Bedroom 15 sq. m. - 70 real photo design

Of course, everyone wants to design something interesting, new and modern in his bedroom. Realize your ideas, and create a unique style.

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But unfortunately the layout does not always give the opportunity to do something grandiose. But not today.

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Many styles are designed to visually increase space, to create the right shape with the help of building materials. And of course, she plays a role of furniture.

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If your bedroom is 15 sq. M. m., then in advance, think about what needs to be installed in it.

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In this article, we will consider all the options for arranging a bedroom.


How it all begins is of course with an assessment of the situation. Here you have a room it can be of different shapes: rectangular, elongated, square.

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Based on the form, you must first create a project for its arrangement. For example: in a rectangular bedroom of 15 square meters. m, the furniture should be located as follows:

The bed should be placed head-to-wall. Place the table near the window so that the sunlight illuminates your space.

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As for the closet, they should be placed near the door or in any free corner. You can put on the perimeter of ottomans, which then hide for example pillows.

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In case you do not like the bed, you can buy a sofa. He will not take up much room in the bedroom. For a visual example, you can look at the finished furnishings on the bedroom photo of 15 square meters. m.

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Choosing a bedroom design

Here we have studied the space of the room, now we need to come up with a bedroom 15 sq.m. Today there are a lot of them: modern, fusion, classics and many others.

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For beginners in this business it will be more difficult to decide on the style, since many do not know how to properly implement a particular style. Therefore, you need to contact a specialist.

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They always advise the design of the bedroom 15 sq. M. m. in a modern style. Well, if in the case of self-repair, then rely on your feelings.

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The bedroom is the room in which we rest after a day's work. Therefore, many prefer quiet colors. Very soothes the blue color, it will plunge into the sea abyss.

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If you take the orange color then you will feel the joy and warmth of sunlight. The bed tone calms the eyes, after a busy day.

Bedroom design in pastel colors

But do not forget that the bedroom is not only a holiday, but also a passion. If you are a passionate and romantic person, then the bedroom interior is 15 sq. M. m, should be in red.

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You can add a little black, it can be furniture or a separate piece of wall. And that the room does not seem gloomy, create the proper lighting.

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For nature lovers, the green shade will be the right choice. You can supplement with photos of wallpapers, and the correct accents in the form of furniture.

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In general, bedroom ideas 15 square. m, maybe a lot. If you know what you want as a result, then this work will not be very difficult.

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After the bedroom was renovated 15 square. m, you need to proceed to its further situation. In the bedroom, the most important thing is the bed. It should be comfortable and not take up much space. Of course then the TV, where without it.

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It should be located opposite the bed or sofa, at eye level, when you sit. So as not to damage your eyesight. The distance should also be appropriate.

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Of course a chest of drawers or a closet, it all depends on the area and shape of the room. Mirror for the guidance of beauty. It can be built into the chest, which replaces the table. These are the main pieces of furniture.

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If possible, you can place an armchair, or ottomans. Do not forget about the decoration, different decorative elements in the form of: paintings, figurines, flowers, etc.

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As you can see the layout of the bedroom 15 sq.m. m, is not such a simple task. Approach it responsibly and everything will turn out.

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Photo bedroom 15 square. m.

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Design of a bedroom in the style of minimalism

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