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The design of the bedroom in blue colors, helps to get a light and fresh design, which will not leave anyone indifferent. For many of us, the blue is associated with heavenly purity and lightness.

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Stretch ceiling in light blue color will create an atmosphere of purity and serenity above your head.

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To ensure that this color in the design of the blue bedroom does not look too dull, you should correctly select the color accents, which will favorably emphasize the main tone.

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This will help textile and flooring. Such small details guarantee the desired result.

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The main advantages and disadvantages of the blue sleeping area

Modern technology allows you to get up to thousands of different shades of blue. In the interior of the room can be present as a saturated, and a muted palette. The advantages of this color include:

  • the blue bedroom helps to quickly restore energy;
  • Light shades add lightness to space;
  • light blue visually enhances the surrounding interior;
  • in people with diseases of the respiratory system, this color is associated with cleanliness and freshness;
  • The combination of blue and pink allows you to create a gentle design for sophisticated natures.

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In addition to the advantages, like any other color, it has drawbacks:

  • excessive presence of blue color, makes the bedroom quite cold and uncomfortable;
  • incorrectly selected rich palette of blue, creates a gloomy atmosphere in the sleeping area;

The combination of blue with other flowers in the bedroom

The bedroom in blue color needs the presence of soft shades, which will help create the most comfortable environment in the room. Designers prefer to combine white and white with blue. This option is considered the most optimal. Room will be quite spacious.

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An excellent combination is a beige - blue palette. This blowing simultaneously brings a warm atmosphere to the interior of the blue bedroom. The walls have a cool shade.

Traditional Apartment Bedroom Interior Design Idea Classic Pattern Wallpaper White Cone Shade Branched Chandelier - Imageelf

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Textile decoration in pastel colors helps to add a little coziness.

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Gray - blue combination is typical for the style of hi - tech and minimalism. Blue bedroom wallpaper is perfectly combined with gray - pearl textiles. Such colors of the sleeping area are typical for people with a subtle character.

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Light brown and blue. The bedroom in blue tones with the presence of soft shades of brown originates in the early 80's. There should not be an excessive amount of brown color.

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The fact is that the dark color dominates the blue, as a result you risk getting a gloomy room. Curtains made in brown shade will serve as the main accent.

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Bright colors in the blue bedroom

Juicy shades have peculiar features. These include:

  • yellow. Its use adds to the room of solar heat. These colors are in perfect harmony with each other;
  • the presence of warm shades charges with positive energy;
  • green. Both colors look good in the finished interior, but here it is recommended to add another warm shade. It can be: beige, pale yellow, light brown;
  • Do not combine orange and blue. You run the risk of getting quite a saturated atmosphere in the interior;
  • pink. This shade adds a piece of warmth and tenderness to the sleeping area. This blowing well affects the person's well-being and helps to relax.

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Furniture in the Blue Bedroom

The color of furniture with a sleeping zone also has a huge role. To create a harmonious interior, it is recommended to select furniture attributes in the tone of the color solution.

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The natural coloring on wood fits perfectly into the blue bedroom.

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Beige and white color bedroom set allows you to create a luxurious design. In the photo of the blue bedroom, you will mark the correct combination of the main palette with other colors.

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Photo of a blue bedroom

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