in the bathroom interior

When the washing machine is well inscribed in the interior of the bathroom, it harmoniously complements everything else.

The worktop can be part of the washbasin made by the manufacturer. They are often created to order or with their own hands. The main thing is to first pick up the sink so that the sink does not interfere with the installation of the washing machine, and the machine itself was not too high. Height of more than 70 cm does not allow a person of medium height to comfortably use the sink. Water drains over the hands due to the wrong model, and the clothes get wet.

Correctly selected sink and washing machine under it will help to solve the problem of creating a countertop in the bathroom.

Types of washing machine

Washbasin Ravak Praktik W

The washbasin made of cast marble for placing above the washing machine, will help maximally functionally use the space in the bathroom.

The correct choice of low stilalki will allow it to be installed under a special sink with a table top made by Ravak. The washbasin Ravak Praktik W has an elongated shape and is visually divided into two parts. In the first one there is a sink and there is a sink, and the second is a shelf for bathroom accessories. Under it is a laundry machine. This is one of the most interesting offers of the elite sanitary ware market.

The Russian manufacturer Santek has created an inexpensive model for washing small sizes. It is available with a hole for installing the mixer. If the mixer is not needed, a special plug has been designed for the hole. These washstands have a specially equipped sink that is not in the middle of the washbasin, but closer to the edge of its bottom. This allows you to install under it an apparatus for automatic washing.

Finnish developers offer the IDO 11166 sink with a specially designed sink, which does not interfere with placing a washing machine under it.

Washbasins, which are installed above the machines, are different from ordinary washes. They have an increased size to protect the control panel of the washing machine from splashing water. This arrangement in the bathroom is convenient for laying laundry in the laundry machine.

Drawing countertops from plywood

Drawing countertops from plywood.

The worktop for such washes can be made by yourself or ordered according to individual sizes. This will be the perfect solution for the bathroom. Masters on the available sizes will make a countertop, which in height and width is ideal for a washbasin and will allow placing under it a device for washing clothes.

You can make a work-top yourself. To do this, you need materials treated with a special waterproof material. The best plywood is suitable. Such a shell device will be a convenient design, under which the washing machine will be located, and a bathroom cabinet with shelves for bathroom accessories will appear in the bathroom. This will be a single design element, practical and convenient.

Wooden countertops can be tiled with mosaic tiles, painted or covered with a waterproof film to provide protection against moisture.

What decision to choose, each owner of the premises decides on his own. It is more convenient for someone to make an order for the work of specialists. Someone will prefer the shell of Ravak, and someone will take care of the bathroom arrangement.

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