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In connection with the increase in the volume of individual housing construction, whereby homeowners can determine the layout and size of living quarters, interior designs in national styles, among which one of the first places are of Japanese style, are gaining popularity.


Any young family wants to turn their bedroom into a room in which the interior harmoniously combines cosiness, modernity and style.


The bedroom in the Japanese style fully corresponds to the tasks set, in which minimalism and laconism of the furniture environment are complemented by a harmonious combination of color solutions and originality of textures of decorative and finishing materials.


This is possible due to the fact that the interior design of the bedroom in the Japanese style initially involves the use of natural materials, which, in addition to natural decorative features are highly ecological.


Features of interior design solutions for bedrooms

Unlike the widespread, modern minimalist styles of interior design - art deco, loft or high-tech, the countries of the rising sun make the furniture of the sleeping room to a minimum, avoiding simplicity and primitivism.


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When forming the interior of a bedroom in the Japanese style, three principles should be guided: practicality, use of natural materials and maximum release of free space.


At the same time, the overall harmony of the interior is emphasized by separate accents and inadmissibility of mixing with other style solutions.


Some designers use the brocade, silk and carpet products as draperies and finishing materials in the design of the bedrooms, believing that the Japanese style will be emphasized by the minimum of furniture, without understanding that they form the design of the Arab East, to which the interior of the Land of the Rising Sun has no relations.

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When developing a design project, bedrooms should be guided by the following rules:

  • taking into account the proximity, the associative nature of the Japanese style with nature in the arrangement of the bedroom, it is necessary to use not only natural materials, but also to use furniture and furniture accessories made of wood, stone (glass), and other natural materials that are subjected to minimal processing, changing them appearance;
  • when forming a color solution, it is necessary to choose the main, prevailing color, which can be supplemented with its shades - with preference given to cream, gray and black colors, as well as milky white halftones;
  • when organizing artificial lighting it is necessary to take care of its softness, which is perfectly realized when using paper lampshades, dressed in a conventional lamp.


The implementation of these principles is well reflected in the photo of the bedroom in the Japanese style, cited at the end of the article.


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Features of architecture and decoration of the bedroom

When forming the design of the bedroom in the Japanese style, special attention is paid to the decoration of wall and ceiling panels, as well as the floor surface, which are always in sight and should emphasize the unity of the bedroom design with natural motifs.


The ideal solution for flooring is the use of a natural wood massif, opened with a protective layer of clear varnish, which does not hide the natural texture and structure of the wood. A worthy alternative replacement will be a panel of laminate "for bamboo" or linoleum with a pattern that mimics the structure of the wood cut.


Wall panels should be covered with wooden panels, which can be supplemented with wallpaper with views of Fujiyama or bamboo thickets, and inserts of natural textiles.


Ceiling panels should emphasize the airiness and weightlessness of the Japanese style. The perfect solution will be the use of suspended structures with built-in lights, which can be supplemented with inserts from the evenly painted in "Japanese" colors of glass.


When furnishing a bedroom, use minimal functional furniture. Today in furniture supermarkets you can find quite a few products imported from the countries of South-East Asia, which fully correspond to the design in the Japanese style.


A beautiful decorative addition to the overall design solution will be the use of indoor plants in the style of bonsai. They need to be planted in simple earthenware pots with a minimum of decorative finishes. Also a Japanese vase with a bouquet - Ikebana - will fit nicely into the interior of the bedroom.


Photo ideas of interior design of a bedroom in Japanese style


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