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It's nice and easy to think about design in a spacious mansion with ten rooms, in a new building, when the apartment is sold in an open plan, and its area is at least 100 m2.

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And what about those who have Khrushchev? How to think over the design of the bedroom in Khrushchev, so that you will be pleased with the result?

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The layout of the bedroom

Before choosing a layout, you need to decide what will be the bedroom - a clean bedroom or combined ...

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Most often, the interior of the room is made up of such furniture options: a sofa or a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe, lighting devices. All these elements are in the classic bedroom, but because sometimes sleeping in the entire apartment is one, it can be and other furniture.

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Zoning спальной зависит лишь от назначения ее: спальная с гостиной, спальная будуар или же спальная с кабинетом.

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Bedroom-living room - the project is difficult to implement, especially if the room is small. To realize the conceived in the room use a folding sofa that is used at night as a bed, in the afternoon as a place where guests are accepted.

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It is easier to furnish a bedroom with an office, because it is inappropriate for such a zoning bed, and choose a sofa.


Compact, and it can be easily folded as needed. Today, almost no stationary PCs are used and therefore massive tables are not needed.

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The corner table separates the rest area from the working area. In the corner you can often see the shelves that occupy the corner.

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Harmonious room - sleeping boudoir, when combined sleeping with a corner of beauty, which fits a spacious bed, mirrors, dressing table and a spacious chest of drawers.

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Design selection

Almost everything is suitable for a quiet, bright interior of the bedroom in Khrushchev, so to speak neutral. The best way is to decorate the floor covering with wood.

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The walls are light, in one tone. It is possible to use olive, brown, sand. The walls are decorated with plaster and textured wallpaper.

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On the ceiling is stucco molding, friezes, because the interior will become much more interesting, thoughtful.

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If the style of the interior of the bedroom in the Khrushchev classic is a distinctive feature - accessories - numerous figurines, mirrors and candlesticks. Mandatory condition - soft and warm lighting.

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For a bedroom it is necessary to choose a chandelier with several shades, which will be combined with lamps near the bed, sconces.

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Provence is a French version of the design, its distinctive feature is coziness. When you design a small bedroom in Khrushchev, you should choose the most natural materials.

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Not often used wallpaper in the bedroom in Khrushchev, preference is given to painting. The furniture is old, carving is not superfluous. No claims are made to the design of the ceiling.

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Decor - pillows, in huge quantities. It is appropriate to use flowers in vases and pots, wooden statuettes, photo frames.

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Modern bedroom in Khrushchev can be executed in the style of minimalism, because the style is in demand due to easy execution, as well as budgetary repair.

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Particular merit of the style - space, which is at the minimum loaded, does not distract itself.

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Creating a Design

Neutral shade should be all surfaces. A "cold" combination is used - a combination of white with black and gray, or "warm", a combination of brown and white and beige. Whatever the scale, an accent color can easily be added - green, red, blue, bright orange.

  • In special niches hides the lighting. Since the bedroom in the Khrushchevka is quite small, it is better to think over the lighting in the furniture.
  • A stylish lamp on the floor plays both the role of a lighting device and an accessory.
  • Almost no decor.
  • The surface of the furniture is glossy, smooth.

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Color solution

Choosing during the repair of the bedroom in Khrushchev's color performance, it is important to remember that the purpose of the room is rest. Actually, therefore, it is not desirable to choose flashy colors.

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At the heart of the stylish design are three colors, and the selection is made on the gradient, and also on the compatibility of them among themselves. Only in this way will the room look harmonious, and the numerous photos of the bedroom in Khrushchev are proof of this.

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If there is not enough brightness in the interior, it is worth using decor - sofa cushions, rug, bedspread.

Bedroom design in pastel colors


It is rare when the upper light is used in the bedroom, and therefore it is important to think about the local light - the lamps on the curbstones, at the head of the bed of the sconce.

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In the bedroom, almost everything depends on the small things, because they give the room a cozy and liveliness. But still with the details, too, you need to know the measure, do not overdo it.

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If you have a narrow bedroom in a Khrushchev, it is appropriate to use mirrors that visually expand the space. It is best to use a closet, the doors of which are mirrored.

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If the wardrobe is placed opposite the window opening, the mirrors will reflect the daylight, and therefore the room will have additional lighting.

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In general, we can say that just execute the design of the bedroom, the main thing, choose the color, style, and then create.

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