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A set of bedroom furniture is selected taking into account many factors, for example, the dimensions of the room and its shape, the chosen interior style. Very important and the situation, which will be of great importance in the matter of good rest. It is very important to understand how much furniture will be ergonomic and comfortable, as well as aesthetic.

bedroom furniture

Then you need to understand how to make the right choice so as not to get lost among a wide variety of product lines, where you can find both economical variants of kits and elite sets. Among the many different proposals, it will be necessary to choose exactly the option that will be functional and beautiful, while at the same time it will correspond to the specifics and design of the premises as much as possible.


Photos of bedroom furniture and furniture selection

Here for a start, there are two options. For example, you can pick up a ready-made version of the bundle, picking up the offers from furniture manufacturers. Alternatively, you can order a furniture set directly from the manufacturer, while providing it with an individual project.


Ready-made options

As a rule, people buy furniture items individually, furnishing a room. After all, when choosing a whole bedroom set, you will have a real one composition, in which everything will be in one style, color and materials. Based on what the model will be, the kit can include different furniture. As a necessary minimum is considered: a bed with a cabinet and bedside tables, which is put in small bedrooms. If the rooms are large, they are additionally equipped with banquettes, chests of drawers, dressing tables, mini sofas and armchairs, pencil cases and hanging variants of cabinets, mirrors. Cede the negative moments of the acquisition of headsets, their inability to share. After all, if you like something certain, then you can not buy the item separately. In this case, it is very convenient when the manufacturer offers modular bedroom furniture. This means that the headset will be the same as you liked, at the same time, the manufacturer has provided the right to choose such products as:

  • One, two or three-winged cabinets.
  • Sets of pencil cases and bedside tables, storefronts and shelves, which are separate, independent items. Well, if you have a desire, one of them can be collected a whole hill, which will fit in your bedroom.

The main advantages of ready / set furniture options are that manufacturers provide options for typical apartment dimensions when serial construction was launched. Modular variants of bedrooms are also distinguished by the possibility of collecting them in the future if desired or necessary.


Individual order

Quite often, people simply can not find the right furniture for their bedrooms, so that it suits "from A to Z": the color is not the same, the size, or price ... If you use an individual order, the headset, having given the furniture factory your own project, create not only the most suitable environment, but also very comfortable, using every centimeter of space to a maximum, taking into account the requests and wishes of each inhabitant of your bedroom. In turn, modern bedroom furniture under the order is of two main types, among which:

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  • Modules of the enclosure that stand alone are separate.
  • Tied variants to the floor with walls. Such variants are built-in, the assembly of which is done proceeding from the "own" specific place for this or that design.


Built-in versions of the bedrooms have a compact size, so the room is functional enough. To built-in furniture options include: wardrobes, wardrobes, sofas, tables, bed headboards, sofas.


If the room is rather dark, we recommend choosing light furniture for bedroom furniture. Thanks to this move, you can make some adjustments in space.


Choice of materials

The most popular are the options for sleeping sets from MDF and MDF, which can be individually or combined in objects, plastic, forging. Naturally, the chosen material, in the end, plays a big role in how the product will look and, as a result, the whole bedroom, but also the final cost of furniture depends on it.

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Laminated chipboard - is considered a more budget option in the price category, probably that's why furniture from this material is very common. It is a composite with sawdust, which is pressed into plates, using a special modern technology, and the top is laminated with special materials. As for the decorative top layer, it is made similar visually to a stone or wood, and maybe metal. As a result, the surfaces are smooth and matte, high gloss, shagreen. Thanks to this furniture corresponds to certain interior styles. For example, for bedroom sets in the classical style only natural wood is used, for which the following species are applicable: ash and oak, wenge, exotic species, birch and many others.


Even if the price is quite democratic, but cut out details of the most diverse forms, nevertheless some nuances prevent the purchase of products:

  • Their surfaces, moreover, the front parts with a headboard, are absolutely even, the ornament itself is not applied to the material itself from textures. An exception can only be a glued decorative element made of plastic or metal.
  • The ends are treated with special edges, though to a small extent, differing in color from the basic materials.


Furniture from natural wood - an array, belongs to the most expensive, and also quite elite variants. The highest will be those options that will be offered in an exclusive, or made to order. Moreover, with manual work, in which there is carving or incrustation, or at the end the finishing is done by some unusual method, for example, the gloss is made high, patination and / or broaching is used.

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Modern woodworking produces beautiful variants of very high-quality classic bedroom furniture. This also includes carved versions, with the application of 3D bulk or other complex patterns. Thanks to the automated production, the price for furniture made of natural wood is reduced, however, its quality and aesthetic data remain the same. The main difference from other options is mass production, and not single, as it happens with manual work.


If you take care of the headsets, they will last long enough, furniture can pass from the valuable wood species from generation to generation, and over time the value of such furniture for the bedroom interior will be only higher, which in principle is justified by such high cost of products.


