Chandelier in the bedroom - an overview of the species with

From ancient times, chandeliers were indicators of wealth and elegance. It serves not only for lighting, but also decorates the premises. Correctly selected lighting will help to hide the shortcomings of the room.


Sometimes through a small place of dwelling, the main thing in decoration is a chandelier. In no case it should not, especially stand out from the design of the room.


First you need to figure out how to choose the right lighting for the bedroom.


  • Tips for choosing a chandelier
  • Ceiling, today very popular
  • Popular types of lamps
  • Design of chandeliers for the interior
  • Where better to hang a chandelier?
  • 75 photos of ideas how to decorate a chandelier in the bedroom

Tips for choosing a chandelier

The very first and foremost is the harmony of the chandelier with the design of the room. It should fully fit its elements under all parameters, not stand out.


It is necessary to choose the right lighting. It depends on the size of the bedroom.


The chandelier is obliged to illuminate all the corners of the room. If this effect is not achieved, additional lamps are selected.

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Do not forget about the materials from which the device is made. It is associated with lighting and the type of light bulbs.

The chandelier in the bedroom

To date, markets and stores have a huge selection of lighting products.

The chandelier in the bedroom

When buying, pay attention to power. With its stock in the tenants, it is possible to adjust the supply of light.

The chandelier in the bedroom

On the features in use are divided: ceiling chandelier in the bedroom (fixed to the ceiling itself) and suspended (suspended from the ceiling). Their difference in size and method of attachment.

The chandelier in the bedroom

Ceiling, today very popular

Suspended - generally rare, it looks beautiful in the presence of high ceilings. The chandelier in the interior of the bedroom should look beautiful and do not pay too much attention to yourself. Selecting a small illuminator, you need to hang it in rooms with small volumes.

The chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in a small bedroom should be with a minimum of additional elements. Massive - naturally suitable for large bedrooms. For ease of cleaning, a chandelier with simple designs is selected.

The chandelier in the bedroom

Popular types of lamps

And now it's time to sort out the kinds of bulbs.

Consider the most popular:

  • Halogen. They shine brightly and use a minimum of energy. Luminescent. Bright and energy-saving.
  • LED Light. Inexpensive energy efficient and with many different shades of lighting.
  • Chandeliers when choosing lighting zones.


If the room has a work area, then naturally it should be illuminated as much as possible. To provide this veil is necessary, so as not to damage the sight. There are chandeliers with regulators of plafonds. In the recreation area, additional lighting devices are mandatory.

Chandelier in the bedroom

Design of chandeliers for the interior

Modern chandeliers in the bedroom nicely fit into the interior of the room. Suspended constructions with the imitation of candlesticks look elegant. Suitable for classic bedrooms: baroque, rococo, English style. Not convenient for cleaning, lots of items.

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Large chandeliers are appropriate for style in minimalism. Illuminators with crystal pendants are suitable for bedrooms with huge dimensions and high ceilings. They eventually lose their ideal appearance.


Where better to hang a chandelier?

Not necessarily a chandelier, should be attached in the middle of the room, as it is used to. For the bedroom, it would be more appropriate to hang it over a rest area, that is, above the bed. But with this use, the height of the ceiling is taken into account.


According to the rules of feng shui and personal safety rules, a person's head should not be under the appliance. For a large bedroom, buy additional floor lamps or hang some more chandeliers. They are placed symmetrically - in different corners of the room.


Adhering to all the rules and recommendations to choose a chandelier in the bedroom will be very easy and simple. After all, the choice is always for the Khazyaevs.

Chandelier in the bedroom

75 photos of ideas how to decorate a chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

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Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

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Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom



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Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom





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Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom




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