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A room for sleep - the space is very personal and it needs a special comfort and comfort.

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It is designed to pacify and calm, so the choice of interior design bedrooms should be approached as responsibly.

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Now Khrushchev is the most common kind of houses. Tiny rooms, narrow corridors, because of small windows poor lighting - perhaps the main problems of such apartments.

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Therefore, considering the layout of the bedroom in 12kv.m, you need to show special interest in the color of the walls and take care of additional light sources and use practical furniture.

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Bedroom in the apartment in the panel house

Apartments are not much bigger than Khrushchev's, but much lighter.

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They can already use different color solutions, and experiment with the design.

Bedroom in a private house

Own private house allows you to look at a small bedroom of 12 sq. M. m. Neither as a reality, but as an opportunity to make from it a really cozy and pleasant place, without dividing the space from the living room or dining room.

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Small bedroom: color nuances

When renovating a bedroom of 12 sq.m, it is very important to consider the color solutions. bright, extravagant colors in the sleeping room quickly get bored, and excite the nervous system, which is not necessary in the bedroom.

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The most popular for a modern bedroom of 12 sq. M are shades of beige, milky white, vanilla.

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These are common colors that are easy to combine and complement with colorful ideas.

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To enlarge and refresh the space of the bedroom 12 sq.m., better choose the blue color scheme. This is especially true for apartments located on the south side.

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The color of fresh greens or its pastel shades gives the eyes peace and comfort. Even if the room is cold, they will help restore coziness and warmth.

interior design of the bedroom minimalism

For natures with a subtle spiritual organization, a bedroom in pink-violet shades will be close. It can also be decorated with floral motifs.

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Features of bedrooms

Details of creating a children's bedroom

A bedroom for a child is more than a place to sleep. This is the whole space where the child spends his time, plays, develops, and rests.

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It must necessarily contain a bed, a desk, bookshelves, a place for storing toys, besides, the owner of the room in it should be cozy.

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So the maiden bedroom is better to decorate in light, warm colors, adding pictures with princesses, castles and magical creatures.

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For a boy, the room can look more dynamic, for example, like a pirate ship or a football field.

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It will not be superfluous to place in the interior of a bedroom of 12 sq. M a sports corner or a Swedish wall.

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Features of sleeping space for a young couple

A place for sleeping and resting a young couple can be both classical and vice versa, a bedroom in a modern style of 12 sq.m. It depends only on the preferences of the owners. Nevertheless, some points need to be taken into account.

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So important is the presence of bedside cabinets, chest or shelf - like a piece of personal space.

interior of the apartment, interior design.

It is important to decide on the idea of ​​a 12 sq.m bedroom for this you need to familiarize yourself with their different styles.

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Classics are always in fashion, it is characterized by expensive materials, modesty in choosing colors, but sometimes pretentiousness in decoration.

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Industrial style. Reminds of industrial premises. For registration uses a tree; metal, rough textures.

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Country or Country style of country - often characteristic for country houses. Use wooden or wicker furniture, natural materials and colors.

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Provence. Cozy style, well suited for a small bedroom, it is distinguished by: a lot of details, special worn out furniture and an abundance of textiles.

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Loft style is similar to industrial loft, but it is more often used in studio apartments. The main feature of the loft style is the use of masonry and its imitation. In a small bedroom you can use wallpaper with bricks.

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Favorite style of connoisseurs of pop culture and bright details - pop art. In the photo the bedrooms are 12 sq.m. it can be seen that there are not so many details in pop art, but not unique.

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High tech. The most decisive manifestation of asceticism in the design of the bedrooms is 12 sq.m. characterized by a lack of decor and extreme functionality.

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Photo of the bedroom 12 sq.m. m.

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Bedroom design in pastel colors

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