Bedroom from MDF

This material is a cardboard that is pressed into the production in a tile. And its front side provides a special interest of consumers:

  • PVC film, which has a different texture, as well as the widest choice of colors, and even inexpensively dispenses. But, such surfaces are subject to heating under the sun. Otherwise, the decorative coating can peel off. MDF milling, applying textural patterns, imitate the panel, and on furniture made of wood, a thin film here tightens the drawings very delicately. Among the interesting new solutions, one can highlight a figured version of the profile with inserts. Manufacturers of furniture for today are able to collect incredibly beautiful varieties of paneled facades, headboards, wear, mirror frames, paintings. In some cases, such products from wooden are not particularly different.
  • Also very diverse are their decorative properties of plastics, not inferior in many cases to the film. At the same time, plastic costs a little more, but it is much more practical. It will be thicker, as a result of which it is quite difficult to apply textural drawings.
  • A rather durable and externally aesthetic coating is enamel, which is used in the production of bedroom furniture in a modern style. This option is very common in designers in Italy. The production of furniture is made from glossy flat parts, and among the more expensive variants are elements on which the pattern is more voluminous, applied to the warp with a special router. A very impressive version of furniture covered with enamel, which has special effects. For example, high gloss, due to which the varnished surfaces will seem quite deep, the effect of metallic, mother-of-pearl and just sparkles ...
  • For many, only natural types of materials can be natural and unique. So, the array turns out to be too expensive, but the veneered MDF option is quite practical and spoiled, it treats humidity drops in the room perfectly, it is easy to restore. If the product is manufactured sufficiently qualitatively, then the person is not a specialist, and will not be able to distinguish, where the veneer, and where the array! But, it is impossible to make a complex carving, although it is possible to use panels, to make inlay with metal and stone, artistic variants of surfaces using valuable rocks.


Forged Products

Forged Products – по-настоящему не просто долговечные, они действительно будут служить вечно. А вот если сравнивать ее эстетические качества и стоимость, то сравнить ее можно лишь с древесиной. Все элементы будут выглядеть легкими и изящными, воздушными и словно невесомыми: кровать, столик, этажерка, подстолье, ножки в креслах, а также прочие декоративные элементы.


In terms of interior design, forged furniture options can be called specific. To the universal they do not relate exactly, but Provence, modern, eclectic or colonial style can be completely equipped with such products.


Стоит учитывать и то, что комбинированные варианты мебели будут самыми практичными, не теряющими своей эстетичности. Так, например, более невидимые варианты деталей следует изготавливать из недорогих вариантов LDSP, а что касается лицевых частей, до они лучше чтобы были из шпона или массива, эмали и т.п.


The color of furniture in the bedroom and their style

The choice of a style for decorating a room - directly affects the selectable colors, which can be a huge variety. And so, consider this question in more detail.



This option is perfect if the room is spacious. If the room is very small, separate elements should be used. For example, if you prefer elegance and luxury, with simultaneous chic and nobleness, make up baroque, or rococo.


If you are not an expert, it may be difficult for you to understand how these styles differ. So, in Rococo bedroom furniture white or cream, in tone for the ivory, it is decorated with gold inserts, inlay, the upholstery is used in pastel colors. But with regard to baroque furniture, it is somewhat similar to the previous version, but still it is more massive, contrasting, monumental, and the coloring is already used more darkly: beige tones, walnut and cherry, mahogany, maybe black (well , or almost black).


Very delicate and restrained versions of classical furniture in the Italian style. It is not pretentious, without massive decorative decorations. Items are made from veneer / solid wood, but if we talk about more economical options, then they already use the MDF profile of a figured sample, which is covered with a film in textures.


Modern Style

As a rule, the forms of such furniture are simple and concise, and wood and new materials are used as materials. The furniture of such a plan can be installed in a wide variety of interior styles:

  • Loft, with simple and squat objects, where medium brown tones are used.
  • Модерн — для него приоритетна мебель с ярким покрытием глянцевой эмали, в которой есть спецэффекты, а также однотонные варианты гарнитур из LDSP и пластика, имеющие криволинейные формы. Сюда же прекрасно подходят варианты мебели в белом глянце.
  • In minimalism, the furniture has a matt shagreen texture, a color scheme in natural wood, shades and honey, and wenge.
  • High-tech style is characterized by innovative technologies, the use of dark colors, the options of Italian furniture. Forms should be concise, materials are modern and popular. In this case, the facade of white or black color, and also red, will suit most of all.
  • For boys in childhood, or in adulthood - an excellent option will be the nautical theme in the bedroom.
  • But for girls and girls - romanticism is the most advantageous.
  • The use of the art deco style is gaining popularity, in which old traditions are applied "in a new way". Accordingly, colors are used in contrast, for example, black with white, or with silver, bleached oak with wenge and others.


Trust your tastes and preferences and decorate the bedroom, as your "soul" wishes!

Bedroom furniture 101 photos

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