Why can the water faucet make a noise?

There was a time when Vladimir Mayakovsky very much doubted the ability of the layman to play a nocturne on the flute of downpipes. Modern mixers are buzzing and howling, bringing the household up to white heat. Therefore, if everyone in the family circle is dreaming of silence, we have to think: why is a tap crashing and how to deal with it?

The scheme of the device of a water tap

The scheme of the device of a water tap.

Causes of noise

The sellers of the sanitary ware shops state: the noise of the mixer does not depend on its brand. So if the crane takes out the roulades, replacing it with a more expensive model will not help. We'll have to go the other way: to find out where the sounds are localized, and to eliminate the source of their appearance.

The sources of noise in the crane are usually:

Phases of repair of a water tap

Stages of repair of a water tap.

  • a narrowing of the flow in the water supply hose;
  • worn or not fit in size rubber gasket in mixers with old-style crane-boxes;
  • erased due to corrosion of the crane-axle;
  • wear of the ceramic cartridge.

Coping with their removal can be done without calling a specialist at home. This is quite possible under the home master with a minimum of tools:

  • a container for draining the water;
  • a knife or a flat-blade screwdriver;
  • wrench or adjustable wrench (preferably zero size).

Before you start repair work, you need to find documents with the technical characteristics of the crane and the mixer circuit. But it's ideal, you can do without them.

Eliminate Noisy Work

Thinking about why the tap makes a noise, the first thing to check is the operation of the hoses. For this, it is necessary to turn on alternately cold and hot water, find out at which switch the water tap is noisy, and clamp the hose by hand. If the sound disappeared, then the problem was the vibration of the poorly fixed hose. We need to strengthen it.

If, however, when the crane is opened, noise appears, it is necessary to change the gasket.

To do this, first close the valves on the pipes of hot and cold water and drain the water. Then twist the tap-axle:

  • remove the crane handle, using a knife or a screwdriver with a plug;
  • unscrew the screw under the plug;
  • unscrew the spanner with a wrench.

After that, inspect the gasket. If it is only slightly crushed, then the rubber is turned over and the gasket on the edge of the crane-axle platform is cut. A new gasket (bought in a store or manufactured independently) can be cut even by 1 mm more. It will crush during operation. When screwing the crane back to the mixer, it should be set to "open" and fixed with a screw so that the valve does not open tightly. Noise should stop.

In the event that the sounds continue to tear the hearing even after the replacement of the gasket, the entire crane-axle is changed. A new one is bought in the store, while it is desirable to demonstrate to the seller that it has become unusable. Then he will be able to select the right instance, corresponding to all parameters.

When replacing the non-separable cartridge ball valves in the sanitary ware shop, you also need to go with the fact that it has become unusable. The seller will choose the same or similar not only for external similarity, but also for the symmetry of the landing pins for its installation.

If all the above manipulations did not eliminate the noise, you should check the operation status of the crane in the riser neighbors.

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