Which shower cabin is best to choose

What kind of shower should I choose among the abundance of such devices? The bathroom in some buildings has a rather limited space, so placing it in a bulky bath is not always rational. For such premises, a shower enclosure is suitable. It will not only save space in the room, but also take some procedures, for example, hydromassage. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right shower cabin should be approached thoroughly.

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.

The shower cubicle should be chosen in such a way that it not only fit in size, but also meet all the requirements of people living in a house or apartment. So, you can choose a shower that is mounted directly on the floor, which can be convenient for the elderly or disabled, whose rise even to a small height alone causes considerable difficulty. In addition, it should harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, complementing it, or become the accent of decorating the room.


It is quite possible to assemble the shower booth on your own based on individual requirements. Thus elements can be from different manufacturers. In this case, it will be an original and unique project.

However, a large number of ready-made versions of this equipment are represented in the sanitary ware market. They are conventionally divided into several types:

Types of shower cabins

Types of shower cabins: 1 - simple (open and closed): 2 - multifunctional: 3 - combined.

  • Simple, which can be both open and closed;
  • multifunctional;
  • combined.

To simple designs it is possible to carry shower cabins which consist of the pallet and a curtain. In this case, the side walls of the room can serve as side limits for such a cabin. Some models can provide for a set of walls, which are most often made of an aluminum corner and a translucent glass.

Above in the open cabins there is no roof, but in closed models it is. This type of shower enclosure is easy to install and operate and can be installed in a minimal space, for example, in a holiday home.

Multifunction shower enclosures provide for certain technical equipment. These additional elements include the presence of an aroma steam generator, the Charcot shower mode, a hydromassage, and the use of highlights. All functions are controlled by an electronic system that can be programmed. The more equipment of the shower enclosure, the higher the requirements for its connection and operation. For example, for proper and full-fledged operation of the whirlpool, sufficient water pressure in the water pipe is necessary. A hydromassage shower is installed if the pressure in the water pipe is at least 3 bar.

Combined shower enclosures are a combination of the simplest option and the most difficult. These models include the necessary minimum of functions, for the full operation of which no special conditions are required, and they can be installed independently.

Features of the pallet

The pallet is one of the most important parts of the shower cabin. The material of the product, its shape and depth are the basic criteria that will help choose a shower room. In addition, it is necessary to take into account a number of requirements for this part of the shower:

The scheme of the device of the shower tray

The scheme of the shower tray device.

  • to withstand the load of each of the future users, without bending or cracking at maximum weight;
  • compactness of dimensions should be combined with capacity;
  • have a relief coating, which allows you not to slip when taking procedures and provides the necessary security.

According to the form of production, pallets can be divided into:

  • rectangular or square;
  • in the form of a sector of a circle or a semicircle;
  • pentagonal;
  • complex shape, for example, in the form of a spiral coil: used in the original designer shower models.

The most profound is considered to be pallets up to 18 cm, to flat ones refer 3-4 cm. Materials from which it is possible to make a pallet are:

Standard dimensions of angular shower enclosures

Standard sizes of angular shower cabins.

  1. Faience. The advantages of such pallets include hygiene and the ability to withstand a significant weight. The disadvantages of the material is its increased propensity to split from the impact, even insignificant.
  2. Fake diamond. The pallet from it will be durable, hygienic, beautiful and will last a long time. A wide variety of colors that manufacturers can offer, will fit the shower in any interior. But significant cost reduces the frequency of its use for the production of pallets.
  3. Enameled. This material is quite strong and reliable, but the short life of the enamel reduces the durability of this element. In addition, with a large stream of water, a loud unpleasant sound is produced. But the use of additional accessories, for example, rubberized mats, significantly reduces noise effects. Enamel is subject to recovery both in workshops and on its own.
  4. Acrylic. This modern material is widely used for making pallets of any depth. The advantage of using acrylic for the manufacture of pallets is that it quickly heats up, thus ensuring a comfortable acceptance of the procedures. In addition, the surface layer of acrylic does not let dirt pass, nor does it cause darkness for a long service life. Minor damage to this material can be easily eliminated, and the pallet itself will not lose its original characteristics. The disadvantages of it can be attributed special requirements for installation - you need to mount the frame, which is subsequently installed itself pallet. Material for the support can serve as aluminum tubes, which are equipped with special screws that can change the height of the entire structure, if necessary. This is very convenient when replacing a different pallet with a different depth from the previous one. In addition to aluminum, you can use any other metal, which must be treated with a special composition that counteracts the occurrence of corrosion.

Shower doors

Select the shower can be the type, material doors and walls, which provide for the manufacturers of this model.

The main types of doors are:

  • swinging;
  • sliding.

It should be borne in mind that the swing doors require more space for their opening, in contrast to the sliding doors, which move along the guides using special rollers. Rollers should be rubberized or made of dense plastic, so as not to cause unpleasant sounds when opening, and not rust during operation.

Qualitatively manufactured doors are closed without noise and move along the guides or in the hinges gently, smoothly.

Instructions for assembling the shower enclosure

Instructions for assembling the shower.

At the same time, they provide a sufficiently tight closure, which protects the floor covering from excessive exposure to excess moisture. For sliding doors, such a mechanism that prevents from involuntary opening is a rubberized magnetic tape, which is fixed by the manufacturer on the end of one of the doors.

The curtains themselves are attached to a frame, which is made of aluminum or its alloy. Its color range can be different - color or chrome. At purchase it is necessary to examine carefully all elements of a skeleton for their damage or scratches. The complete absence of any defects will ensure the durability of the entire equipment.

Curtains for a shower enclosure can be made of:

  • polystyrene;
  • glass.

Полистирол является более дешевым материалом, в отличие от glass. При этом основным его недостатком является то, что он теряет свою первоначальную прозрачность, постепенно оставляя разводы. Стекло относится к прочному и надежному материалу, но довольно дорогостоящему. Для использования его в качестве штор в душевых кабинах стекло предварительно обрабатывают. Это приводит к тому, что оно становится безопасным и прочным, не теряя никаких качеств. Со стекла достаточно просто удалить все потеки воды и грязь, оно не требует особых условий в процессе эксплуатации.

In addition, the curtains themselves can be made of either clear or frosted glass or tinted. Some manufacturers allow the use of their combinations, can use special coatings, which serve as an additional decoration of equipment.

Care and maintenance

After the choice of a shower cabin is made, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of operation of this equipment. Some details of use may indicate the manufacturer. For example, special finding of additional water filters, which will ensure the full functioning of all shower nozzles.

If a material that requires additional cleaning agents is used for the shower cubicle, then the possibility of acquiring them should be considered.

It is necessary to provide the required insulation of electric wires, which ensure reliable operation of the illumination. Consumables, for example, light bulbs for luminaires that are used in the cabin, must be made with due regard for the requirements of high humidity in the room.

The service life of the shower enclosure is determined by the manufacturer, which not only selects materials for its manufacture, but also assembles the equipment.

When you follow all the recommendations, the question of which shower cabin to choose, will disappear by itself. Good luck with your purchase!

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