Why the mixer in the bathroom flows

Almost everyone faced one of the most annoying problems in the house - a leak from the tap. When the mixer in the bathroom flows, then further actions may involve a plumbing call or self-repair of a clogged device. And if everything is clear with the first option, then in the second case you will have to apply your methods for each type of failure.

The device of a modern mixer

The device of a modern mixer.


The first thing to do is to cut off the water supply, for which it is necessary to close the main faucet in the bathroom. Repairs вентиля может быть связан с устранением двух видов неисправности: течет смеситель из-под самого гусака или течь происходит непосредственно из-под вентиля. В любом случае для устранения неисправности потребуется:

Replacing the gasket in the mixer

Replacing the gasket in the mixer.

  • a new gasket (better if it is made of paronite);
  • adjustable plumbing wrench;
  • Flat screwdriver;
  • sealing tape FUM or tow.

First you need to unscrew the clamping nut, through which the gander is fixed to the mixer, and then remove the gander itself. Next, you will see the gasket, which must be replaced with a new one. If there is a remnant of an old FUM tape or a pack on the thread, they must be removed. Now it is necessary to reel the new FUM tape or coil on the thread and insert the nut on the nominal place, tighten the clamping nut up to the stop (but without exerting excessive force). Unscrewing or twisting a nut, use a clean rag to avoid scratching the covering of the hardware.

Elimination of leaks

If the shower hose itself has flowed, it will have to be completely replaced (usually along with the watering can). When purchasing a new hose, pay attention to the thread: it must correspond to the mixer's cutting edge. The reason for a leak from a shower switch to a gander is usually a worn gasket.

To replace it, you need the following tools and materials:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • Allen key;
  • sealing tape of FUM or tow;
  • a new gasket (preferably from a paronite, but in extreme cases can be made of rubber).

First of the lever, remove the fixing screw (sometimes it is not, then simply unscrew the lever) and remove the lever itself. Remove the old gasket and replace it with a new one. When installing the lever, do not forget to wind the sealing band of the FUM (several layers) or the patch on the thread.

Possible problems

Diagram of the device of the valve mixer

Diagram of the device of the valve mixer

The leak in the two-valve faucets installed in the bathroom is usually associated with crane-axle breakage or wear of the stuffing box (sealing rubber ring). To determine the malfunction, you need to disassemble the mixer. For this:

  1. Remove the blanking plug.
  2. Remove the screw.
  3. Remove the valve and unscrew the tap-axle.
  4. Replace the gasket. If this does not help, then change the whole whisker entirely (when buying, show the seller an old one).

When the water in the bathroom flows from under the hose or nut hose, the repair is carried out in the same sequence: first the nut is turned off, then the gasket is pulled out and replaced with a new one.

If it is not available, this plumbing part can be cut out of the paronite itself, using the old gasket as a template.


If a mixer of a single-lever design is running, the fault is often manifested as a leak from under the lever itself. Its appearance is usually caused by a malfunction of the cartridge, which must be removed and replaced, since it can not be repaired. Considering that almost every manufacturer installs the original spare part, it is better to go to the store with the old cartridge, which must first be removed from the mixer in the bathroom. For this:

  1. Remove the decorative plug with a flathead screwdriver and unscrew the screw underneath.
  2. Remove the lever, unscrew the nut that secures the cartridge.
  3. Remove the old cartridge and (having descended with him in the store) put a new one.
  4. Tighten the screw and put the decorative plug back.

In some cases there is enough cartridge removed from the mixer simply to blow and rinse. If after that the crane began to work properly, then the dirt got in the form of grains of sand, so it makes sense to think about purchasing a water filter for your water supply system.

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