Why cold water flows hot water

Can hot water come from the cold tap? It would seem, no, but about everything in order. The bulk of the population of our country lives in large multi-storey houses, where residents are provided with all the benefits of modern civilization. In winter, it is always warm, constantly supplied with gas, there are no problems with electricity. Each apartment is provided with central water supply.

Tap water

In the event of malfunctions and malfunctions in the operation of the water supply system, hot water may come from the cold tap.

Of course, such services require appropriate payment. However, with poor service, you do not want to throw money away. Most often, the claims of tenants are related to the supply of hot water, its temperature. Almost everyone faced a situation where, instead of hot, a barely warm liquid flows.

However, it happens the other way around, when hot water flows from a cold tap. Strange situation. You can, of course, try to drain hot water, wait for a cold jet.

But this procedure can be done only in the absence of a water meter. If it is installed, the cubic meters of water that went into the sewerage will require impressive financial investments.


If you read the stories on the Internet, you can easily find many complaints about hot water flowing when you open the cold tap. Many forums publish reports of residents trying to somehow deal with public services. Quite rare is the history of the victory. Most people simply do not know how to deal with this problem. If you just verbally apply to your HOA, then an elementary answer will be given that the "office" can not solve such a problem. When filing a written request, the tenant is informed of the beginning of the temperature test. On this all ends.

The scheme of hot and cold water supply from the riser

The scheme of hot and cold water from the riser.

Sometimes a commission is created, which will come specially at a most inconvenient time to conduct an actual temperature measurement when water is pouring from a cold tap. In some cases, you can see even a locksmith, who is doing something in the basement of a high-rise building. Sometimes he climbs into the attic. Most often, after all its actions, the water from the cold tap starts to match the normalized temperature. The hot water also heats up to 60 degrees. It takes several days, and everything repeats. Hot water again flows entirely from another tap.

Why is this happening? What mysterious phenomenon lies behind all this? It turns out that everything is simple enough. Utilities always have good relations with the organizations responsible for water supply, who are trying to help them, paying no attention to the needs of the tenants. With the onset of summer, a certain temperature regime of the water must be maintained in the boiler room. At this time, hot water ceases to be widely used, and this is a direct loss to the heat supply company. To reduce financial losses for boiler fuel, housing and utilities workers close the valves installed on the riser. As a result, the movement of water stops, or she finds herself another way. For example, the water from a cold tap is hot. The volume of consumption of natural gas decreases, and after that - losses.

Housing and Public Utilities Activities

According to the government decree, any communal resource must fulfill specific requirements. If employees of public services do not observe them, then the recalculation of payment for the services used is carried out.

For example, stopping hot water supply or infringing supply, malfunctioning, and so on should not last more than 8 hours. And a one-time break should take less than 4 hours. Time exceeding the pause leads to a decrease in the payment for the use of hot water by about 0.15%. Also, special sanctions are set for reducing the temperature and breaking the supply of hot water. When the temperature drops by three degrees, the cost of such a service decreases by 0.1% every 60 minutes. When hot water has a temperature of less than 40 degrees, it is paid according to the cold water tariff.

Table for calculating the hot water circulation network

Table for calculating the hot water circulation network.

Here are some typical stories, when people tried to get regular supplies of hot water from communal workers. They just got tired of using a cold tap to pour hot water. At one forum the owner of the apartment informs that the supply of hot water starts only in the early morning. As she did not try to drain the water, only ice water was going. She had difficulties with the preparation of the claim, she does not know how to make a recalculation, what legislative acts exist on this matter. Another user says that any fight does not make sense, since, having achieved the recalculation, health will be spoiled and spent a lot of time. However, there are people who have managed to defeat communal tyranny. They were able to get the public utilities to establish a normal supply of water to the house. Now they do not have hot water running from the cold tap.

Many visitors already had experience of fighting such arbitrariness, they are well acquainted with normative acts. Therefore, they inform everyone who wants what documents to have, what the behavior should be, in order to emerge victorious from a difficult struggle. You can even see sample applications, as well as reports on measures taken. This struggle with company managers, with different heat supply organizations requires good health and plenty of time. You can go the other way and install a counter using hot or cold water.

Counter with temperature sensor

Practice has shown that complaining about the disgusting "hot" water supply is practically useless. You need to look for another way to somehow reduce the payment for poorly rendered services.

Typical connection scheme for water meters

Typical scheme for connecting water meters.

One option is to install a meter equipped with a thermal corrector. The hot water supply at any flow rate will be clearly fixed by the appliance. Such a device has the ability to separately record the volume of hot water at a temperature that meets the established standards. The device also fixes the volume of hot water that is fed through the pipes of the cold tap. It must be said that the temperature of this water often comes close to cold.

These devices operate on the principle of separating the used volumes of water. A separate volume of hot water is recorded. The volume of cold water is also taken into account.

The electronics of the device quickly and accurately divide the water.

As a result, money is saved when you have to pay for poorly provided services. One of these devices is the counting counter "Sayany". This device has been certified and is intended for work in everyday life.

Crane with temperature sensor

The temperature sensor allows you to monitor the temperature of the water and its volume.

The negative side of such a "unique" device is the impossibility of its installation by ordinary locksmiths. Requires the presence of official employees of the manufacturer.

In fact, the installation of this "smart" device is similar to installing an ordinary meter. However, there were cases when the employees of the ZhEK refused to install such meters equipped with a thermocorrector. The reason for their behavior is quite clear. If an apartment will have such a meter, they will begin to incur large losses, and this requires the modernization of the hot water supply system. Naturally, they do not want to do anything like that. For this reason, there are failures to install and seal modern automatic meters.

To save his money, the tenant must stand firm, he must with due perseverance defend his own interests. Perhaps the circumstances will develop in such a way that we will have to seek the truth in the judicial bodies.

In this case, the law completely protects the consumer. According to the government decree, all housing and utilities are ordered not to interfere with the consumer's desire to install a metering device that meets the requirements of Russian legislation. And this applies to meters that have functional differences from a common meter installed in a multi-storey building. Today, we already know several decisions that the court ruled, protecting consumers who have expressed the desire to mount a device that takes into account the consumption of hot water, equipped with a thermal sensor.

The negligence of the communal workers

The scheme of connection of a collector to cold lines of pipes

The scheme of connecting the collector to the cold lines of pipes.

From the above, it can be concluded that the consumer has the right to receive high-quality services, which he must pay. In the case of poor public utilities, for example, when hot water starts to flow from another, cold tap, the apartment owner has the opportunity to reduce cash costs by installing modern metering devices. The managing organization should provide the consumer with a quality resource. If it is impossible, it is obliged to reduce the cost of the service, which contradicts the sanitary standards.

Here are a few ways to combat the lawlessness of communal workers. For example, water from an open cold tap is a hot stream.

  1. The most radical way. Refuse the supply of hot water supplied by public utilities. Mount the water heater running on running water. The approximate cost of such a device and its further installation will cost approximately 40,000 rubles.
  2. Constantly to call in housing and communal services and to submit complaints on bad work of the operating company. The only drawback of this method is the need for a lot of free time from the complainant.
  3. Conduct your own control over the circulation of hot water in the risers. For this work, some knowledge of the plumbing equipment is required to check the valves.

When entering the room, you need to mount a "smart" device to automatically account for the amount of hot water. The device will determine how much was consumed cubic meters of liquid, determine the quality of water, separating the volume of hot water from the cold.

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