Cabinet in the bedroom - 100 photos of ideas of the best

How to choose and what should be the design of the closet in the bedroom? In what price range should it be? In this article, we made a selection of photo cabinets in the bedrooms, for which you can surely make the right choice.


In any house, a bedroom is a room in which we retire. Here we relax and relax, forget about the usual hectic routine weekdays. In this room, nothing should disturb us, or distract us. Accordingly, there should be nothing superfluous, cluttering. But if the furniture will be matched correctly, considering how the closet in the bedroom interior will look, the room will be comfortable and cozy. The choice of this subject, however, like other furniture for bedrooms, should be given due attention.


Built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

There is also the opinion that in the bedroom the most important role is played by the sleeping place, that is, the bed. If you say how practical everything is, then such a piece of furniture as a cabinet is of no small importance. It allows you to hide unnecessary things and objects, your own forms with dimensions, in spite of the fact that it is quite capacious and functional. This subject allows you to save a lot of space, almost twenty percent!

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For today, wardrobes - quite popular, have a very considerable demand, and a reputation. This option is just fine as an alternative to an old wardrobe, as well as many other other versions of cabinet furniture. Look at the photos of the wardrobes in the bedroom, not only from above, but also in the inside! After all, even the photos show that they are incredibly roomy, despite the compact dimensions visually from the outside.


Ordering the closet by individual parameters, you do not have to worry about the benefit of using every millimeter of the bedroom.


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In addition to practicality and functionality, such furniture has some features, which include:

  • They are suitable for rooms that have any dimensions, because the doors in such cases move apart. Accordingly, no additional space is absolutely not required, in order to open the doors.
  • As for their filling, each of us can himself set the layout, based on their own wishes and preferences. At the same time, the cabinet will be as spacious and comfortable as possible. Here you already decide on the number of shelves, the availability and number of drawers and other. For example, in the model of your cabinet there can be a special bedside table for the TV, if the place in the sleeping room also allows it to be placed. You can see the variants of such a layout in our photo of the wardrobes.
  • Products can have exquisite, unique designs, because today the most modern methods are used in production. Thanks to this the interior is created individual and unique. They produce such furniture from metal, or natural wood. Finish make matte / glossy - at your discretion. On the doors, usually a glass or mirror, can be applied and some interesting version of the photo design. And, if desired, it can be decorated even with a special illumination of LEDs.

The most basic advantage of an individual order of a wardrobe is a wide and diverse range of relatively different shapes.


Corner cabinet in the bedroom

Such structures simply do not simply have any negative characteristic features. This option for the arrangement is the most successful, especially if the room has very small dimensions. At the same time, if there is a niche in the room, it can be used very successfully.


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But, there are two variants of the shapes of the rooms, in which the corner cabinet can not approach at all. These are long and narrow forms. In all other cases, corner cabinet models help to save space perfectly. If the product is equipped with a mirror door, the space will look even more visually.


It is in this case that the model of the corner cabinet will look compact and small, and on the other hand it will be capacious and large in the interior. You can store clothes on hangers (vertically), there will also be mezzanines, and drawers for your shoes.


In addition, if you compare the price range in comparison with other options, corner cabinets-compartments are much cheaper. There is absolutely no need for the rear side walls, therefore, much less will be spent on materials, which is the reason for the lower cost of the product.

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The material of the cabinet, its finishing materials, should be light, if you are building a small room. Dark color scale, attracts the eyes, as a result of which the room visually looks smaller. How do these products look, look at the photo of the corner cabinets in the bedrooms.


Photo catalog of sliding-door wardrobes in bedrooms

An important feature of the products is the possibility of an independent layout of the internal filling of furniture, based on the wishes and preferences.


To design the room was done correctly, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the photo designs of cabinets in the bedrooms that will help in solving many issues. Then you should decide what will be stored in it. In your thoughts, divide its interior into three main parts:

  • In the lower part, as a rule, they store bags with shoes.
  • The main part will be in the middle. It, in turn, should be divided into the things necessary for everyday wear, as well as for outerwear.
  • In the mezzanines will be stored things that will be used already at times less often.

In addition, we recommend that you decide on the placement of other necessary items:

  • You should consider where you will store socks and underwear along with baskets.
  • Will there be hooks in the filling of furniture, and what kind of hangers do you prefer.
  • Whether it is necessary to install an internal ironing board, accordingly, whether there is a necessity to strengthen an iron.
  • What are the shelves for shoes and where exactly will they be located.


