Bedroom decor - learn how to properly decorate the bedroom

The most "holy" room in any living room is the bedroom. About one third of the day we spend in this room. The word "bedroom" is associated with silence, peace, comfort, love, sleep.

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Therefore, it should look in accordance with these concepts.

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The decor or the totality of the various components for the decoration of the bedroom must correspond to the tastes and dreams of the owners who will use it.

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It is also necessary not to forget the harmony of the style of the room with other rooms in the house or apartment. The bedroom decor is simply obliged to maintain a positive attitude, to please everyone's view.

Color Solutions

Of course, first of all the decor begins with the floor, walls, ceiling and windows, doors. Usually, light colors are chosen for the bedroom: white, beige, ivory, pink, pale green, blue.

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This color range is soothing to any person. But there are people who wish, on the contrary, to actively rest and then they choose their bright, aggressive tones.

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Another part of the owners prefers to use in the décor of the bedroom muffled, creating a twilight, tone.

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Styles in design

Modern fashion allows you to combine different styles in decorating bedrooms, experimenting with lines, drawings, contrasts. Not the last role in decoration is played by decoration materials.

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Of course, natural natural wood, cotton and bamboo are always welcome. For furniture it's leather, flax. Based on their financial capabilities, you can pick up a similar non-natural finish.

Then you need to think about the style of the bedroom, what are your bedroom decor ideas?

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The style of minimalism is very fashionable now. The room will visually look very spacious, filled with light, air.

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This style is emphasized by very elegant decor: the legs of furniture, various objects on the walls.

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Upholstery furniture is made in monochrome versions. Attention attracts the decor of the walls in the bedroom with uneven plaster, some wooden and rough brick details. Of course, the key central role is played by the bed.

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Very practical black and white style in the choice of bedroom decor. The decor of a bright bedroom is very easy to modify. Therefore, it will be better and more practical if you initially perform the bedroom in bright colors.

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This room looks very stylish. Over time, you can freely change the composition of the composition without disturbing the decor, since it's very easy to manipulate with colors such as black and white.

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And how beautiful the bedroom is in the eco-style! In this room, you seem to be drawing near to nature. In the bedroom it is appropriate to have a natural fireplace with firewood, finishing the room using natural materials: wood, vines, rattan.

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The presence of houseplants will be appropriate. A real fountain can be an artificial fountain. In such a bedroom, rest will be truly full.

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In its own way, the Art Nouveau style is also beautiful. Simple forms in the interior, niches or grooves, shelves, lamps, the achievements of science and technology for practicality and convenience will create an atmosphere of tranquility and coziness.

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The combination of large French windows to the floor with various details of metal, wood very distinguish this style among others.

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If you mix all the styles into one, you get a fusion. That's where there is to unfold fantasies of romantic and creative personalities. No restrictions in the selection of shades and materials. But in such a bedroom there will be a flight of fantasy and freedom.

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Trifles in the decor

Not the least role in the decor of the bedroom is played by various decorative things: pillowcases, pillows, blankets, knitted things. You can not do without elegant figurines, paintings, candlesticks, vases.

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It will be appropriate to get some thing from the past and it can become part of the decor of our bedroom. The main thing is not to overdo it, with quantity, to keep harmony.

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Décor over bed

The perception of the room is very refreshing decor over the bed in the bedroom. This place is very important to properly arrange. Visually, it is perceived as a continuation of the bed. If you have modest furniture, then the decor above the headboard can just decorate the environment. The modern bedroom decor allows you to find a lot of different options. How can I make a wall above the bed?

  • Patterns of tiles;
  • Panel made of natural wood;
  • Beautiful textiles;
  • A picture that can be easily changed;
  • Geometric ornament;
  • Carpet (soft, warm, familiar);
  • Photo wall-papers;
  • Curtains.

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Decor of small bedrooms

Bedrooms are of different sizes, in apartments they often have a small area. In this case, in the decor of a small bedroom, use light colors, wallpaper with a horizontal pattern, mirrors, compact furniture.

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The space should be freed as much as possible from clutter.

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Various photo decor for the bedroom can be viewed on the Internet and choose the most suitable for yourself.

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The bedroom is the realm of sleep and solitude. Therefore, for its registration, use all your most cherished dreams!

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Photo of the amazing bedroom decor

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