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As a rule, we spend almost a third of our life in the bedroom. Accordingly, since we use such premises very often, they should be as comfortable, stylish and comfortable as possible. We offer to consider the best design of bedrooms in the interior photo of bedrooms, as well as to consider in more detail the questions regarding the choice of finishing materials, textiles and furniture for the organization of such rooms.


Ideas for interior design bedrooms of small sizes

In fact, it is the small bedrooms that are the most cozy. It is completely out of place fuss, as well as loud sounds. But as for the creation of a comfortable space to sleep and rest, in fact it is not as difficult as it may seem.


With regard to the issue of the design of small bedrooms, this is a very important issue not only for apartments in which a typical layout. Regardless, in which city, and even in what country you live, everywhere you can suffer from crowdedness and lack of space. But, there is salvation! Modern designers, known all over the world, have already managed to develop a huge variety of different interior designs, among which each for himself can pick the most suitable option.

Modern Home BedroomInterior Design

Bedroom interior styles

For small rooms it is quite acceptable to design in village styles. True, here it is not a matter of establishing, as in the olden days, yarns or lunches. Nevertheless, various items made of natural materials can be used. They will give the rooms incredible comfort and warmth.


For those who do not like at all, and do not accept the country style, they can choose the high-tech version or the classics, but in a low-key design.

Interior Design

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As for bedrooms with an area of ​​ten squares, even with a huge desire in them, it makes no sense to embody the style of the chalet, or the modern loft, since such variants are used for large areas. Nevertheless, it is possible to use them some variants in separate versions of other style solutions.


We offer you to get acquainted with the existing features of the styles that can be used to decorate the bedrooms:

  • Modern - it is practical and comfortable, in addition it can combine the various elements inherent in different styles.
  • Classic, for which the design of textiles is inherent, beds are placed large with headboards, it is acceptable to use complex shapes with patterns, the availability of wealth with luxury, the composition must be unified.
  • Provence uses pastel shades and necessarily, natural materials, with floral motifs. Various trinkets can also be used.
  • The style of Japan, in which everything is in complete unity, using natural materials. The most used colors here are: black, white, red, and also natural shades.
  • If we talk about minimalism, then this version of the modern bedroom style is international Japan, where pastel shades are acceptable, there can be several accents. Besides. That there should be as simple forms as possible, everything should be functional.
  • Modernity, modern style

To design was as practical as possible, take time. With the course of the modern pace of life, we are increasingly striving for that. To make everything as simple and convenient as possible, on the other hand - it is clean and functional. In addition, if the bedroom is very small, it has no place to put any complex designs and structures. Moreover, the smaller the room is, the more visually it looks. This is what should be applied, making out the design in the Art Nouveau style, to the main advantages of which can be attributed:

  • To organize lighting, there are no special requirements.
  • The main idea is comfortable and comfortable furniture.
  • Any technological innovation and implementation fits perfectly.
  • Materials can be used very different.
  • Fantasy can be boundless. In modernity, any traditional as well as trendy interior items are related.


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It is worth considering! Modernity is a universal style that fits into any room, regardless of its size and purpose.


Classic Bedroom Interior

In such cases, it is customary to embody the comfort with luxury that were used in the Emperor's empresses. In such a room, the main emphasis will be the bed, which must necessarily have a high headboard. Rather, it is not just a bed, but a real bed, in which you will expect an idle vacation with a nego. If you prefer a variety of rich finishes, curtains with rush in large quantities, many pillows, as well as a bed with a high headboard, the classic is exactly what you need. It's just the perfect solution!

cozy-interior-apartment-in-new york-10

The features of the classics include:

  • Textiles in large quantities. We are talking about carpets made by hand, and drapes, which adorn the walls, and a multi-tiered type of curtains, bedspreads and bed curtains.
  • Your status, as the owner of housing, will emphasize the snow-white color scale.
  • The bed should be large enough, and it must necessarily have a large, high headboard. In this case, it is decorated quite generously.
  • Must be a single composition.


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If the bedroom is small, the classic in it can create a feeling, as if it is crowded and cluttered. Therefore, if you still decided to design a bedroom in the style of a classic, the composition should be thought through very carefully.


Interior of a light bedroom in the style of Provence

This style is inherent in the options of pastel tonalities, flowers in flowerpots, as well as prints, furnishings from wooden furniture, as well as many other souvenir products. This interior is somewhat old-fashioned to some extent, at the same time it's airy, in which you will be distracted from everyday vanity.

Natural features are its peculiarities. In this version of the interior design, everything is simple and straightforward, without pretentiousness. Because Provence is a subspecies of country style. Accordingly, curtains of silk, replace the cotton material, which will be applied to the discreet flower. On the floor, lining parquet from natural wood, or laminate with imitation of aged wood.


