Blue bedroom - the design features of the bedroom in blue

The sleeping area is an inexhaustible space for the inspiration of many designers. The zone of sleep lends itself to any imagination.

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But the most important task of any design project is to create a comfortable recreation area for a modern person. The choice of color scheme plays a huge role.

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Psychologists offer to pay special attention to various shades of blue. It has a beneficial effect on a person's emotional state and on his psychological health.


Some believe that it helps in rejuvenation and healing. The bedroom in blue tones creates a feeling of coolness in the summer. The room is filled with freshness.

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The presence of the blue color sleeping area

The blue color of many of us is associated with cleanliness, calm and silence. A lighter coloring helps to visually increase the surrounding space. That is why, the designers take as a basis the light blue walls of the bedroom.

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For large rooms, it is customary to choose dark colored shades of this color. It helps to competently reduce the entire interior, adding to it a piece of coziness. The dark blue bedroom is suitable for people leading an active lifestyle. He charges them with the necessary energy.

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For many of us, blue symbolizes the marine atmosphere, so the design in most cases is made in the appropriate subject. The walls have different shades of blue with the presence of strips.

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For a bright accent, use a textile combination in the form of orange or peach color.

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Some consider such a bedroom interior in blue colors with marine themes quite boring and dull.

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In order to add softness to the space, experienced professionals advise adding fresh flowers and houseplants. They dilute the boring design and fill it with ease and weightlessness.

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In order to add a little entourage to the blue bedroom, designers recommend combining a rich shade of blue with white and white. Furniture and textiles must be perfectly white.

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In the bedroom space creates an incredibly fabulous atmosphere, which is ideal for the relaxation zone.

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Combination of blue with other colors

To fans of bright colors, a bold combination of blue with sunny yellow or juicy lime is offered. Such interiors significantly raise the mood. People with a refined nature should better refrain from such colors. The most common combinations are:

  • white;
  • Gray;
  • light yellow;
  • bright green;
  • light pink;
  • light brown.

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The interior of the blue bedroom requires a special approach. Here the main thing is not to overdo it with the presence of colors, so that the room does not get a gloomy look. The combination of muted shades, can create a light atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

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Darker colors, need the presence of accents, which will dilute the surrounding environment.

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The presence of a pearl-gray hue in the design of the blue bedroom, helps to get an elegant interior for luxurious natures.

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It is worth noting that the gray paint is represented in textile design and floor covering.

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The blue wallpaper in the bedroom adds an inviting design. Thanks to them, the surface does not look dull and dull.

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Lighting in the bedroom

The saturated shades of blue are cool and fresh. Add lighting to the interior of warmth and comfort. Do not use too bright lighting, which is used in the living room or kitchen. Here it should be warm.

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Wall lights and spotlight help create a muted light and mystery in the interior of the bedroom. Bedside lamps are also considered a winning option.

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Choosing a blue color for a bedroom should not be afraid of getting a cold environment.

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A competent approach can correct the situation in a completely different direction. In the photo of the blue bedroom, you will note a successful combination of colors and shades of blue.

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Photos of a bedroom of blue color

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