Bedspread for the bedroom - which one to choose

Bedspread for the bedroom - this is the subject of the interior, which is capable, if there is such a need, to concentrate all attention on the bed or to become an excellent background for a stylishly designed headboard.

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At first glance, it may seem that it will not be difficult to choose, but in this issue it's not so simple.

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As soon as you start the search, you will understand - the number of different materials and design covers for the bedroom is much higher than you imagined it.

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You will be attracted to a chic silk products, cheerful bedspreads from multi-colored shreds, gentle pastel shades, as well as colors that are full of passion.

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On which option should I choose? Today we will try to answer this question.

Criteria for choosing bedspread for bedroom

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a stylish and beautiful bedspread for a bedroom, one should remember a number of basic criteria:

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  • Style of decoration of the room;
  • Size and shape of the bed;
  • Predominant colors in the interior of the bedroom;
  • Area of ​​the room;
  • Practicality and safety of materials.

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Of course, relying only on these parameters, it is impossible to choose the perfect cover for the bedroom. Let us consider in detail all the subtleties and nuances of this case.

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Choice of color scheme covers and harmony of hues in the interior

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We suggest you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts concerning the selection of the color palette for bedspreads in the bedroom:

Correspondence to the color design of the interior. This is the most simple, but very effective technique - when choosing the color of the coverlet, you can focus on the shades that prevail in the room environment. For example, the blue color is well combined with emerald and sky-blue, and green - with olive or mint.

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It is also possible to match the color of the veil with the color of the walls. A plain wall covering requires textiles in the same tone, but the presence of a pattern on the blanket is mandatory.

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If the wallpaper is decorated with any well-expressed images, the veil is selected for the style of the picture or ornament.

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Most of the elite bedspreads for the bedroom coincide in color with furniture and a suite. With the help of this method, you can focus on expensive furniture upholstery or natural materials from which the bed is made.

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Harmony of style

If you take a close look at the photo cover for the bedroom, you will certainly notice - all the elements of the design are similar to each other and matched within one particular style.

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Romantic atmosphere or strict restrained style, the predominance of minimalism or an emphatically luxurious interior - each of these styles corresponds to its own type of cover:

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For the Classicist style, a whole set of bedspreads is usually chosen for the bedroom, which also includes curtains, and sometimes even a canopy. Such a decision will add to the room of elegance, and matched in tone to each other, the textile elements will make it also incredibly stylish.

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Interior in the spirit of baroque - is the predominance of luxury goods and expensive textured materials.

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Bedspread for such a bedroom should match the features of style, ideally suited fabric - aristocratic velvet, decorated with rhinestones or chic fur. Most often, baroque covers are decorated with lace, fringed or luxurious draperies.

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For a bedroom in the style of minimalism, textiles are selected with a clear texture, but without intricate color combinations and complex ornaments.

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Ideal cover for this style - an unvaried monophonic material, decorated with a pattern of geometric shapes.

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The themes of the village style are quilted bedspreads of various cloth flaps decorated with floral ornaments. The most successful color scheme for this option is gentle pastel shades.

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Bedspread for the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style is a shiny satin fabric with numerous frills and lush ruffles.

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For interior decoration in ethnic style, it is recommended to choose a set of bedspreads with curtains for the bedroom, imitating the colors of animal skins.

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For a bedroom without a pronounced style of interior, neutral blankets are suitable - white, milky, peach.

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If the situation in the room seems boring and faceless to you, then a veil of bright contrasting color will become a kind of "highlight" of the interior and create the right accent.

Bedroom interior design in classic style

Closure material for the bedroom - the nuances of choice

Before buying a blanket for a bedroom, you should take into account all the subtleties and nuances in choosing the material from which it is made. The most important criterion is, of course, security.

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In the bedroom there is no place for low-quality textile materials, because they are not longevous and can even cause harm to health, provoking an allergic reaction.

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So, we present you the most popular fabrics for making bedspreads:

  • Practical and elegant fur will never go out of fashion. Suppose both a natural and an artificial variant.
  • Viscose - very soft to the touch soft, smooth matter. Has high hygroscopicity. (Note: note that the product may "sit down" a little after the first wash).
  • Silk is expensive and pleasant to the body, but very impractical material. Products made of this fabric require special care, they are also not recommended for washing in a washing machine.
  • Very practical and beautiful bedspreads for a bedroom are products made of fleece. Such material is able to preserve a presentable appearance for many years, while it does not need special care or delicate hand wash.

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As you can see, a huge selection of textile for the bedroom allows you to choose a cover for almost any interior.

SH11A093CANDICETELLSALL Jan. 24, 2011 -- This once-frosty bedroom has become a restful retreat in which one can relax, have quiet time and turn up the heat. (SHNS photo courtesy HGTV)

It does not matter whether you give preference to animal designs or floral patterns, choose a calm, monochrome or bright textured veil, stop on a glossy glossy or fluffy fur, the main thing is that the purchased textiles should be pleasing to the eye and bring harmony both to the interior of your bedroom and to your life.

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Photo bed covers

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