Black bedroom - 100 photos of the exclusive black bedroom

To repair and design in your own bedroom must be approached seriously enough. After all, in this interior you live a few more years or until a new repair.

Black Bedroom (43)

The bedroom is the most closed place in the house, and most important. Here you can relax, relax, read books on one or watch TV. In the end, close from the outside world.

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Etude in dark colors

For the design of the bedroom, light and moderate colors are most often used. Many people think this is right. Of course, the light, gentle bedroom looks gently and soothingly.

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But this is not the only option for decorating the room.

Black Bedroom (21)

In the bedchamber, black shades also look very good. They give luxury, sophistication to style.

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What is already said, that the furniture made of ebony looks just fine, not to mention the long service life. That is why, when doing another repair, look at the design ideas in dark colors.

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Let's look at some of the darker colors in the bedroom:

We refute the cliché about black color

Black as white is in its own way a backdrop, which allows the interior to unfold and emphasize the pretentiousness of details and forms.

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But most are convinced that it is black that makes the room gloomy and uncomfortable.

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Gray and black colors in the bedroom

The shades of gray also serve as a neutral background. With it, almost all colors are combined. Especially those shades more than a hundred. You can easily decorate an extravagant bedroom playing only shades of gray and put black furniture.

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When you want to play on the transitions of flowers or on contrasts, then calmly add to the gray, white and black colors.

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For example, choose a wallpaper with a black-and-gray print on a white background, or apply the desired patterns with a conventional stencil. Photos of black bedrooms in combination with contrasting inserts and accessories are now often found.

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Interior features in black

When it gets dark, everything looks different. Dark colors give the room mysteries and magic, especially black wallpapers in the bedroom with the original drawing.

Black Bedroom (59)

Even furniture and various statues look different here.


Only when you have designed a bedroom in a black scale do you have the opportunity to choose accessories.

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For example, models of old books, interesting candlesticks, interesting crayfish for photos, figures of their semiprecious stones, etc. You can even feel free to black curtains in the bedroom, diluting them with white or red tulle.

Black Bedroom (25)

If you still think such a room is gloomy, you can always add bright elements, up to the choice of neon shades.

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It will not look flashy. Also, outlandish brightness will calmly fit into the dark gray background. Googling a photo of a black bedroom of interiors, many designers deny this.

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Choosing furniture

The bedroom in black tones is universal, it is possible to choose a variety of furniture options.

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Do not assume that the bedroom with black furniture is completely out of place. In this case it is important to choose light accessories, pillows, blankets and stuff.

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Also here it will be appropriate not only white or gray furniture, but also most colors and styles. The main thing in this matter is to decide on the bed. Then finish the design based on the style of the bed.

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Lighting в черной спальни, наверное, одно из самых важных интерьерных решений. Когда спальня выполнена в черных тонах, тогда света много не бывает, особенно когда это маленькая черная спальня.

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Also, you should take care of several light sources, so that he softens the interior of the black bedroom, and not cut his eyes.

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Here it is possible to use a variety of options as the main chandelier, and built-in lamps in the ceiling or walls, a variety of floor lamps, sconces.

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Also in the dark interior, candles look great, for example, the same electric ones.

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Design Tips

Now the design of a black bedroom is not a curiosity. To give a visit to comfort and mystery you can use such solutions:

  • lacquered furniture. Such a decision will give the room a shine and a chic, although everything needs to be moderately;
  • contrasting techniques with color will give the bedroom in black colors more style and coziness;
  • more mirrors, since they perform not only a practical function, but also act as an element of decor.

Black Bedroom (58)

As you can see, the bedroom in black has even more advantages than the usual bright bedrooms.

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Photo of a black bedroom design

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Bedroom Colors With Black Furniture

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