Bedroom bedside lamps

Nightlights in the bedroom are lighting devices that stand out from the general group for their intended purpose.

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They serve as sources of soft, diffused lighting and are intended for use at night.

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There are many types of nightlights, so you need to select an individual appearance for the design of the room, for which you can see the photo of the night lamps in the bedroom, power, fastening mechanism and additional functions, such as different modes, the ability to control using the remote, motion sensors.

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The night light should fit into the ensemble with the rest of the lighting elements.

Classification of night lamps by fixing methods

There are models that are attached directly to the wall. A common mechanism is the "clothespin", which makes it easy to move the lamp from one place to another.

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Models without wires, running on electricity, that is located directly on the site of the outlet. Used with suitably located sockets. High sockets, in particular, provide a convenient arrangement of a night lamp in the bedroom on the wall.

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Table lamps, focused on lighting specific objects.

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Dynamic projectors, which have become popular in use for various recreation rooms. They create a projection of the starry sky or some other patterns, which contributes to peace and relaxation.

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And if often nightlights are meant for children, then some species quite fit the definition of adult nightlights in the bedroom, contributing to relaxation after a hard day's work.

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Types of lamps for bedrooms

In addition to basic lighting, which evenly affects the entire space of the room, it is good to use additional light sources that can be used when there is no need to cover the entire space.

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To do this, you can use, in addition to the above-mentioned nightlights, wall sconces and table lamps, including those placed on the bedside tables.

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The use of such lamps will help in creating a peaceful atmosphere, and at the same time they provide sufficient illumination for a comfortable pastime, without using the main light source.

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Choose a table lamp is based on its intended functionality, location and appearance, while it is assumed that the light is not very bright. Lighting devices that allow you to create a low level of illumination, you can use as night lamps in the bedroom on the bedside table.

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Lampshades scatter light rays, giving warm colors, which are usually preferred.

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Bedside lamps are often placed on both sides of the bed, so they choose the pair.

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In the modern market, there are models that can be inscribed in any interior due to the variety of shapes and materials: metal, ceramics, crystal, chrome plated stands.

The legs are both miniature and massive. Forms are also very diverse, so you can easily find a night light in the bedroom in the form of flowers or some other interesting elements. What is important, since lighting is not only a source of light, but also elements of decor.

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Instead of a lampshade, you can use light-scattering screens that can be decorated yourself.

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Illuminating zones

Lighting elements located on the ceiling are considered to belong to the area of ​​the main lighting, also called the upper and general lighting. They should provide good illumination throughout the room.

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To control the intensity of lighting, you can use special switches. Consider the light sources used to create a light picture in the bedroom:

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A traditional element is a chandelier located in the center of the ceiling. Modern bedrooms retain this element, preferring models that direct the light stream upwards or sideways. Also, attention is paid to plafonds, which contribute to the creation of light, not tiring the eyes.

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If the ceiling finish includes a gypsum board structure or a tension system, you can use spotlights located around the perimeter or along a specific contour, capable of replacing the central chandelier.

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In large rooms, an interesting result can be obtained by combining the first two options. In small rooms, such a number of light sources are usually not required. Here, it would be appropriate to use local lighting in the form of a wall lamp, and at night, the night lamp of the wall in the bedroom.

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In recent years, the ideas of the lower illumination, illuminating the steps or bedside podium, have spread. In these cases, the lamps are placed under the basic level of the floor and covered with shockproof glass.

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Due attention should be paid to lighting the dressing table, cabinets.

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Decorative lighting helps create a certain atmosphere, reflects on the mood of the owners, can be a means of highlighting individual architectural details.

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Modern models allow you to create a variety of combinations of lighting elements that contribute to a cozy environment.

Photo of night lamps in the bedroom

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