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The style of the interior design "art deco" originated in the beginning of the 20th century in France and originally assumed the use for the bedroom design of only natural materials of high value - valuable woods, semiprecious and ornamental stones, ivory, crocodile skin, the skin of rare animals.


The use of such materials makes it possible to give the bedroom design art-deco refinement, piquancy and glamorous elegance. At the same time, many design elements were borrowed from Empire style and Cubism and diluted with primitivism of decorative ornaments of African tribes and archaic elements characteristic of ancient civilizations.

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Distinctive style features of art deco

The photo of the Art Deco bedroom shown below clearly shows that the completeness of the stylistic decision is emphasized by the presence on the walls and along the edges of the ceiling of the geometric ornament in the form of zigzag-shaped segments.


This accent is strengthened with parquet boards, laid with a "Christmas tree". An additional feature of the style is the trapezoidal design of door and window openings, and mirrors.


To introduce the elements of the ancient Assyrian culture and Mayan traditions well known for stepped pyramids and hanging gardens to the common style solution, the principle of gradualness is realized by the original organization of artificial lighting, which is most easily formed on multi-level ceilings and using additional local lighting emphasizing the difference in the heights of the bedside table or chest and a night bed.


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In this contrast color solution for bedroom furniture in the Art Deco style will only emphasize the completeness of the interior. An excellent example is a sofa made of stained oak or ebony, draped with silver chiffon or brocade.


Professional designers call this technique a "piano effect" where dark and light semitones coexist like the keys of this musical instrument.


Color scheme for Art Deco bedroom

The overall color solution of the bedroom in the Art Deco style denies the use of "variegated" in the finish of ceiling and wall panels. When decorating a bedroom, one, the prevailing color (milky white, light green, tender blue) is selected, which should be distinguished by the brightness of the shade and the cleanliness of the surface.

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To make the interior element romantic, the intersection of panels can be underlined by pastel halftones, simulating the presence of chiaroscuro.

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Despite the fact that initially the main color solution of the bedroom in the art-deco style meant the use of juicy accents of lemon or orange, today designers prefer to contrast with shades of ultramarine or black halftones.


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This gives the bedroom an art deco, the interior of which should be distinguished by expression, extra originality, piquancy and style and allows to increase the accents of contrast solutions using local lighting.


Additional decoration is carried out with small smears of patinated bronze or "old" silver. "


Choice of materials

When choosing materials, modern interior designers prefer not to deviate from the principles formed a century ago. The only deviation from the accepted rules is the use of quality substitutes that adequately imitate valuable woods, semi-precious and ornamental stones, decorative taming of animal skins and horns.


When selecting materials, the following are the most typical (typical) solutions:

  • the surface of wooden countertops, curbs, skirting boards and platbands can be inlaid with imitation of precious stones and metals;
  • looks great in the bedroom, an artificial zebra skin hanging on the wall or imitating a lion's skin used as a bedside rug;
  • mirrors can be fixed to the walls in trapezoidal frames or insets made of multi-colored glass;
  • a stained glass door or one of the windows near which the head of the bed will be located will fit into the art-deco style well;
  • in the art-deco style welcome inserts of polished stainless steel or aluminum, anodized for bronze, silver and gold - the same principles are followed when choosing furniture, door and window fittings;
  • when forming the interior, attention should be paid to the presence of reflective planes made of polished wood, glass or mirror inserts.


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