You can use the inside of the doors. They can store belts, ties, many other small things.


What will be the size of a large closet in the bedroom is of great importance. But, it is also important to know the size of each of the branches, so that this issue does not lead to a dead end, being just before choosing and acquiring a specific cabinet model. So, for example, if we talk about the zone for vertical storage of things, then it should be at least a half meter in height, and in width from eighty centimeters. The uppermost shelf should not be more than forty centimeters. As for the standard shelves, they are approximately within 50 cm.


It should be thoughtful that there are several sections in the cabinet at the same time. Well, or at least two or three sections.


Appearance of sliding-door wardrobes

Of course, if you have a desire, you can independently decide on the design of the product. Today, there are many different variations on how to decorate the facades. There can be ordinary versions of mirrors, along with an elite finish, quite expensive, made of leather. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose facades, proceeding from what the general interior in the room is, so that between each other everything was as harmonious as possible.


Cupboard with mirror in the bedroom

This method is the most common. The first thing you can talk about the beauty of the design, although there is some nuance here. It's all in the mirrors, because thanks to them visually the room looks bigger.

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For example, you can make a completely mirror version of the facade, or the mirror will only be on one door of the product. In those cases, if someone is rather afraid of a mirror image, you can make sandblasted glass, or a sandblast.


If we are talking about the design of a children's room, a mirror version of the doors is not the most successful option. After all, the glasses are quite dangerous, because they can be elementaryly damaged, which is very traumatic for a child. Sandblasting is an ecological and safe option for the child's organism.


Closet for children's room

This kind of furniture will help to save space in your child's bedroom. It means that the kid will get much more space for his children's funny games. For inspiration, see the suggested photo options in our catalog.


If the kid is old enough, you can involve him and take part in the design of the cabinet. It is possible that as a result, you will get a wonderful teamwork, which will result in the creation of various styles and designs for designing a wardrobe in a nursery. Here you can choose the option of an interesting and funny photo print, or stained glass, and can be applied to any characters from cartoons and much more.

At the same time, the most important task is precisely the safety and environmental friendliness of materials used in furniture production. For example, natural wood / MDF is used for frames. But as for the facades, they certainly should be non-toxic, and strong enough to mechanical influences.

children's cupboard3

Design with a pattern

It's about sandblasting, which is obtained by processing glass products. On the glass, a stencil is applied with the available version of the pattern, then, under pressure, using quartz sand, it is treated with air. As a result, when the stencil is removed, the part of the glass that was under it remains unchanged, and the treated part is matte.


As for the stencilled drawings, they can be very diverse:

  • Japanese calligraphy
  • The abstraction of all possible options
  • Different flowers
  • Drawings on a certain topic
  • Different variants of children's drawings


As for directly matte ways of design, then such can be basic, as well as drawings.


Custom cabinets-compartments

When the design of the cabinet is already defined, it is necessary to make measurements, and also to calculate the total cost of furniture. By the way, design professional designers are always ready to help with the creation of each client.


We measure the cabinet

There is a plate with the optimal dimensions of the main parameters of the products. They are recommended, respectively, you can start from them. At the same time, you should always rely on the layout of your own housing.

mirror-built-in wardrobe-in-the-hall-with-sandblast-pattern-on-order

Dimensions are as follows:

  • The width is at least seventy centimeters, a maximum of ninety.
  • The height is at least two hundred and seventy eight, the maximum depends on the height of the ceiling of your home (there are no restrictions at all).
  • The depth is at least sixty centimeters, a maximum of seventy, while taking into account the spare ten centimeters per mechanism.

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What details affect the final cost of the cabinet?

The first thing we will talk about materials used for the design, then much depends on the size and filling, that is, the same number of shelves, sections, their location, the number of doors. Among the most expensive cabinets can be identified models made of natural wood. As for PVC with MDF, such options will be much cheaper.


We do not recommend to save too much on the doors of the cabinet, because they will be a display of the product, and they are always in sight.


In addition, the filling of the cabinet plays an important role, because the materials the more qualitative, the more expensive the finished product will be. If your budget has limitations, save on the number of accessories, but the fixing and material must be necessarily high-quality.


Once again, we offer you to look through the proposed furniture options, for example, how stylish and modern the white wardrobe looks in the bedroom, as well as many others. Adhering to the basic rules for choosing cabinets, no doubt, you will choose the best, unsurpassed model of the closet!

100 photo coupés for the bedroom

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