Bright bedroom in modern style + 88 photo design

Bright bedroom interior is preferred by lovers of an active lifestyle or those who intuitively seek to increase vitality, add optimism and colors to everyday life.

bright bedroom (1)

Thinking over the design of a bright bedroom you should decide what degree of saturation is right for you. Perhaps you prefer to use expressive accessories and decor with restrained tones of furniture, or decide on the riot of colors in all the details of the room.

bright bedroom (1)

Consider a photo of a bright bedroom, you will undoubtedly want to decide on updates.

How to keep harmony

To ensure that the colorful interior does not cause fatigue and anxiety, it is necessary to provide for the compatibility of colors and their competent distribution. Here are some rules, the observance of which guarantees success:

  • for large objects (including walls) - lighter colors
  • for small objects - intense tones
  • one color should be main, two others - secondary

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As a rule, in the design of the bedroom in bright colors, there is one catchy accent on the background of more calm and muted. For example, saturated blue and white; orange and beige; bright blue and gray.

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However, combinations of two catchy colors may look attractive enough. For example, the yellow and juicy color of a green apple; Intensive lilac and azure or turquoise; royal blue and green.

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Learn the compatibility of colors before making a choice. Of course, one should take into account personal preferences: think over what shades cause specifically your positive emotions, and which, on the contrary, irritate and depress.

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It is especially appropriate to decorate a bright bedroom in apartments or houses, the windows of which look to the north, and not to the south. This trick will visually add light and make the interior more alive.

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Bedroom with bright accents

If you are not yet ready to decorate the entire room in bright colors, try simply adding colorful details: pillows, curtains, vases of hilarious shades. These little things, undoubtedly, are capable of provoking a surge of energy and making a variety in design.

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Images of exotic flowers on a blanket, pictures and photos will look romantic and quite appropriate in the bedroom.

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Bright bed

Bed - the central part of the bedroom. Emphasize it with the help of cheerful textiles, pillows or picturesque headboard. Modern bed linens abound in a variety of colors.

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Choose a catchy option that harmoniously fits into the big picture, set the main tone or support the overall mood of the room.

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Bright wallpaper in the bedroom

Bright wallpaper is a great solution for those who decided to change the interior without changing furniture. Juicy strips of different widths are better positioned horizontally - this will visually expand the room.

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At low ceilings the best solution will be vertical bands. Lovers of geometric drawings are suitable wallpaper with circles of different diameters or intersecting triangles, squares.

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What color should I prefer?

We should not forget that the bedroom is, first of all, a place for rest and relaxation. Learn how different colors affect the emotional state of a person.

Red activates all the functions of the body, stimulates the nerve centers, causes an influx of energy, joy, warms. In large quantities can cause irritation, fatigue, so it should be used dosed.

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Orange - also quite active color, but less aggressive than red. Tones and causes joy.

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Yellow invigorates, gives a sense of independence and well-being.

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Green calms the effect on a person, pacifies, removes irritation, is good for the eyes.

Blue evokes a feeling of lightness, soothes.

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Blue - the color of peace, spiritualizes, leads to a world free from anxiety. It is believed that blue in large doses makes a person indifferent.

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Purple is a dual color. Being a mixture of blue and red, it simultaneously excites and evokes sadness, attracts and repels. It will appeal to complex emotional natures.

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Even at the planning stage of the bright bedroom interior, make sure that all the details are combined in color and style. This will make the overall picture harmonious and holistic.

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Try to observe the measure, because your comfort is the main goal, to which one should strive.

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Photo of bright bedroom design

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