Style of small Japan

For those who did not know, Japan is a whole philosophy. The idea of ​​creating an interior design is that everything is simple and close to nature, thanks to the fact that people tend to understand themselves, is reflected in the design of this style. As for the situation as a whole, here everything is only necessary, and there is absolutely nothing superfluous. Do not use the technological type of materials, choose natural wood. In comparison with the style of Provence, silk is most appropriate here. Other natural types of materials, such as wood and bamboo, porcelain and stone, silk threads, are also very suitable here. That's it for them and should make an accent, decorating the interiors.


The Japanese are skilled masters of riddles. After all, they can see even a shadow that generates light. It is manifested by the design of the lighting, and in this version of the style. For example, as an alternative to chandeliers use spotlights, candles. In this case, objects that fall into bright zones are taken into account, and the light is muffled, which does not reveal any secrets of the sleeping room to anyone.


Use colors such as a contrasting version of white, black or red, which are supplemented with a neutral gray shade. The room can look warmer if the design will use variations of natural shades, for example, brown, or coffee with milk, a delicate beige. This version of style refers to one of the few in which it is quite appropriate to look furniture in black.


What features characterize the Japanese style bedrooms? They include the following:

  • Lighting should be both strong and muted.
  • Materials should be used only natural.
  • There is nothing extra, every existing item must have its own style and purpose, and the place must be clearly defined.
  • If you use any jewelry or accessories, they must necessarily correspond to the original idea. For example, on the walls there can be fans, on the shelf there is a doll in national clothes, and you can also have a screen. In this case, each subject necessarily refers to the Japanese style.
  • Furniture has simple geometric shapes. Anything superfluous in this version of the interior will look completely ridiculous.



To some extent, this style is similar to Japanese. Both there and there should not be anything superfluous, the forms are simple, and attention is accented on the maximum free space. It can even be said, as if minimalism is a variation of the international variation on the theme of laconic decoration of interior design. For those who like lush classics, as well as luxury, this style is unlikely to be to their liking. Nevertheless, minimalism will be to the liking of many owners of small apartments, which are often found in panel houses. In addition, among many types of interior bedrooms, this option is chosen by people who are constantly busy, they are organized in everything, and in every detail they necessarily have order.


This style is also similar to the Japanese use of natural shades, as well as low variations of the bed.


If we talk about minimalism, there can be a lot of different options, which can be attributed hi-tech, endowed with metallic shades. And also innovative innovations in interior design. You can also choose an ethnicity, similar to minimalism, with natural motifs. Compared with the style of Japan, minimalism uses a wide range of colors, as well as various options for bright accents. In this case, white predominates here. Classic is a combination of perfectly white with pastel gray. Or brown. Accents in this case are made with the help of bright objects of miniature dimensions, for example, pillows, a bed headboard, a flower vase. The main task is to make sure that the main interior is decorated with a light, unobtrusive color scheme.


Choosing furniture

In particular, if the bedroom is small, it is difficult to choose furniture in the bedroom. After all, in such a room you can not do without a cabinet, let alone a bed. Of course, if the room is miniature, it would be completely out of place to look like a full-fledged set, which includes bedside tables and a dressing table. Well, of course, but how to pass in the closet, if close to it will stand boudoir table? Therefore, in this case it is still necessary to abandon the whole set, selecting each object separately. Regardless of the chosen design option, even if you do not have a white bedroom interior, but the furniture should be light, it will not "eat" space at all.


Cabinet selection

Of course, the best option is the built-in closet cabinet. Doors at the opening will not be a hindrance to moving around the room. But if there are mirrors on the doors, this way the room will look more visually. In this case, the cabinet compared with the background of the walls should be as visible as possible. If you were lucky enough to have a bedroom with a niche, it will be possible to organize a beautiful wardrobe.


Selecting a bed

Even if the interior design of the bedroom is in the style of a classic, choose a bed that will not have legs. In turn, the lower the product, the more space above it, and the bed, therefore, will be less prominent in the main bedroom background. As for the covers and other textile elements, they, as well as in the case with the closet cabinet, do not have to coincide with the color range of the walls, but the harmony between them must be unambiguous.


To save space in the case of a small bedroom, it is recommended to install one-and-a-half bed options, with a width of 160 to 180 centimeters, than to choose double, which can be up to forty centimeters in width.


Bedside tables for bedside area

Even if you applied a light color in the interior of the bedroom, it is still worth to refuse from the thumbs. We recommend to replace them with hanging shelves. On the other hand, you need to be very careful if you decide to place such shelves above your head. After all, you can not only hit them and cause injury, but the objects falling from them will not only hurt, but they can also hurt you.

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In a bedroom it is not necessary to hang a chandelier with floor lamps, prefer built-in versions of fixtures. So you will make space not too cluttered, thus it will be possible to adjust lighting easily if necessary.


120 photos of the interior of a modern bedroom





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