Bedroom 10 sq. m. m. - ideas for the design of a small

Normal is the desire of everyone to equip the apartment, creating an interior according to their understanding of beauty and coziness.

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The main place of each house is a bedroom, a place where a person rest and gain strength. Actually, therefore, requires a bedroom of 10 sq. M. m. to a special approach.

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Easily can be realized bedroom design 10 sq.m. m., most importantly, to select competently all the colors and also the texture of the finishing materials, do not use the furniture, use all available space rationally, and think over the lighting.

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Any style of interior is suitable for a bedroom - Japanese, classic, high-tech, Provence, Art Nouveau. On all those bedroom photos 10 square. m. that are presented below, you can see what interesting can be different options, fully taking into account all the needs of owners of miniature housing.

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Special attention to yourself requires a bedroom 10 square. m., and therefore it is on paper to outline the layout of the room, after placing all furniture, check the width of the openings and all the passes, play with options and give preference to what will be optimal.

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Often used solution, surface finish with plasterboard. Functional niches are used to place things.

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If the parameters of the bedroom allow, the ceiling is also made of plasterboard, with additional illumination.

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Tips for choosing wallpaper:

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  • The horizontal pattern is used for high and narrow bedrooms.
  • To increase the height by the ceiling, use a vertical pattern.
  • If you view all the ideas of the bedroom design 10 sq.m. m., it can be noted that the wallpaper is used mostly pastel colors, light.
  • Alternating dark and light wallpaper, you can visually expand the space.

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In occasion of a floor covering ... It is necessary to mean, that on a light floor furniture of dark tones looks better, and on a darker floor furniture is better looked.

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Bed in the bedroom

So, back to the bedroom layout 10 square. m., or rather, the arrangement of furniture according to our drawing. Impossible sleeping without a bed, and because it is placed first.

  • The head of the bed to the wall, on the sides of the bedside table.
  • In the inner corner of the room.
  • The island position is used.
  • Along the wall with a long part to the center of the room was free.

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If the sleeping room is combined with the office, it is better to place the bed in a corner, along the wall.

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If it is a small bedroom 10 square. m., it is better when the bed is equipped with drawers that are easily pulled out. In the boxes can be stored underwear.

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The design also provides for the combination of some incredibly beautiful bedroom ideas of 10 square meters. with very real solutions.

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Many couples would like to sleep in a spacious double bed, but in the presence of limited space, it is much more reasonable to use a one and a half bed. You can buy a transformer, sofa corner.

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Modern bedroom design 10 sq.m. m admits that the podium is used, and not a full bed. Benefits of the option:

  • There is no point in buying a bed, only a mattress is needed.
  • The entire internal space is used for the boxes.
  • Podium используется как выдвижная кровать, а его поверхность – полноценное место для работы. Как вариант.

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Для спальной в 10 м2 лучший вариант – покупка шкафа-купе. Cupboard скорее всего нужно будет заказывать индивидуально, с учетом всех особенностей планировки комнаты.

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Plus, this solution is that the cabinet will be from the ceiling to the floor and will be filled to the maximum with things.

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If there is absolutely no room for equipping the cabinet, pertheters can be placed on the perimeter.


Do not use the chest of drawers, and the bedside tables near the bed should be snug against the bed.

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How to visually expand the space?

Mostly light colors should be used.

  • Do not use pompous decor.
  • Glossy surfaces are used.
  • The wallpaper is lighter than the flooring, the pattern is not variegated.

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In the creation of comfort and comfort an important role belongs to textiles. Playing colors bedroom, if it is decorated with taste and decorated with blankets, curtains.

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The light in creating the right atmosphere plays an important role, having to this or that mood, and therefore it is worth considering it carefully.

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Actually, this applies to the overall design of the bedroom.

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Bedroom 10 sq. m

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