Bordovaya bedroom - the best combination of burgundy colors

Have you started repairs in the bedroom and can not decide on the design? Modern production allows you to create an interior in your own apartment for every taste.

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The main thing in interior design is to decide what effect you want to achieve. Some want to turn the bedroom into a room for rest and relaxation, others - in a room that will cheer up, energize from the very morning.

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There can be many interior design options in the bedroom, but there is one general condition that must be met in any of them: the bedroom should be cozy and aesthetic.

In the work on creating a space that meets this condition, the choice of the color scale plays an important role. We suggest to consider such a color solution as a bedroom in the Bordeaux color.

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Advantages of burgundy color

Bordovy is a color of noble origin. It has long been used in the interior, as an indicator of prosperity and belonging to a higher society. During the Middle Ages, it was considered the color of kings.

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This color is used today by designers to give the interior a special chic, sophistication and refinement.

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The influence of the burgundy interior on the psychological state

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Since burgundy color is derived from red, some people read that the interior of the bedroom decorated in this color will be annoying, and will quickly get bored. But experts in the field of interior design argue that this is not so.

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The burgundy color is softer and warmer, so it can give the interior a "warming" effect.

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Decorated in accordance with all rules, the interior in Bordeaux color will help balance thoughts, get rid of depression, find harmony with oneself. With a competent combination of shades and furniture, such a bedroom will become a place where you can relax and recover from a hard day.


Bordeaux color combinations

A truly homely and warm atmosphere in the bedroom will create a burgundy in combination with muted yellow shades.

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Shades should not be bright, such as, for example, golden or sand. Very beautiful look maroon walls with small yellow patterns, or a yellow veil on the bed, decorated with pillows of wine shades. It will fit into this interior furniture made of reddish wood, with golden details.

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Very sophisticated will be the interior, decorated in a combination of burgundy and tender pink. This bedroom will be filled with a sensual, romantic atmosphere.

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Very bold and daring will be a combination of burgundy and green. In this green color should not be much, burgundy should prevail. Harmoniously fit in such an interior green houseplants.

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In a burgundy interior, with any color combination, there should be bright illumination of yellow tones. Multilevel lighting will help to expand the space.

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Elements of decor in the burgundy interior

Decor for burgundy interior should be selected depending on the style in which the room is made out. The most successful looks burgundy in the classical style.

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If you decide to decorate the bedroom in the style of "Art Deco", then its excellent complement will be objects of decor from silver, glass and gilding. These can be vases, metal lamps, night lamps in the form of candlesticks, etc.

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The bedroom in the style of "minimalism" will be decorated with silver accessories. Furniture in such a bedroom is better to choose dark shades.

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A good addition to the interior in the classical style will be paintings, various types of weapons, porcelain figurines, tapestries.

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If you are able to think creatively, do not be afraid to try and experiment, then you will surely find the most successful solution for bedroom interior design! We wish you creative success!

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