Why you need to install a bidet at home

Previously, bidets were a luxury, because they could be found in expensive hotels. For years, people have denied this kind of plumbing in attention, and in vain. In countries of Europe, Central Asia, Japan, the bidet is so widespread that it is installed even in public toilets.

Bidet in the bathroom

Bidet serves as a quick way to maintain personal hygiene in the groin area.

Need for bidets

The bidet is a small bathtub or a low sink equipped with a siphon and shower. This kind of sanitary ware was developed by the French. It is installed in the bathroom mainly around the toilet and serves to maintain personal hygiene. A stream of water is sent to the genitals and allows you to keep them and the anus clean after visiting the toilet. The bidet has warm and cold water. In simple designs, the temperature is controlled by a mixer. Water is fed from below by a fountain.

The scheme of the bidet device

The scheme of the bidet device.

In fact, you need a bidet not only for this, because with its help it is convenient to wash your feet. People with disabilities can use it for regular hygiene.

Malovestimnye bathrooms in small apartments did not allow the owners to place an additional piece of sanitary equipment, since the alteration of the premises was required. This also influenced the attitude towards this device as to interfering and unnecessary.

In addition, many still do not know how to use a bidet. The rules assume that first a person uses a toilet bowl, and then, instead of toilet paper, a bidet, which several times increases the hygiene of the body. And for people suffering from hemorrhoids, the device becomes simply irreplaceable, as toilet paper brings the painful area extra discomfort.

The important question is how to fit in this device. It is a mistake to believe that you must always sit facing the wall. Many argue that the position of the back to the mixer is more convenient.

In recent years, there has been a tendency in Russia to install a combined structure consisting of a toilet bowl and a bidet.

In this case, the device has a touch control, which allows you to set the water temperature and the time of the procedure. A stream of water comes from under the lid of the toilet. After a hygienic procedure, the flow of air will help to stay dry. By the way, in 1980 the Japanese thought about the development of this kind of sanitary ware for the bathroom.

Basic elements of the bidet cover

The main elements of the bidet cover.

By type of fastening, a bidet is selected:

  • floor - standard, when the output pipes are visible;
  • wall - all the pipes are hidden behind the panel.

Do not think that the bidet replaces the bathroom or shower. Of course not. People who use a bidet arrange water procedures, like the rest, except for a little less.

An alternative to a bidet is a hygienic shower, which is installed near the toilet. This is a simple design that consists of a mixer and a shower. However, the bidet is more functional than the hygienic shower.

As for hospitals, the installation of such a device is simply necessary to maintain the personal hygiene of the institution's patients. A common misconception is that the bidet is exclusively a female kind of sanitary ware. This is not so, men also use it.

Thus, the bidet is a functional piece of sanitaryware that will complement the interior of the house, life will make it more comfortable, and the body - cleaner.

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