Chandelier in the bedroom

For a long time it was believed that the chandelier is able to tell a lot about the owner of the house.

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If you have ever visited an old manor house or even looked at a photo of a chandelier in the bedrooms of the castles of the 19th century, you certainly drew attention to the enormous importance attached to this interior before.

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Chandelier is not only a device that performs lighting function, but also an important element of decor.

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Today we will talk about the basic rules for choosing chandeliers and sconces in the bedroom, so that they harmoniously entered the interior of the room and blended well with each other.

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You will also learn how to properly place lighting in different types of bedrooms, depending on the style and size of the room.

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Chandelier for the bedroom - choose the right one

Choosing a chandelier in a bedroom is not an easy task, but if you follow a few simple recommendations, then you will certainly get to choose the perfect option.

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The first thing you should pay attention to is whether the chandelier you like is successfully combined with other interior items. In this issue, the functionality of the chandelier fades into the background.

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Please note that the size of the chandelier directly depends on the size of the room for which it is intended. For example, to illuminate a bedroom of impressive dimensions, one chandelier may turn out to be small. In this case, it is necessary to equip the bedroom with additional lighting devices.

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Give preference to modern chandeliers in the bedroom, which allow you to change the direction of the light, make it brighter, or more dim. Especially relevant is the idea for rooms divided into zones.

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When choosing a chandelier, it is also important to take into account the features of the material from which it is made. This item is closely related to the type of bulbs that can be used for a specific lighting device. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

Varieties of light bulbs for chandeliers

Standard, but long obsolete version - incandescent. At one time, they enjoyed great popularity, due to their cheapness and the ability to create a bright, warm light.

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However, such lamps are not suitable for chandeliers made of plastic or synthetic fabric - this material is not resistant to high temperatures and can begin to melt during the heating of the bulb.

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Such a combination is not only very impractical, but also dangerous, because during the melting of material into the air, poisonous substances can enter.

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Widely popular today, similar to incandescent lamps - energy-efficient halogen lamps. Their main advantage lies in the brightness of the glow and the low degree of heating.

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However, this view is not suitable for bedroom lighting because of the accentuated cold glow.

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Such a lamp is not able to create a warm, intimate atmosphere, which the bedroom needs so much.

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Luminescent light bulbs differ little from halogen lamps. They are bright enough and do not consume much energy. However, when using such lamps, it will be very difficult to achieve a warm glow.

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If you still choose this option, then think about minimizing the coldness of the light with a shade of warm shade.

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Another type, rapidly gaining popularity - LED energy-saving light bulbs. This option allows you to choose a shade of glow, which is suitable for a particular room.

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However, at the moment, the choice of chandeliers, in which LED light bulbs are used, is rather meager.

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Take note of some more helpful tips for choosing a chandelier for a bedroom:

Remember one "golden" rule: a small chandelier in a small bedroom and nothing else. Massive models visually reduce an already small space.

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The chandelier should not hang too close to the floor. The optimal distance from its lower part to the floor is 2 meters.

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Choosing an unusual model with a lot of elements, think about whether it will be convenient for you to wash it, because the bedroom is a very dusty room.

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An important criterion for choosing a chandelier is its power. Take a closer look at models in which you can adjust the brightness of the glow depending on what light you need at a particular moment.

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Ceiling chandelier in the bedroom - this is usually a model of a small size, which is fixed in a special way to the ceiling. This option is very compact, and therefore - quite popular in the market.

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A good option for you can be a pendant chandelier in the bedroom. Note that such models are quite large and require certain conditions. For example, a suspended chandelier will only be appropriate in spacious bedrooms with high ceilings.

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If your bedroom is divided into zones, then each of them needs full illumination. For example, if the light in the work area is dim - you risk spoiling your eyesight. Chandeliers with adjustable shades allow you to redirect the flow of light in the desired part of the room.

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Take care of additional lights for the relaxation area. A good option may be a wall mounted above the head of the bed. This idea is sure to please all lovers to read before going to bed.

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Chandelier as an element of bedroom design

In order to know exactly which chandelier is best for a bedroom, let's look at some of the most common models and layout options for this device.

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The most aesthetic properties have chandeliers made under the old days. The plafonds and lamps in them, as a rule, have an unusual shape - they can imitate real candles. This chic option is more suitable for the interior of the living room. However, if the area of ​​the bedroom allows it - it can also organically fit such an unusual model.

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Classic chandelier in the interior of the bedroom - a sign of minimalism. Such models differ in large dimensions, the material simulates a copper alloy, or cast iron - this can create an effect of weighting space. Consider these features when choosing.

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The crystal white chandelier in the bedroom will undoubtedly add to the interior of the splendor and solemnity. However, this luxury is not affordable for everyone. In addition, these models are not easy to care for - they need to be washed frequently and constantly wiped away from quickly accumulating dust.

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The chandelier in the Art Nouveau style is very easy to spot among the others: several large plafonds of unusual asymmetrical shapes are immediately evident. However, such a chandelier will not attract attention to itself in the interior. These models are very versatile and easily adapt to any design of the room.

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As for the location of lighting in the bedroom, then there are no strict rules or restrictions. You can arrange everything at your discretion, and you can listen to some of the tips of designers:

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The large area of ​​the bedroom requires more lighting. In order to harmoniously fit several chandeliers into the interior, one should adhere to the symmetry when placing them. The devices themselves should be the same - so they will definitely be in harmony with each other.

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If you adhere to the rules of feng shui when arranging furniture, then you should not place a chandelier above the bed. By the way, security measures in this matter are as important as the proper circulation of energy in the bedroom.

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If any of the bedroom zones require more light, then it will be most expedient to shift the chandelier there. However, keep in mind that such experiments do not take place in small rooms - a displaced chandelier will visually bring the walls closer, which will not have the best effect on the interior of a small bedroom.

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If before you choose a chandelier in the bedroom, get acquainted with the basic recommendations of specialists, it will be much easier. Also it is necessary to take into account your own preferences and wishes, because you will spend a lot of time in the bedroom, and high-quality lighting of such a room is a guarantee of excellent rest and fruitful work.

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